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Original Works

  • Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time

    Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time

    Historical Romance romance fantasy REVENGE historical Martial-Arts female-lead Kingdom-Building War and Military Time-Travel Scheme and Conspiracy


    #COMPLETED# ***All chapters marked- (edited) have been edited by Larkspur Late At Night- "Cancel your engagement with my stepsister and marry me" Senja said brazenly. Xiao Tianyou looked at the little girl in front of him with amusement, "But, why should I marry you?" Senja tilted her head to one side and smirked coquettishly, "Because I am smart and beautiful. Moreover, I know how to find Gong Xu" "Why do you think I care about this Gong Xu guy?" He asked with a cold voice. "Of course, you care! He was the one who killed your wife." Xiao Tianyou glared at her with menacing eyes. His thin lips shut tight before he spoke in a low and hoarse voice. "Are you threatening me?!" "I wouldn't dare!" She feigned fear and continued, "Let’s call this ‘relationship with benefit’." *** She was a cunning and haughty professional thief from modern era. Together with her three brothers, she stole whatever ‘requested’. However, Senja was sent back to ancient time by an elderly woman to find someone named Yun. Only by finding him could she come back to her era. Once she arrived there, people from the kingdom’s army claiming that she was a daughter of a formidable clan of spies who had been kidnapped for a year. *How could that be??* She was sure that she hadn't occupied someone else’s body, so how could she have become a brilliant divine girl with virtuous conduct and noble demeanor, who had also saved the country? *Hmm...* Resolve this by feigning amnesia then... hee-hee... So, she can fake a memory loss, but can she keep up to HER reputation?! Especially since their personalities are poles apart! Then there’s the overprotective grandfather of hers who has forbidden her from stepping out of the manor lest she be kidnapped again! Grr..………How can she start looking for this Yun guy if she can't go outside? There’s just one way! Marry the military commander a.k.a, the Second Prince, Xiao Tianyou. Argh!!!…….. he is the fiancé of her vicious stepsister!! *A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Everything is going against me!* ........................................................................................ ##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare Disclaimer : cover picture is from pinterest.com Check out my other stories: **THE STORY OF DUSK **The Love of a Lycan

  • The Story of Dusk

    The Story of Dusk

    Historical Romance Romance revenge Hidden Gem war Martial-Arts female-lead Kingdom-Building FIRST LOVE Scheme and Conspiracy Historical Fantasy


    She went to a place she shouldn't visit. She took the path she should not have taken. And… She loves someone she shouldn't love. ******** She was sent to him to retrieve the information, but her fate twisted when she fell for him... *******SNIPPET******* "Luna." She said. The girl’s eyes were so captivating that Xiao Tianyao couldn’t be able to draw his attention away from her, as though something was sucking his soul. “Beautiful…” He kept repeating the same word in his reverie. “… All the palace people from the Kingdom of Xinghe will be sentenced to death.” The eunuch added some information before he ended the decree. Afterward, the soldier from before stepped forward and was about to grab Luna’s hand with intention to drag her away, however, surprisingly Xiao Tianyao held his hand before he could touch her. “Stay away from her.” Xiao Tianyao said coldly. With puzzled expression he inquired his General action. “But, General… the decree said we have to kill her.” “I want her.” He said with finality. “But, Prince Xiao Tianyao your action is against the Imperial decree…” The eunuch retorted. Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything anymore when he helped Luna to stand up, ignoring all of the questioning eyes as he walked away with her in his embrace. Xiao Tianyao unexpected attitude baffled everyone who were presence there. *** “Prince Xiao Tianyao decision can’t be justified.” The Eunuch mumbled. “All of you retreat for now. I will try to talk with The Prince. Leader Feng Chang, follow me please.” Both Feng Chang and the Eunuch rushed into the palace hall to the direction of the Emperor of Xinghe’s room that Xiao Tianyao had occupied. When it was only the two of them, mocking smile appeared on their lips. “Inform to the Emperor that Young Miss Luna will handle it beautifully.” Feng Chang said as he slow down his pace. “Young Miss Luna ability is simply unimaginable.” The eunuch announced it in amazed. He had heard about the mind controller ability to mess with other people mind, but never saw it with his own eyes. Only when he saw Xiao Tianyao was so beguiled by Luna, he knew that the mind controller’s ability was a calamity for their enemies. Feng Chang didn’t say anything when he saw the eunuch gloated face. ********************************************* ##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare Disclaimer : cover picture is from pinterest.com Check out my other stories: **PURPLE DUSK TILL DAWN: dearest through the time **The Love of a Lycan

  • The Love of a Lycan

    The Love of a Lycan

    Fantasy Romance Romance fantasy Revenge werewolf female-lead angel alpha lycan Prophecy hidden gems


    Snippet: A year ago Raine was discharged from mental institution and had to live in the orphanage. It wasn't the best place. At least not for someone like her. Until one faithful night she met him. *** He stopped the car. The clutched on the blanket tightened as Raine wonder if she did something wrong. She could feel it when Torak reached out his hand at her. Will he hit me? Raine shivered with that thought. Torak pulled back the hoodie off her head and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. "Don't." He said firmly, "I want to see you, don't hide yourself…" ************** “The spirit of the guardian angel will breathe new life into human child. Three guardian angels will be born into terrestrial world once again and the three of you will be their protectors.” “Protectors!!?” Jedrek snapped. In the end, he stopped walking and turned his back to look at the moon goddess from far distance away, his eyes glistening red with anger. His wolf was livid. “Why do you think we will help?” Kace asked while narrowing his black obsidian eyes, his wolf took control of him. He was the youngest among the three and the less temperamental among them. The three of them were cursed by Selene because of their ferocious action to gain supreme power and authority. The moon goddess didn’t bless them with a mate as a punishment of their atrocious way and forced them to involve in this deadly war with the demons. “You will turn us into a slave for those sickly creatures!?” Torak asked incredulously. “Aren’t you afraid that we will snap them into two?” The guardian angel was so fragile and they as lycanthropes didn’t appreciate the weaknesses. “No, you will not.” Selene said patiently. “You will not be their slave nor hurt them, you will cherish them in every way possible.” Jedrek laughed menacingly upon hearing this, they didn’t care about the resurrected of the beast, once they crossed their territory, with or without the guardian angel he would tear their body apart. “I will be the last person they will see, once I find them.” He was referring to both the guardian angel and the demon. But, the next voice from Selene was laced with mirth when she spoke. “You will not hurt your mate.” ============================ This is a werewolf story and of course a fantasy! Since everybody has their own version of the way supernatural life, here I am trying to write mine. If you have read other werewolf stories, you will be aware there are similarities and differences. ***Caution! English is not my first language, so there is a possibility that you will find grammatical error (I didn't do it intentionally though), if it makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so I can fix it. *You have been warned ^^ Any constructive criticisms are very welcome! .......................................................................................... ##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare Check out my other stories: **PURPLE DAWN TILL DUSK: dearest through the time **THE STORY OF DUSK



    Romansa Fantasi romance cinta femalelead sliceoflife pengorbanan kehidupan kenangan harapan penantian maknahidup

    apa jadinya apabila hujan memiliki wujud? bukan hanya sekedar tetesan air yang jatuh dari langit di saat mendung menerpa. apa jadinya apabila hujan memiliki hati seperti halnya manusia? bukan hanya suatu suasana yang mngundang sendu ataupun memanggil kanangan masa lalu. apa jadinya apabila hujan menjadi akhir dari suatu penantian? apa yang akan hujan ceritakan pada mereka di penghujung ceritanya? apakah peristiwa saat hujan akan menjadi suatu cerita yang akan di kenang? dan menyimpan banyak pesan yang sarat akan kehidupan? ******* bila hujan datang, maka pria itu akan menatap langit dengan penuh tanda tanya. 'akankah dia dapat bertemu kembali dengannya?' itulah pertanyaan yang selalu mengalir di benaknya



    Romansa Fantasi Action Romance R-18 Modern

  • LAKUNA; ruang kosong, bagian yang hilang

    LAKUNA; ruang kosong, bagian yang hilang

    Romansa Fantasi Romance R-18 Modern mature love CEO adult contract scandal


    Warning! +21 mengandung konten dewasa dan kekerasan, harap bijak dalam memilih bacaan. Liam Sadawira Prihadi Yang orang lain lihat dari dirinya: Seorang pengusaha muda dan sukses berusia 31 tahun yang ditakuti kawan maupun lawan bisnisnya. Yang orang lain tidak ketahui dari dirinya: Merupakan anak hasil perselingkuhan Ayahnya, Narendra dengan wanita dari club malam, menjadi penerus bisnis keluarga Prihadi karena istri sah Narendra tidak bisa memberikan keturunan. Naraya Neena Paradina Yang orang lain lihat dari dirinya: Seorang wanita muda berusia 17 tahun yang kehilangan penghlihatannya. Yang orang lain tidak ketahui dari dirinya: Naraya kehilangan penglihatannya bersamaan dengan ayah dan ibunya karena kecelakaan 10 tahun lalu. ************** Takdir mempertemukan mereka dalam sebuah pernikahan yang tidak diinginkan keduanya. Bagaimana Naraya menghadapi sikap dingin Liam pada dirinya? Belum lagi dengan kehadiran Gayatri, cinta pertama Liam, yang menambah rumit keadaan. Bagaimana sikap Liam saat ia mengetahui bahwa dirinyalah pelaku penabrakan yang telah membuat Naraya kehilangan penghlihatannya dan kedua orang tuanya? ************** “Pernikahan ini hanya akan berlangsung selama setahun, lalu kamu akan mendapatkan 15% saham dari perusahaan keluarga Prihadi.” Liam meletakkan MOU tersebut ke pangkuan Naraya. “Kamu bisa meminta Raka, assistant pribadiku untuk membacakannya.” Naraya terdiam, ia berusaha agar airmatanya tidak jatuh menanggapi sikap dingin Liam. “Tidak perlu.” Sergahnya. “Aku akan langsung menandatanganinya.” ************** Updated schedule: 2 chapters/hari. jam: 13.00 wib & 16.00 wib. ************** Meet me on instagram: Jikan_yo_tomare (let’s have a chat! ((^O^))

  • Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time -INDONESIA-

    Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time -INDONESIA-

    Romansa Historis ROMANCE FANTASY REVENGE female lead HISTORICAL time travel MARTIAL-ARTS kingdom romansa balas dendam

    Di malam hari- "Batalkan pertunanganmu dengan kakak tiriku dan nikahi aku," ucap Senja dengan berani. Xiao Tianyao melihat gadis kecil di depannya dengan tawa di matanya. "Tapi, kenapa aku harus menikahimu?" Senja kemudian memiringkan kepalanya ke sisi lain sambil menyeringai dengan genit. "Karena aku pintar dan cantik. Dan yang lebih penting lagi, aku tahu bagaimana caranya untuk menemukan Gong Xu." "Kenapa kamu pikir aku peduli pada pria bernama Gong Xu ini?" dia bertanya dengan suara yang dingin. "Tentu saja kamu peduli! Dia adalah orang yang membunuh isterimu." Xiao Tianyao melotot ke arah Senja dengan tatapannya yang tajam. Bibirnya yang tipis terkatup rapat sebelum akhirnya dia berbicara dengan suara yang rendah dan serak. "Apakah kamu sedang mengancamku?" "Aku tidak akan berani!" Senja berpura- pura ketakutan dan melanjutkan. "Kita akan menyebut hubungan ini dengan 'hubungan yang bermanfaat'." *** Dia adalah seorang yang licik dan pencuri profesional yang sombong dari era modern. Bersama dengan ketiga saudara laki- lakinya, dia mencuri apapun sesuai perintah. Namun, Senja di kirim kembali ke zaman kuno oleh seorang wanita tua untuk menemukan seseorang bernama Yun. Hanya dengan menemukan Yun, Senja dapat kembali ke era asalnya. Tapi, ketika dia sampai disana, tentara- tentara dari kerajaan mengatakan bahwa dia adalah anak perempuan dari sebuah Klan mata- mata terpandang yang telah diculik bertahun- tahun lalu. 'Bagaimana mungkin??' Senja sangat yakin kalau dia tidak menempati raga milik orang lain, jadi bagaimana dia bisa menjadi seorang gadis terpandang yang pintar dengan sopan santun yang luar biasa dan memiliki aura seorang nobelis? yang mana gadis tersebut juga merupakan orang yang telah menyelamatkan satu kerajaan? 'Hmmm...' Pura- pura amnesia saja kalau begitu... hee... hee... Jadi, Senja akan berpura- pura kehilangan ingatan. Namun, dapatkah dia menjaga reputasi gadis nobelis itu? Sementara kepribadian mereka sangatlah jauh berbeda! Lalu ada juga kakek yang sangat protektif kepadanya yang tidak mengizinkan dia keluar sama sekali dari Manor dengan rasa takut kalau Senja akan diculik kembali. GRR...... lalu bagaimana Senja bisa mulai mencari pria bernama Yun ini kalau dia tidak bisa keluar!? Hanya ada satu cara! Senja harus menikahi Komandan militer atau lebih dikenal sebagai pangeran kedua, Xiao Tianyao! Aaarrggghhh!..... tapi, dia adalah tunangan dari kakak tirinya yang jahat!!! L.U.A.R B.I.A.S.A! Segalanya berjalan tidak sesuai rencana! *** #meet me on instagram: JIKAN_YO_TOMARE #check out my other stories: Lakuna; ruang kosong, bagian yang hilang.


makasih... ((^o^))

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littlemeow: ga terasa matanya berair, orang jawa bilang "mbrambang".
beneran baru pernah baca web novel sampe ikutan melow gini, author nim 👍👍👍

The Love of a Lycan · C393
3 days ago

littlemeow: feel like watching horror movie 😶

The Love of a Lycan · C382
3 days ago

Pvadell: Aeon.......sacrifice????? Did he sacrifice himself? For Reine??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔questions!!!!!!

The Love of a Lycan · C385
3 days ago

Linda_Rutherford: A think it was the baby that’s his mate ?!!!!

The Love of a Lycan · C399
3 days ago

Linda_Rutherford: Am sure it was the baby that’s his mate a gave a feeling .
He never felt the pull because she had died

The Love of a Lycan · C400
3 days ago

cassendra: Woh ..brave

The Love of a Lycan · C220
3 days ago

Norma_Rowell: Love the book, cannot wait to see if we get to Know the witches secret

The Love of a Lycan · C88
3 days ago

Stephanie_Cummings_6027: This is addictive..

The Love of a Lycan · C156
3 days ago

Rose562: Can’t wait for more 😱 saw Kace Do part is up not open. For me to read yet but I’m waiting on it ❤️

The Love of a Lycan · C350
3 days ago

Daoist749501: Love Torak

The Love of a Lycan · C335
3 days ago

Illis85: I need Torak ❤️😵

The Love of a Lycan · C385
3 days ago

Yonela_Daka: I need clarity soon.....

The Love of a Lycan · C121
3 days ago

BravoBlue: Serefina definitely needed to be honest, but you can’t really unload that onto somebody who is mentally unstable?? Like spoon-feed it to her so she doesn’t choke lmao

The Love of a Lycan · C94
3 days ago

Juliet_Romano: The content has been deleted

The Love of a Lycan · C396
3 days ago

cloudy_mind: i dont trust him too!

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

Linda_Rutherford: A new it was going to be a baby that was his mate Serefine not often wrong.
Love this twist

The Love of a Lycan · C401
3 days ago

Linda_Rutherford: Am getting hooked on this book already .

Love him she’s a baby when he found her

The Love of a Lycan · C402
3 days ago

krystabel: Im soo pensive right now. What's gonna happen

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

Rose562: I love it can’t wait to read about kace!!!
Thank you author 😭❤️

The Love of a Lycan · C379
3 days ago

Rose562: How can I get access to the next chapters I stop here 😥😥😥😥

Help !!!

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

Norma_Rowell: Love this. It getting better by the chapter xx

The Love of a Lycan · C89
3 days ago

Brandy_1: Can't wait to see what happens. All of us can't wait to see what happens to Torak

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

cortiz: Great chapter

The Love of a Lycan · C158
3 days ago

littlemeow: never believe the devil 😈

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

kissimee: Dont tell me Aeon will sacrifice himself to save Raine in this battle.

The Love of a Lycan · C387
3 days ago

Vaje72: Amazing chapter. Lucifer ang Belphegor will reap Torak's wrath !!!

The Love of a Lycan · C389
3 days ago

Deborah_Asarah_5454: Tears of joy

The Love of a Lycan · C389
3 days ago

Reign168: what extraordinary power can Raine ever have? and with her possible amazing power combined with that of Torak’s, I really am looking forward to their unbeatable tandem!

The Love of a Lycan · C47
3 days ago

Linda_Rutherford: A like the sounds of Kace .
A think serefina will look after her well and love her

The Love of a Lycan · C404
3 days ago

littlemeow: cry harder for raine and torak
i feel so sad, but thankyou for the chapter author nim

The Love of a Lycan · C388
3 days ago
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