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All quotes taken from Daoist_Rskay, on comments to others that disagreed with them on both this and other books, all in similar context or idea of arguments.
>”You complain about me, but yet you’re running around calling people names while ignoring yourself in the equation”
>I have never said anywhere in comments that I was not what I was calling you
>I have conceded points many times while Rskay has not
>Rskay ignores most points, focuses on arguments they are most comfortable with
>they seem to fall back to ‘I’m just saying opinions, why are you so mad?!?’
>often tells others to go write their own novel, or to complain to author or company
>unreasonable arguments to shut others up
>”Nothing to do with my main point”
>my point being that what Rskay did this entire time went against their own point, and why I thought so
>literally has to do with their point
>says others are the ones that wants to argue
>makes passive aggressive or aggressive comments to many saying they don’t want to read the novel, or if they point out what they think makes the novel bad
>assumes every comment about something bad about novel means they don’t like the entire novel
>replies to each and every single reply that people have made in response to them
>Rskay obviously can’t take criticism
>talks about how I was bringing up irrelevant points
>I point out how they did exactly that, in their argument with Hnn17 and others
>doesn’t mention anything about those points anymore
>”if someone doesn’t enjoy a novel go and find what you enjoy, and if you can’t find one, well i wish them luck in finding happiness”
>”Thank you for calmly admitting you’re posting rubbish lol...”
>”Please either shut up or get the hell out. If you hate mc stop reading....”
>says they respect people’s opinions, even if it’s different
>”Thanks for you opinion, but for real who cares?”
>”hahahaah again you are not that important”
>tells Hnn17 if they don’t like novel, read something else
>Hnn17 tells Rskay they should take their own advice and either stop reading the comments they don’t like, or read other novels without bad comments
>”your logic says I should stop reading a novel I enjoy, because you and others want to complain...”
>yOuR lOgIc
>once used on Rskay, they say it’s the other person being illogical
>too many other logical fallacies to list here
>I’ve no point in arguing anymore with an immature person who refuses to listen to the other person when it’s not convenient for them anymore even when they instigated the first reply

i’M bEiNg AtTaCkEd View More

Daoist_Rskay: You complain about me, but yet you're running around calling people names while ignoring yourself in the equation. if you want to discuss the sanity of individuals complaining for 600 plus chapters about novels on this website that they clearly do not like then sure, go ahead, but if you want to attack me without actually focusing on what my argument is, then I believe we have had enough of a discussion. either you enjoy the book, hate it, cry or complain, at the end of the day, whatever floats ya boat lol the defender of the complainers Marlfox7 later dude.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Ah, so you just took all the points that were completely convenient for you and your views, and explicitly said that you don’t care about other people’s opinions(unless they agree with you, I’ve noticed). Also, am I wrong for stooping down to your level, when you’ve been going almost full blast at other people? Nice to know you did exactly as I said you would. I hope you mature enough one day to read over the comments to actually understand what was being said. Of course, you can continue to smirk and act the victim in the right, which is all up to you.

Since Daoist_Rskay just admitted to being a hypocrite and wasting everybody’s time when they simply could have stated their point, how they don’t care, and stopped replying afterwards to each of their comments. To all that see this long string of comments, for context before you jump in, look at the previous and later few chapters’ comments and who Rskay targeted, how both parties handled it. Then read the chain of comments from oldest to newest. You’ll see why I chose to say what I did. View More

Daoist_Rskay: You just agreed if one doesn't like a book, they should not keep reading and complaining, thank you. and as for however you view how I stated my opinion, I honestly do not care. you want to harp on what isn't the main issue and run around in circles, please be my guest. I am glad you have stated "I and others have said repeatedly, you feel that opinions are cool and that if people don’t like the novel, they should save themselves the trouble and stop reading. This view is valid and fine" thats the key point, as for how I said it, petty or not, passive aggressive or not, who cares? you have been passive aggressive here and I have not bothered to write up an essay explaining how you were passive aggressive in some of your responses, I am looking at a different matter, you want to focus on something I have no interest in arguing for. Now there is nothing left to talk about, you have agreed my view is fine and listen if you don't agree with it. guess what, it is fine. thanks, fun conversation nonetheless, enjoy this novel cause i think its not a bad novel. i enjoy it.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
No, I have been addressing that point this entire time, if you have not just been surface reading my argument(read critically). This entire time, I and others have said repeatedly, you feel that opinions are cool and that if people don’t like the novel, they should save themselves the trouble and stop reading. This view is valid and fine, but, it’s not cool when you say this to people in a petty reply.
I will repeat: you were telling this to people in an immature and passive aggressive/aggressive manner, of course some people(including me, a complete bystander) won’t like that. If you truly wanted to stick by your simple idea, you wouldn’t have bother to comment on all of those people(I’m looking at your comment history). Now, about all those points, those were either things you brought up during the argument with other people and me, or things that I have used as examples and reasons why either the things you said was unreasonable, or you shouldn’t have said those replies, the whole point of the argument with me and other people.The snide remarks, foul language, and petty jabs at people haven’t helped you. Again, if you feel like I should explain anything else, feel free to reply. View More

Daoist_Rskay: You clearly have ignored my singular point to the extreme. You came up with a what if situation which anyone reading will still be confused how this logically allows people to read something that hate. You've told me to use my brain when I have my right to my belief? Yet you've consistently argued in such a far fetched manner. Dude you again are just pushing the argument everywhere it's been losing its point. I have stuck to my point. And if you dont like it. As I've said before. It is fine. One doesn't like a novel in this site. Dont come up with excuses why one should complain constantly about what they hate. (Its free and the company put it there is not an excuse. Fortnite is free and some hate it and don't play it.) Sheesh. I respect your beliefs and that's fine. I'm not here to change what you feel. And you won't change mine. The crux is still this one thing. If a piece of entertainment is something an individual finds to not be good. (Movie, show, book, manga) it is ok to not like something. It makes simple sense to not engage in what you dont like. Regardless of if this media is free or not.

Thank you.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Aaaand, I’m back. Despite you claiming that you don’t want to argue, despite saying that your point remains the same and is simple, you’re back with another comment. Yes, it is not the responsibility of the authors/company that these people can’t find entertainment in the books. However, the company puts out these chapters for free, for the consumption of the readers on this site. They also have enabled comments for these readers. If readers don’t enjoy it, it is their business whether or not they want to post bad comments. You chose to reply to these comments and their replies. And now we are here, you and I, arguing. Also, you have given pretty much shoddy arguments in response to my points. You say that the what ifs were completely unnecessary, but they were there to show an example of why people possibly say bad comments about a novel they were still reading. Now, if you were replying because I said you seemed like you just don’t read other people’s arguments and don’t use your brain, you had just shown it to be true when you replied with a third of it being my quotes(have you heard of paraphrasing? The comments are still on here that others can reference). Your comments literally did exactly what I said you had been doing, taking selective portions to fuel your own arguments, among others. In case you hadn’t noticed, you also often target a portion of the comment that has little relation to the main point others were trying to say(ex. Hnn17 says that the reason he had a bad lunch was because you basically told him to piss off to another book with unwarranted language and comments and that he was trying to tell you to ignore the bad comments because they are, as you said, opinions, then you focus on him saying his lunch break was ruined and go off and tell him the exact same thing from the other day, ignoring his point). This is why I tell you to read and use your brain, why I feel like you don’t care about others and that your viewpoint is okay to force on others and is completely right. View More

Daoist_Rskay: No. At the end of the day, I view this as you want to feel like we are arguing and I truly do not see the point. you have gone far and beyond in your argument to bring out points and sure I respect your effort, but in a way we aren't going anywhere, you have your opinions and I have mine, I strongly believe for entertainment its subjective, if one doesn't enjoy it one should let go and seek what they do enjoy. I won't create scenarios or run around in circles. my point is simple and remains that way regardless of what ifs. Thank you.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Ah, so you decided to just stop reading the comments because you can’t find leverage and refuse to compromise at all. How disappointing, I thought you were a reasonable person. You have a good day too. View More

Daoist_Rskay: at the end of the day my good man, if someone doesnt enjoy a novel go and find what you enjoy, and if you cant find one, well i wish them luck in finding happiness. I have said my piece. and I know I am not the only reader of novels on this site with this sentiment.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Alright, so, many of the people were not offended by you not talking about the novel, they were offended by the way you were phrasing your comments and, again, the passive aggressiveness of the comments/replies. If you went back and read the comments, you would find that they had started to talk and argue about you and your comments after you replied. While you may not have meant to come off as that way, please remember that we don’t know you as a person, we don’t know if you are sarcastic or joking in that way, what your tone is, your beliefs, and please understand that others do not share your beliefs and thought processes. I’ll admit, I did go too far with the examples and should have used different ones. However, the method you presented can indeed be applied to other similar things with the same idea I used. Now, webnovel/qidian does not have only this novel or similar quality ones, but they chose to put these ones out. Since the novels up now are the only ones to read, of course people are going to read it and complain if they don’t like it. You say to go read something else, and that is indeed a simple solution, but what happens when they read everything else up for free, or all of the ones they haven’t read are of similar quality? I couldn’t help but notice that you have the badge for having lots of spirit stones and that you were premium. Spirit stones are at least 5x more expensive then the Chinese counterpart, so basically English speakers are getting less for their money. Many of the readers either won’t or can’t buy spirit stones like you can, and if you didn’t know, the free daily spirit stones can only be enough for one or two locked novels. So what happens when you read all the free novels and the current chapters of the few books? There’s nothing to read expect these kinds of novels, the ones they don’t like. Go to different sites, but if they have already read everything on those sites, or if webnovel had “stolen” the translations while they were reading it(yes, webnovel has literally copy pasted some novels from other sites while making those sites take it off, some translators who did the translating don’t get compensation for their work)? What then? Go to actual books? We can’t all carry around books to school or work. What then? Just stop complaining about what you’ve been given or go complain to the authors/company or go write it yourself? That’s an argument you give when you want to shut the other person up without a good reason. So it’s not that you want us to give bad comments to the people involved, it’s just that you don’t want to see it here. Again, people wouldn’t have argued with you to this point if you instead of saying something like “stfu and read another book” and the cussed at them for saying otherwise, had recommended them to try some other book that you liked, or suggested a different site for them to go on. However, I will say this again, you replied to people in a passive aggressive or aggressive manner, that that rubs people the wrong way. I myself came down here to talk not about the novel, but about your comments. Also another thing, you never concede any points in your arguments except for the points that you already stated, you just latch on to any points the other person said that you use to shoot back at them. If you never concede anything, of course all of those people so far would not compromise, because you never gave them any reason to compromise. They all left not because you proved your point, but because there seemed to be no way of reasoning with you, no acknowledgment that any of the points they made were being understood instead of just you conveniently taking a few words to argue about(you can go back and read the other people’s comments). Again, if you want me to reply to some points that I may have missed or not talked about, feel free to reply. View More

Daoist_Rskay: 1)Again, I am truly amazed how people can be so offended when someone is not here to argue about the quality of a novel, I have repeated time and time again, we all have things we like or hate, if you hate a novel it is fine. (I was not talking about you in particular, when I said "you" I have meant people, I know you have no issue with the novel) I am continuously stated we all have choices and everyone is free to choose how they feel about subjective "entertainment." My suggestion has been, if you hate a novel, don't complain constantly in the comments when you can just go find another novel to read, its a suggestion!

2)In relation to how Qidian wants to run their business, I can't talk about a company's strategy I have no full understanding about, but in my humble opinion, Their main market is china, these novels are written by Chinese authors, these are the biggest novels in China, so they are brought here and translated, I feel also when you made this statement "The standard of novels that we are used to are usually much better, compared to novels like these. Reason being, translators in the past had limited resources and would choose the best/interesting one they could find." you miss a very big point, this should be highlighted that it is an opinion not a fact, because this is a very subjective statement. We in English speaking countries should not forget, media that come from other countries arent written with us in mind, they are made for the individuals of that particular origin, and these people have their own cultures and etc, and while I agree qidian could start its own version here by hosting western webnovel writers, until then we should always remember, these novels have a style and history they conform too due to their place of origin (again my opinion, and you are free to not agree with me, which is fine)

3)"Then you tell me to let people like what they like since people view things differently. This goes the other way as well, if people dislike it or some parts of it, let them dislike it." I have consistently stated we can hate or feel a novel or a piece of entertainment is bad, that is fine, to the point I have called this subjective media, it feels like people choose to ignore that I encourage people to hold their opinions on novels, if you don't like a novel, there is no point crying for 600 chapters, in my opinion, why not drop such material and go on to the next novel and enjoy it? people think its like you cant dislike or hate a product, off course you can, not every novel would be enjoyed by everyone, that is expected, thats why we have so many novels, not just on qidian but on other site like gravity tales or wuxia world, if we search hard enough we can find at least 10 we would love, is this novel here the make all of all novels, I don't think any novel would ever be considered perfect, and even those for example you may call great works may be hated by others, its all subjective, its entertainment.

4)"The way your logic goes(and yes, it does come across that way from all of your comments), you say that if you don’t like it, just turn the other way. Okay, if you want this to be applied to real life, guess we all should have turned a blind eye to slavery, or Hitler, or and robbery(including our own) simply because we didn’t like it." I believe even you would agree after some careful thinking this is a terrible reach in your analysis. this is entertainment we are talking about, if you don't like the way a game looks would you spend money to buy it and play? if you aren't into a comic book or a manga would you spend a lot of money buying 600 issues of this comic to complain every single chapter about the characters and the book? it is the same here, if i don't enjoy a novel i calmly walk away and find another novel to enjoy. entertainment is predicated on choice and I feel this something that is slowly being lost on people.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Honey, if you didn’t want to argue, you wouldn’t have started this in the first place by leaving passive aggressive comments on other people’s comments, or continued it by replying.when you keep replying, it shows that you do want to “win” the argument, even if you say you don’t want to argue. Even if you thought that your comments don’t warrant people arguing back, some people don’t take things lying down. Again, I will say that you seem to have an immature mind. Reason bringing, you don’t read carefully so when you reply, your comments make think whether or not you actually understood what was being said. However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, since people don’t seem to read long comments without glossing over the contents, and also because when people get heated, they start taking any point they can grasp to throw. I will say, I have never, in any point in my comments, said that this novel was trash or that I didn’t want to read it. Again, benefit of doubt, you probably assumed. However, I came down here to talk because I got sick of reading the way you chose to handle your replies, like the people that give tumblr its bad rep that get “triggered” 24/7. So let’s get back to addressing the points. Again, qidian is a company. Yes, it started in China, with Chinese novels. However, they chose to branch out to other places, one being English speaking areas. Again, they are a business. They have to choose what best fits the area that they are trying to expand to. Just like how you wouldn’t sell luxury goods in the bad parts of town, or you wouldn’t sell ice cream in the Arctic, because business wouldn’t be as good(in normal cases). The standard of novels that we are used to are usually much better, compared to novels like these. Reason being, translators in the past had limited resources and would choose the best/interesting one they could find. Again, the company runs a business, and they put out what the area they put out to are used to, to make the best profit. And yes, they are starting to contract English speaking writers. Now, about how you loved what I wrote and how I couldn’t retort, in case you didn’t know, what I was doing was not a retort. I was explaining a scenario, and what to do, following your words. I mean, if you want to love your own words, go ahead, because I was literally using your own logic, just like many others have done. I don’t know how 6 sentences about criticism and what it literally is about is considered preaching. Yes, people also criticize because they want to voice out their thoughts, their feelings, exactly what this comment section is for. You tell me in the last part that novels are subjective, yes that is true. Then you tell me to let people like what they like since people view things differently. This goes the other way as well, if people dislike it or some parts of it, let them dislike it. The way your logic goes(and yes, it does come across that way from all of your comments), you say that if you don’t like it, just turn the other way. Okay, if you want this to be applied to real life, guess we all should have turned a blind eye to slavery, or Hitler, or and robbery(including our own) simply because we didn’t like it. However, you contradict your own reasoning/belief by replying and continuing the argument in a passive aggressive manner, because you don’t like the negative comments. You yourself are missing the issue, the one that you and many of those that chose to reply to you brought up. If you don’t want to seem immature, then please learn to read properly and think instead of constantly misunderstanding and missing the point, you have a brain and education. I have a few more points but this reply has gone on for long enough. If you want me to address some other points of yours that I haven’t, feel free to say which ones. View More

Daoist_Rskay: Sir, if this website was not translating chinese webnovels written originally in chinese, for chinese audiences I would have no retort, but first off, this is a website, which hosts chinese webovels, which have been very successful in china, and are being translated by a translation team for us to enjoy, what I honestly feel gets lost on readers in other areas is, these novels may not and most likely ( i have no proof, just my opinion) have not been written for an audience apart from the chinese. so unless qidian starts hosting original novels from authors in the west, this will not change. 2nd if you read a novel and after 30 chapters you feel this novel is not up to what you deem interesting, but lets say youve been invested in the story, would you feel its logical to complain for every single chapter of the novel for the next 600 chapters ( this i have seen in previous novels), would it not be a strange thing to not like something but keep reading and being invested, to me i view things in a simple way, if i don't like a piece of entertainment, I don't bother to watch or read it, I find what I like, I have said many times this is my suggestion to these people. Also if they have read all the subjective "good" ones and there is nothing else to read on this site, maybe we try other hosting websites, or we try other forms of entertainment, because "bad" novels shouldnt be read just because there is no other choice. Thank you.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago

Hnn17: pfft, you complain too much about people complaining, take your advice and go find other novels with less complaints. Start praising this novel or go away.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
If you haven’t noticed all the novels up for votes get on the site eventually, even if they haven’t been voted the best for 5 rounds, so the voting system is basically what readers feel is most interesting based on the summary that they feel would be okay to read. However, please understand that even if people think the summary is great, the novel itself may no be great, and that some people choose to complain about it but not leave because they’ve either already read all the better ones, or that all that’s left is similar quality and there’s no point. Also, please understand that although this company was a Chinese Webnovel company, they are trying to expand to other areas, so they should translate the novels that best fit the area and culture they are trying to expand to. That would be the most logical choice, both for the readers and for the company, because then the readers gladly spend money and the company profits, win win. View More

Daoist_Rskay: People voted for this novel, you have 3 choices and people chose this one. 2) you want to complain, write an email to qidian so they address your grievances, 3) novels are not food, its bloody subjective entertainment, 4) I repeat the standard suggestion I have made since the beginning, you don't like a novel drop it, and either write your own, or even better write to qidian, or write to the chinese author. that way you can get what you want.and I don't care what people write in reviews, that is their opinion, in fact I prefer people write their opinions at the reviews, so many can use that to make their decision, if you read the review and you see many say its this or that and you may think its not for you, don't read and then be amazed its just as you thought. Plain and simple, this is so simple, and maybe you haven't seen the underlying message here, its a suggestion that if you hate the novels being hosted here, there are many more in the world.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
Guys, I think Daoist_Rskay is a keyboard warrior and their first language is not English. That would explain why they reply to everybody who disagrees to them like a troll, never gets tired of relying, and constantly seems to misinterpret comments and twists it to fuel their own argument, and also why they always contradict themselves and claim that they haven’t, like when daoist tells people to stfu and read something else, then rages when others tell them to do the same because they shouldn’t force their opinions on others. However, is anyone else getting the feeling that they are immature in mind? Because I get the feeling of a child screaming “lalala I can’t hear you so I’m right and you’re wrong”. View More

Daoist_Rskay: So if I like the novel, your logic says I should stop reading a novel I enjoy, because you and others want to complain every chapter about it? And you clearly just want to have an argument about subjective opinions on how good novels are. If you dont like it you are more than welcome to not like it. Again I have not attacked anyone for not liking this novel or any novel on any hosting website. You are free to enjoy or not enjoy any novel. If you dont enjoy it. My advice is stop reading and find what you do enjoy. You in particular Hnn17 you may like or hate this novel it's your choice. If you like it read on and enjoy it. If you cant stand how it's written or the characters or anything about it. Theres no need to be bored or angry. Just drop it and move on to another novel. It's so simple. You clearly have run out of things to say. So my advice is simple. Let it go. Move on. And enjoy other novels. Or even this one. Enjoy what novel you find great.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C20
6 months ago
So you’re saying if you can’t write a novel, stfu and stop criticizing? That’s like saying if you can’t cook, stop saying stuff about the food you eat, like saying that people who blog about restaurants are worthless for one example. If you say it’s different, in what way is it different? Are people not allowed to criticize the writing? Criticism and bad reviews are part of what push an author to write better. If nobody pointed out the flaws, how can they realize it? And if you start going on about how this is a translated novel, how there’s no chance of the author reading any of these and that it’s just trash cluttering up the comment section, why not just ignore the bad comments? From what I’ve seen so far, many of the “bad” comments are legitimate points about the novel and how it is bad. So far, you and the other person seem like self-righteous, never-do-wrongs that drive people away from novels instead of reasoning things out and showing them that there are good points to stick around for. Getting angry and cussing people out is not going to help your side of the argument, because it makes you seem like a brainless rabid fan. Yes, the novels are published on the internet and are for free(for some chapters), but just because it is free doesn’t mean readers are not allowed to say bad comments about it. Most of these novels go into premium, and these reviews are part of what determines what does it not(I think, can be wrong, would be glad for link to info). If you’re sick of these comments, instead of targeting people who bring up legitimate points, just ignore them, just like how you told others that if they don’t like the novel, to just not read it. View More

Daoist_Rskay: the nitpicking continues, insults to the MC every fucking chapter, those who are noisy will talk the loudest, yet they won't write their own novel haha

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C14
6 months ago

Vrad_Zechs: Aside from these online novels you guys don't read or buy books do you. All these things you guys seem annoyed about? Triple them in those books. Especially longer books with expansive world building like Lord of The Rings, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Game of Thrones, heck even Anne Rice Vampire Diaries employ these from time to time.
You guys just don't read real books huh?

Soul of Searing Steel · C58
9 months ago

RhinoRace: I wnoder why MC was having that stupid impulse to show that he has spatial storage. He should keep it hidden as much as possible.

Elixir Supplier · C35
1 year ago
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