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NappingKitty: The king of cats is helping her cheat!

Data Dragon Danika · C438
6 days ago
Yummy!! View More
Haven Online · C146
1 week ago
NO.... Zipzing is perfect as is. View More

Dremdin: Dragon zipzing incoming! At least I think, she did want to be a full blown dragon originally.

Data Dragon Danika · C437
1 week ago
Poor Jade. He's not able to see anything so if there is anything cool to see on his path, it's invisible to him. Oooo they should work out a path with sound or touch. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C435
1 week ago
Just follow along and if you survive...the trail is literally paved with treasure. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C434
1 week ago
Wow...Old Eisen seemed to be a Major Jerk. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C430
2 weeks ago

CCmei: There are actually 3 unedited chapters in my drafts of Lilyanne.

Though you might not like one of them as much since it's the 1st timeline's Lilyanne. Very cute. Very dumb. Rosalia sympathizers will be rolling on the floor bc "Lily? Lily are you blind? That's not what happened?" I have both of them as not so reliable narrators(though Lily is admittedly worse) since their views of the same event are so different.

I was Born the Unloved Twin · C75
2 weeks ago

CCmei: Thank you for enjoying.

Will note that Amar's pov is wanted , gonna take some years though since idk what he can say besides "today I smelled something yummy then pranked Lukas 12 times and Rosalia 7 times. 6/7 times she does not know what was going on or that it was even me."

I was Born the Unloved Twin · C75
2 weeks ago

girrlit: yay for freds sweet POV!
Just the fluff I needed after a hellish NYE in retail.. lol.

but dear author... your note... your mind works in mysterious ways.. o_O

I was Born the Unloved Twin · C75
2 weeks ago

renzsantiago: I love the other characters' POV! ❤️ I'll wait for the day Amar gets one. 😊 Thanks for the update, dear author! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I was Born the Unloved Twin · C75
2 weeks ago

Syl_Rofa: I'm so glad that there wasnt a stereotypical scene of him misunderstanding wei and xinyas relationship and that xinya is being considered like a protective brother in law rn

Haven Online · C139
2 weeks ago
Best egg dish... Eggs and Tomatoes of course. View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C74
2 weeks ago
Hmmmm..... Jade, the prodigal son. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C430
2 weeks ago
Wow....Sad back story.... Obviously he died during that trip in the first timeline. Hopefully we get a better ending this time. View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C71
3 weeks ago

Marzipanii: I think my crying is more ugly than theirs Q.Q °sniff° plis dun liiiff rosa (insert ugly cry) omgosh this chapter killed me emotionally

I was Born the Unloved Twin · C67
3 weeks ago
Nice View More
Data Dragon Danika · C428
3 weeks ago
Wow.... Sorry, but what an idiot. View More
Haven Online · C131
3 weeks ago
I'm getting worried about Ketchup. I hope this is truly a learning experience for her and not a situation where removing the corruption portion killed her real personality. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C602
1 month ago

_Athena_: Aw! Welcome back again @Arria! Thanks for the 5 chapters today..~ ̄▽ ̄~😊
Welcome back, Iris Long!
And welcome back also to our dear KittyBaby, Ketchup! M🐱E🐈O🐱W!

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C599
1 month ago

Peach_Princess: 😭😭😭KETCHUP 😭😭😭, missed you so much😘🥰😘 welcome back🥰😍

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C599
1 month ago

_Athena_: A real philantrophist doesn't need cameras to show that he or she is helping. You can always do it with or without publicity.

For me, the additional hate for Iris was caused by Bright Summit and Jin Chonglin's greediness of publicity! So hateful! 😈

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C596
1 month ago

Kin: Something interesting happens in a game and... you have to leave for work!

Data Dragon Danika · C420
1 month ago
Voting for - Robby's Guild/Others trying Flora's inventions. - Hopefully Robby is involved also. View More
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG · C41
1 month ago

Jin_Daoas: snail song: 'created by a female bard because her lover was always over-eager in bed...takes 50 sta per use'
hahaha, what the heck is this suspicious backstory? i got cramps giggling

Haven Online · C69
1 month ago
Don't forget, in the original timeline she died due to her trusting nature. View More

Lost_Happiness: My Opinion of Wei:
Wei is too trusting. I feel like she will get betrayed sooner or later. Sure he might be a good guy since he helped but what if he is actually bad and saw what Xinya has been doing and decided to help out.

Anyway she shouldn't trust too much lest she gets robbed. She needs to have her eyes open to stranger danger. Since she can't always have Xinya next to her to help look out.

Haven Online · C64
1 month ago
Is the update in 3 months IRL or in game time? View More
Haven Online · C47
1 month ago
This isn't his stepmother right?? View More
Haven Online · C26
1 month ago
I assume once he has the spatial ring, he should be able to keep some water in there for soaking purposes? Also, deserts do have Oasis's so as long as he finds one within the time limit he should be ok? View More

DaoistArcadia: the getting feet wet is way to harsh a condition it means no desert ever and that's just sad...

Haven Online · C13
1 month ago
I'm still pissed at Myles. I may understand the reasoning of his actions, but he was too callous to the emotional well being of the players. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C412
1 month ago
Well it could be a cloud. Lousy stinky airships would be cluttering up the skies. Ruining the cloud's hard work shaping their bodies just so. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C411
1 month ago
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