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Its_RAW: You know what? I still like this guy. He's interesting.

Gourmet of Another World · C42
1 hour ago

FilledWithHope: Now I remember why I dropped this novel, it's full of inequal treatment.

Gourmet of Another World · C18
6 hours ago

LTbutterfly287: You dumb, Gaia isn’t a titan she is a primordial goddess. Zues is the son of of Kronos and rhea both titans but he himself is a god. The primordial gods birthed the titans and several other creature like the cyclops and heresiphloclys (butchered that name) and the primordials were made by chaos the first god and created of the universe

The supreme sovereign system · C7
1 day ago

LTbutterfly287: The Greek pantheon didn’t care about other faiths honestly heretics as you stated was a term made by the Christians in the way you used it. A heretic before Christ became big was merely spitting on another pantheon god or goddess

The supreme sovereign system · C4
1 day ago

Dreamheart_Dragon: The price for the privilege stuff is ridiculous. Seriously I could get better stuff on amazon for less and it’d be mine to keep as long as I want. Webnovel is just running a massive scam.

Low Dimensional Game · C200
1 week ago

Daoist_Zheng: His addiction to make a cult seems to be a bit weird.

Low Dimensional Game · C198
1 week ago

webpley: There he goes with his fetish of starting wars and play god - god 😧

Low Dimensional Game · C198
1 week ago

Voidraig: This guy... what are you gonna do next? Turn a student into Voldemort?... wait dont tell me... DONT TELL ME You plan on creating a Voldemort and that's why you're leaving?!?!?! Nani??? Lol

Low Dimensional Game · C136
1 month ago

3633: Another idiot

Low Dimensional Game · C134
1 month ago

leonardo96: "He couldn't borrow force to change direction because he was mid-air"...wait, what?. Wasn't it just last chapter that they said Gold tier can fly out of FREE WILL? Even if he put force in the strike, he should be able to fly away, his weapon easn't even grabbed...just deflected to the side.

Soul of Searing Steel · C23
1 month ago

Kryokori: MC: There is strong enemy aproaching, lets wait in the middle of the city. Why would I try going outside and fighting before the city's gates? Let's just get rid off people and try to destroy the city durig fight as much as I can.
Enemy: My men are either dead or running off. Clearly my sheme ended in failure. I must go over there and show myself to everyone and announce to all who I am and what I've done! Being judged by the empire later for it? Why would I care for it? My future prospects of being the head of the family? What's that, can I eat it? Why should retreat, cover everything, find a scapegoat and act like nothing happend? Just why would I do such if being brainless barbarian in middle of the city is better?

Soul of Searing Steel · C22
1 month ago

saintWildmonkey: Hey hey no matter how excited u r to fight don't destroy ur own house

Soul of Searing Steel · C17
1 month ago

Ckcw23: I want little bro!

Soul of Searing Steel · C16
1 month ago

Devildwarf: why do they never get a hairy middle aged man as a pet/contractor/etc ? i m sure everyone would like it for a change instead of a hunk or a teenager beauty

Soul of Searing Steel · C14
1 month ago

Thatguy10256: Personally i would just want the MC in a story to get a weapon or helper who is just a super powerful nice grandpa style butler with a nice face and everything.You know?

Soul of Searing Steel · C14
1 month ago

Zinion: yeah naar man, this was a good novel till this chapter... I am not fussed with the the hole girl thing I just don't like the concept of humanoid divine weapons seem pretty weak... i would of preferred just a normal sword than this shiot

Soul of Searing Steel · C14
1 month ago

Captain_Obvious: Han Xiao: If you break your promise, I will post embarrassing videos of you on SpaceTube.

The Legendary Mechanic · C308
1 month ago

BRICK_the_13th: Far in the future, an old cultivator tell story to his grandchilds how he dominated the world and hold all the chicken and duck around the starting town...

"Even kings and emperor ask permission to you grandfather for killing precious chicken. Hmph ! Even though they have thousand guts, they never dare to touch a single feather of you gradfather precious chicken and duck !!"

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C245
1 month ago

LiamTigh: ...so more dickery, this time in the [Real World]. Our dumbass MC just can't leave well enough alone, now he's masquerading as a space alien.

Low Dimensional Game · C103
1 month ago

RATE_UP_IS_A_LIE: Reminds me of that one nature documentary about sting rays..

Man: "Stingrays don't swim backwards so it is safe."
*gets stabbed in the heart by a stingray swimming backwards*

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C232
1 month ago

MinxMean: Next batch of apprentices will have someone named Happy Rotter, wearing a glasses with his two slave beside him named, Germione and Pon.

Low Dimensional Game · C83
2 months ago

Vyktor: The word "honest" made Fran ran away... Is this some exorcism formula for dishonest and lying peoples? 😁

End of the Magic Era · C216
2 months ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: I think he's grooming the saintess to take over Maria's position in the pantheon by raising her to godhood

Low Dimensional Game · C80
2 months ago

Tibbles: Good on you author, harems give bad karma

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C8
2 months ago

Necrom: So his sister, who's actually older than him is so useless that she can't even take care of herself without having to rely entirely on her younger brother.... That's lame and dumb af.....

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C5
2 months ago

SouIrin: When your not scared because you know it will die in the future. Not like it's still kicking...

End of the Magic Era · C124
2 months ago

darkoneko: "That was the birth of Noscent." yeeep. And then they killed the creator of their world ... no wonder the world started losing all its mana after that...

End of the Magic Era · C124
2 months ago

darkoneko: the part about using a certain elemental magic a lot for rouse the related surrounding elements and raise the affinity is fascinating.

End of the Magic Era · C91
2 months ago

Dank_god: Next time a blocked number calls you answer like this:

Jake's whore house, You got the dough, We got the hoe

and a blonde joke to finish it off

Three blondes girls were walking in the woods and came upon tracks. The first one said, "Look, it's deer tracks." The second one said, "No, it's wolf tracks" and before the third one could answer, they got hit by a train.

End of the Magic Era · C90
2 months ago

Yoeds: Poor Bane. Being screwed of his fate

End of the Magic Era · C89
2 months ago
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