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screwyoujerks: Oh god why did I have e to read this... if your making him gay I would be had a heads up to just skip their story because, shocking, as a straight man I'm not interested in that! But the she being a he... science is rolling in its grave

Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C247
1 week ago
Yep, power system of this novel became completely botched ever since protagonist came to ATG, im not saying it became bad or anything but comparing azure dragon god with tiamat, i mean like come on..... View More

LoSap: Well The goddess Ancestor can destroy the universe, the Great Red only planets the size of Jupiter, they are in different weight categories.

The Wish of the Dragon · C99
1 month ago

Dr3am_wa1ker: When i was reading this and they started talking about what his chaos was combined with my thoughts were "if he says love I'll be pissed"

Issei- "love"

I almost threw my phone......

The Wish of the Dragon · C94
2 months ago

NewWebReader: I sold my wife to read this

Dual Cultivation · C193
3 months ago

MJAgo: These two women are just seeking pleasure for themselves and now they can achieve it with each other and treating MC like a tool that can give them pleasure so this is not love, this means they are not completely faithful to their man and just want pleasure... you think when a man go to the war for several years. His wife will be looking for other persons to satisfy her needs? No they will wait for their man to show him the love they have for their man.... and when he returns they will both satisfy each other with much more passion... separation will not turn a woman to the lustful person and force them too become lesbi*n, it'll only happen when they are not in love with their man.....
So now i think mc doesn't need to come back and should throw them since these girls can satisfy each other (which will definitely put an impact in their child mind in future)

Dual Cultivation · C184
3 months ago

JacobRayleigh: The Author showing his support for LGBT. Nice one mate.

Dual Cultivation · C183
3 months ago
hellip View More
Dual Cultivation · C179
3 months ago

iTrideMyBest: “…?”

What? Author, have you been kidnapped?! God! You’re in some kind of basement to write the chapters while you are getting punished for delaying it?! Oh— good. Keep punishing em.

Dual Cultivation · C179
3 months ago

GodlyRiver: This starts the revenge story of two kids looking for their father, and then becoming Gods.

Dual Cultivation · C173
4 months ago

Apex_Cultivator: This novel's on it's way to match Tales of Demons and Gods with it's release speed.

Dual Cultivation · C151
4 months ago
i mean in the original story they had sex, and that led little fairy being pregnant. About the daughter part, in the future when YC comes back from god realm, his daughter kind of plays important role in the story but i don’t think it does not matter if he has daughter or not in this fanfic though. But still...
Well author can do what he want and i’ll still support it :D View More

AbyssalVoidLord: What daughter? They never had sex?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C72
4 months ago
Well i was just thinking, Even if they do get together little fairy getting pregnant is slim. It depends on who is going to get his virgin yang seed first. But from the looks of it cang yue is going to get it or she has already taken from him previous night. I may be wrong though View More

crazyspecter: Putting aSide that fanfic shouldn't follow Canon... I am also curious about little fairy not because of the Future child (honestly even in the Canon event it was an unneeded drama, one that the original author is fixed about xd) but because hope of her becoming the Mc's woman (something possible for when Jean go the frozen asgard)

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C72
4 months ago
Are you going to abandon little fairy?
Then what about his daughter in future?
Or is she going to get together with mc in the future? View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C72
4 months ago

YourFutureHusbando: That cliff... Fck u author

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C71
4 months ago

Rimurutruedragon: But what about little fairy since she left how are you are going to form a relationship with her(and I do not mean to rape her, but to break her ice heart and thus be able to make her fall in love with the MC), after all she is one of the heroines.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C66
4 months ago

Peace12345: Oh very nice he is now officially among the monsters. Also did you mean his combat prowess is at the tenth level of the sky profound realm instead of the emperor? Or has he really reached that level? If so I love how OP he is now.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C65
4 months ago

BookSpirit: I really like this story and it's also nicely writen, but I don't like all this Divine Parents/Fiancee plot and the fact that it's them that sealed his talent so that he needs to accomplish something to unlock the Seals, also what's up with all of this childrens of him, how can they exist and know more than him about his situation before being even conceived?
I know this is the base in wich the whole novel is being writen but this kind of plot really pisses me off (not that I'm saying that I'm pissed with the novel, it's just that this kind of plot, in general, turn me off)

Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C148
4 months ago
i don’t think light seed actually it exists or did you create your own? View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C106
5 months ago
also your discord link is wrong or it doesnt have instant invite on View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C144
5 months ago
just accept the contract man View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C144
5 months ago
Reading Status: C223
This is one of the most decent fanfiction on webnovel
Update stability is good
Character development is also good enough
There is no super op mc
Mc gets powerful bcz of his hardworking attitude
Dialogue between characters are fairly decent
Overall this is one best fanfics on WN View More
Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong
5 months ago
Wow thats intense View More
Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C223
5 months ago

BOGEYMAN: Now that's fcking awesome!!!! Still I'm thinking of who will be Feilong's teammates like the Shrek monsters. I just really hope that they wont bother with the destruction of Shrek when the time comes.

Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C222
5 months ago

ShujaatAmin: if you do this again i will hire all of the mercanaries and tell them to fuc''ng murder you
damn i didnt read the title i was scared man wtf

Adopted Soldier · C158
5 months ago
i hope he gets shen xi and mu xuanyin View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C87
5 months ago

Adypoker: Welp, I was actually enjoying the story, and what you showed of the re-write, it's not going to be a story that I enjoy, so, farewell...

Transcending the Martial Peak( The Story is being Rewritten and published. The Rewrite is called Transcending Limits) · C0
5 months ago

azndl550: I'm guessing the moon milf?!?! :O

Dual Cultivation · C140
5 months ago

Blue_Sovereign22: Well well, he as if forgotten his master is also a genius, same level invincible and he has not use his second martial soul therefore its only natural for him to lose.

I would love to see the rematch between his master and sky douluo dalu(shrek pavillion head master Yun Ming if im not mistaken)

Author san, what about his nether putrefaction true avatar?

It would be good if he can fuse it, similar to what wulin did, overlord golden dragon i guess, which he was trying to cover himself with blue silver emperor in dragon form

Hope our mc can also fuse his martial soul true avatar

Since his second martial soul are even stronger than dragon god, and we still dont know what its soul skill when he absorb the human as his soul ring

Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C212
5 months ago

Chibi_Senpai: Oh my oh my, what is this I see? 🥺🥺🥺 Character Development? A tiny dose of cynicism and self awareness? I could, I could cry. He’s understanding his father more and deciding to investigate what really happened without just believing anybody? Genius. He’s gonna uphold his father’s work in his place? Fighting back tears. I bow to the almighty author who listen to the musings of insignificant me? 😭😭😭 I’ll support you forever Reili. Now I’m just gonna shut up and patiently wait to see what you do next. 🤐🤐🤐

The Divine Anime System · C186
5 months ago

EVE_CHAN: There's no need for MC to be low key now, show the world who is the best

Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens · C69
5 months ago
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