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Ugh. Now I'm broke. Smh, the advance chapters cost too much for so little, probably wont do it again. View More
Supreme Uprising · C619
10 hours ago
Nice updates. View More
Versatile: Alternate World · C126
1 day ago
I prefer this one. View More
A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C42
6 days ago
Should make MC leave Leaf Village. Just overall the leaf village and 3rd Hokage are s h i t . I mean if you think with the whole thing with Naruto and Uchia massacre. I mean truthfully Danzo shouldn't have that much power but 3rd doesn't prevent it. Plus I'm pretty sure 3rd and the elders really never cared about the Uchias and are more scared of their power. View More
The Birth of Nihility God · C26
1 week ago
It's at a pretty slow pace. I would try to use 8-10 chapters about MC powers and school then do a 1-2 year time skip or even a few months then 5-8 then another few months. IS MC same time as Tang and Shrek Academy or different time? View More
Soul land: The savage star · C4
1 week ago
Are you ever going to continue this story author? If not it would be nice if you told us if you weren't continuing it. View More
Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens · C75
1 week ago
It seems like an it can become an interesting novel. If possible can you explain what path MC is suppose to take? View More
Soul land: The savage star · C3
1 week ago

TheLoftyOne: I am someone who was the mix of nihilist, skepticist, apateist. Those three made my character similar to itachi's past life. Actually most people don't like me like Itachi but i have some friends though. It had been three years since that and i don't call myself nor three of them nor any other thing. Thanks for your comment, can you tell me what you understood from these conversation?

The Birth of Nihility God · C24
1 week ago
It was just a very interesting way how you put it. What I take from it for myself was how its easily to be influenced by so many things good and bad. It probably wasn't until my first job working at a gas station and meeting so many people. I took things on a bias view until I was able to learn look at the whole thing. As a bias person I wasn't able to understand that side till I was able to view matters in a neutral view. Though sometimes having this way of thinking is hard and can put people off. View More
The Birth of Nihility God · C24
1 week ago
Author I have to give ya 5/5 for this page. Not many people can actually understand these words. I don't know ya but I can tell your a person who keeps true to themselves. View More
The Birth of Nihility God · C24
1 week ago
Don't go the cliche route of Catherine leaving and finding out she's pregnant. Its annoying especially since he has 4 wife's already and they can give children. For the last 50 chapters Catherine was put of compared to the other characters. Also you should give MC a new mutation. The edicts takes too long for a real power boost.
Also author, is your story going to follow Coiling Dragon or surpass the realm, cause I think you would be able to do that. View More
The Burning Fiend · C116
1 week ago
I swear about 80% of each sentence has laughing for filler. View More
One Piece : Throne War · C11
1 week ago
MC needs another mutation!!! View More
The Burning Fiend · C113
2 weeks ago
COME ON. Don't hang us off like that, spit another chapter out. Plz View More
Lord Of The Blood Emeron · C22
2 weeks ago
Glad and suprise this wasn't dropped. Most or all fanfics of LLS is usually dropped. Hopefully you can bring it all the way through. View More
Reincarnated in Long Live Summons · C55
2 weeks ago
I for sure thought Shiro was the MC but I'm not too sure with a lot of the novel focussing Lyrica. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C58
2 weeks ago
Ugh. Author we need more chapters, plz.
This is for other readers, we should give the powerstones once the weekly rankings reset and boost the novel to top 100. View More
Versatile: Alternate World · C109
3 weeks ago
You have to remember he has all memories from the CIA guy. Who knows if they have a special method to train. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C9
3 weeks ago
Too bad Log Horizon wont have a season 3 with the whole scandal with the author of it. Was a really good show. View More
Versatile: Alternate World · C37
3 weeks ago
People complaining about MC being rude but you got to remember-
He was bullied at school.
Resurrect killed hundreds of time when he join his crap guild, ( MC claiming some people committed suicide from getting killed over and over )
Betrayed by his so called finace and killed.
If I was in MC shoes I would be **** with people and dislike people. View More
Versatile: Alternate World · C36
3 weeks ago
MC has 25 years in the game but he didn't take it seriously first time and was a noob. MC probably started way late with mediation and excercise compared to fit or trained people. View More

Rahul_Rox: srsly? he has 25 yrs of experience in meditation n still feels that instructor will know better

Versatile: Alternate World · C11
3 weeks ago
I'm an so glad that the reason why your novel stopped was cause it was corrupted and not dropped. This is a really good novel which was able to hit top 50 before until it stopped and continued to drop ranks. I had it in my novel list for awhile and never saw an update. I was so disappointed cause it's hard to actually find a really good novel and it stopped. Just was going through top ranking novel lists and was so suprise it was continuing. Thx author for this great novel I get to keep reading. View More
Versatile: Alternate World · C2
3 weeks ago
I'm sorry but this novel is bad. I tried to read more but the MC is pathetic, only good thing for him is his Death skill, that's it. He doesn't act like a pro player at all. He acts like a person who barely played similar games. Overall the story is really generic and boring. Wasted my time on this novel thinking it could be a unique novel I would spend powerstones on but not. Good luck to author and other readers for this novel. View More
The Immortal Player · C19
3 weeks ago
Overall the quality of the novel is mesh. Not bad but not good. The no stats confuse me cause with out stats he does no dmg. So far the beta test part is boring. Hopefully he can actually kill a monster by chapter 15. View More
The Immortal Player · C10
3 weeks ago
Not sure if this is a long run or something your going with author.
In beginning MC said only quests could start out a God level monster. So someone setup him to ruin his team( maybe enemy of MC or family. ) Not sure but the events should be tied with him, father's company and event of his guild disbanding. View More
The Immortal Player · C3
3 weeks ago
Kinda of a weird start. He gets back into the past for a simple betrayal of guild members. Smh, he doesn't deserve another chance for something like that. Hopefully the by chapter 10 I'll have a better opinion. View More
The Immortal Player · C2
3 weeks ago
I'm really anticipating how your going to go about this ark author without Harry to set off Voldemort. View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C201
4 weeks ago
What about the half Veela French girl....
It would be nice if Arth's parents set her as his fiancee. Would love to read the reactions of the people by Arth. View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C196
1 month ago

Thoth0: Yes Arth don't get tempted by the lovely French girls. Let them come to you, specifically Fleur and that Veela girl who now is going to find a way to be Arth's baby momma.

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C193
1 month ago
But good luck nonetheless. View More
A Dinosaur on Another World · C2
2 months ago
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