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And wiz cause she's good too View More

Arunavazael: I hope MC got Yunyun. Author please save her. I beg you.

The Saint's Trial: Can He Resist Their Charm!? · C19
17 hours ago
Yeah most want that but I don't really care if he's gonna do bang bang quick or not I find this more interesting to read View More

Pawan_Kumar_Arya: Thankyou and I knw everyone want mc to do some bang bang but I have to say you guys have to wait for that a bit as I am taking the story slowly also have you guys heard the phrase haste make waste

Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C10
2 days ago
Author I can't wait for the MC to grow up that will be so much fun but this is going good and I love to read your novel great work man View More
Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C10
3 days ago
Cause I read your comment I get that feeling but hope it doesn't happen View More

swaran: Just why does this chapter gives me a feeling that both fathers are going to end up gay and the females be it mothers or daughter will end up in MC harem

Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C9
3 days ago
What about kiryuu what do you think about her in harem and the other two girls as well View More

DragonkingKyo: more like all or at least most named women in DXD to the MC(not just the main ones)

Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C8
3 days ago
Like venelana and grafia you mean but he should get gabriel for sure View More

DragonkingKyo: and all the sexy woman that are in dxd even if they have husbands

Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C5
5 days ago
Great that you updated but this cliff is killing me dude but great chapter for sure View More
Gun Hero(The Rising of the Shield Hero) · C16
6 days ago
At last part it would have been fun if tatsuya would have said checkmate cause sona likes chess but either way great chapter and great end for the chapter it was fun View More
Life in DXD · C26
1 week ago
Author great story so far I really enjoy reading it keep up the good work😁😁👍👍 View More
Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C3
1 week ago
Does he take the crystals with him or not View More

The_Unique: dungeon monsters when killed turn to dust and only crystals remain in Danmachi

I will soar the multiverse · C23
1 week ago
I think I did read one fan-fic where she was more normal than S but don't remember the name of it View More

Obito_Tobi: yeah me too i always wished for her to be waifu in some fanfic and without being an S or even an M

[ i am from a no S&M Faction ]

Life in DXD · C24
1 week ago
Yep cause she is perfect waifu without being an S cause of that I hope she wouldn't be an S View More

Obito_Tobi: you got it right buddy

i too hate that sh'it about her she have a top tier beauty and top sexy body only that sh'it that prevent her from being perfect

Life in DXD · C24
1 week ago
But esdeath without being an S I hope View More

Obito_Tobi: still need kuroka , koneko maybe bring yuroichi

some girls that i'd like to bring
yuroichi - esdeath - erza - kaguya - harribel
if you bring those it will be good

Life in DXD · C24
1 week ago
Me too or mabye tsuyu as well as option cause didn't see many use her in fan-fic some do but not many and nemuri and nejire almost not which is sad cause there cute View More

FBI_B1TCH: If it's only one girl in MHA I vote Nejire or Nemuri.

My Hero Academia: Sun and Moon God · C14
1 week ago
I like what you made the mc do so don't listen to some people that are negative about it I mean it's your novel so do what you want right View More
A Saiyan in the Naruto-verse · C13
1 week ago
Feel the same but more chapters I don't care about now I'm just happy that I'm of that cliff View More

Ryuu23: Mm, not much, but I'm glad I read it today, and not stuck on that stage. I want more. More chapters. Ha ha ha

Life in DXD · C17
1 week ago
True was so happy and than this happens it's not fair when you think new chapter no cliff-kun but it always comes back View More

leonel551: Fuck!!! What's next a chapter from the kids perspective to end in the same moment and after that another one from kurami and after that one from miyuki's god i hate this kind of chapters! One get all happy for the update for nothing!

Life in DXD · C16
1 week ago
Please more this cliff is killing me man View More
Life in DXD · C15
1 week ago
That would be great without the guy from her peerage View More


Life in DXD · C3
1 week ago
Great chapter and the info is handy to know about how his system works View More
I will soar the multiverse · C19
2 weeks ago
Was a shadow clone all this time huh View More

Grum: *poof*

The system had a bug now I can buy anything (Im back) · C11
2 weeks ago

Royal_Lurkers: I am the exp of my sword.
webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood.
I have created over a thousand useless review.
Unknown to death, nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many reviews.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

So, as I pray...Unlimited Exp Works!.

3 weeks ago
First View More
Journey To Apex In Pokemon World · C15
3 weeks ago
Author I just want to say that if you find some negative comments and stuff ignore it I know it's hard to do sometimes but just focus on good ones cause I find this fan-fic really good and fun to read so thank you for making this fan-fic View More
My Hero Dungeon academia (hiatus) · C8
4 weeks ago
Liz the girl slave from death march would be nice View More
Rising of the Shield and Spirit Hero · C3
4 weeks ago
I didn't want to think about that but hope Hawk also has human form otherwise it's weird for me but would also be fun View More

GodOfAdventure: So the Mc will be Hawk's father?🙄

In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C14
1 month ago
Great chapter but this cliffhanger no jutsu is a fearsome enemy of all readers for sure View More
In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C12
1 month ago
That's a lie cause she can choose and she is female in the anime and a dragon can only choose it's gender once and can change again indeed by a higher being with that power View More

HajimexYue: Actually your wrong there is only one female dragon in dxd and that’s Tiamat. Orphis is a shapeshifter who can transform into anything regardless of race age or gender sorry but Orphis can never truly be a girl.

1 month ago
Ophis chose girl as gender so she stays a girl for the rest of her life so it can only change of she wants but that must be done by a higher being that is stronger than her and has that power View More

swordgod007: you kind of make me feel gross

1 month ago
Sorry but if a dragon chose it's gender it will keep that gender in dxd so ophis will stay a girl View More

HajimexYue: Despite having the outer look of a girl Orphis will never be female. Orphis can be a man or woman and banging her would result in that person going both ways.

1 month ago
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