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Khem: Being late posting a chapter was so out of character that I was worried something had happened. Please rest well and take care of yourself, the novel can wait and so will we, the readers. Your health is most important. I hope you get better soon. Take care.

To the author’s friend, thank you letting us know what had happened and for posting an update.

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C485
10 hours ago

ArriaCross: hi im arria's friend, the one who posted chap this mornin... i persuaded arria to take a break for now cuz she keeps askin me to sched next chaps but i dont wanna cuz i worried abt her. She needs rest & im gonna make sure she gets it whether she likes it or not. So stubborn & hardheaded! Grrr! rage
Shes still in hospital but shell be released hopefully today or maybe tom. But she needs to rest period, so no chaps until shes well. Shes been doin rlly good and she healthy but last nite was a surprise to all of us. All i want is a few days rest 4 her. Maybe nxt wk shell be ok and return but no chap tom. Im not gonna sched it for her & im not gonna let her sched it herself, the hardheaded woman! Rest rest rest!

So sorry, dnt blame her. I take full responsibility. I just worried abt her so bad. Thanx for understanding! Shell be back soon!

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C485
10 hours ago
Wow.... I totally did not see this coming. My deductions were too pedestrian, I guess. And that title... I thought the fake cat did it.. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C353
1 day ago
Seriously.... I ave no words.... O.o View More

PsyberRose: Wait, what? (⊙_☉)?
Where did that come from?! (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)

New Life : A Second Chance · C310
2 days ago
Bellator Milk is a character in Number One Dungeon Supplier. Heavy focus on Pandas :) View More

PsyberRose: Wait. Panda mask? Why a panda mask? (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)

New Life : A Second Chance · C307
2 days ago
So at this point, I'm not sure if being an overmind is a good thing or not. Poor Shurka.... View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C103
3 days ago
Agent Milk needs a Panda mask. :) View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C307
3 days ago
I figure no one ever had this issue before as the test/prior version would slowly just go to sleep or hibernate, until the Emperor was created. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C352
3 days ago

BismuthBorealis: I can't help but imagine a chibi jade emperor just holding a knife and fork staring sternly at the king of cats trying to hide on a plate in front of him now.

Data Dragon Danika · C351
5 days ago
Are you sure? A connection neither knew was possible sure sounds interesting.... Cliff until next new series.... :( View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C301
6 days ago
Agree, except for Iris' parents. They are not much better if you take Iris out of the equation. Her father was an *****erer and standard main branch jerk who started all this. Her mother was a fully superficial money hungry viper. They have mellowed out now but they were not nice people. View More

Mika_88kenichi: Thanks for the chapter ArriaCross-san!

As for jing yu yue, she's stupid as the female characters in a Filipino drama.. cottons for brains. I'm sorry but I have to say this, jing yu yue is 2nd on my list of hateful characters in this story. 1st are the Longs as a bunch course (except Iris' parents).

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C474
6 days ago

Elinee: Arria dear am i going to expect a huge slap for Long Hui soon, where he regrets so badly what he did that he almost cannot breath? My gosh i never been so angry in my life. Long Hui!!! I never curse but i feel like wanting to curse you Long Hui until your ear bleeds! 😡

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C474
6 days ago

XiaoReiChan: OMG the last sentence was anxiety-inducing! Aigoo my poor, little heart is beating frantically like it wants to come out of my chest! 😩

Luckily tomorrow's the mass release schedule! ❤️ Thank you for your hard work author-nim! 🙇‍♀️

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C474
6 days ago

Rxel: So.. I'm here to make the bet that Kai Shengs dad was important and the step-dad was the one who killed him off. The dad knew something important but hid it, and the people that were looking for it couldn't find it after he was killed off so they got the step-dad married Kai Sheng's mom 🤔

My imagination is overflowing! (✧ω✧)

New Life : A Second Chance · C296
1 week ago
Thermal Nuclear War.... Fun game but I prefer Tic Tac Toe View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C98
1 week ago
Dum...Dum...Dum... What's with the name? Is Kyle not Kyle? View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C295
1 week ago

Tashady: I'm so fascinated with whatever it is the Jade Emperor is up to!

Data Dragon Danika · C349
1 week ago

Yukionna: The wait is excruciating😖😫😩😭But I know it will be worth it in the end😤

New Life : A Second Chance · C293
1 week ago
Poor Gavin. View More
Out of Space · C291
1 week ago

Ethan132: Cleansing flames :) remember that the god he follows is a god of agriculture and walls/shields so maybe he should have summoned a divine wall or something similar:) thanks for the chapter:)

Farming For Gold · C48
1 week ago

seishi_love: Kyle just loves fucking with people

New Life : A Second Chance · C288
1 week ago
Sorry.... All I get from that is Bugs Bunny. View More

Vampfan1: He should fight while eating a Carrot (the world's most dangerous vegetable). Bonus like if you can name the Movie I was inferring of.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C457
1 week ago

Vampfan1: So Lord Wolfe has transformed into a mixture of a Demonised Tank from Cars and that Snail Turbo.
Actually I think that he should also gain a Turbo like form as well, small (although still a little bigger then his original form) but unbelievably fast and agile.
Also an Amphibious Aquatic form as well (both underwater and surface, as well as limited land movement capabilities).

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C456
1 week ago
Depends on the person, but mental torture is worst as far as I am concerned. View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C286
1 week ago

liebesleid96: Well I actually liked this ship between zihao and jingjing🤔 why? Because they have two different personalities that contradict each other like an angel and devil kind of thing he!🤔

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C462
1 week ago
Gosh....I hope this instance doesn't become the big bad later. Sort of like, you left me alone and I had to cannibalize everybody, so now I'll destroy your version.... View More

gusdefrog: Yes, he's reducing the world, including them and himself.

Data Dragon Danika · C347
1 week ago
So Stoner Dude pledges to Old Man Dude? View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C453
1 week ago
Whose the Banana??...?? View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C92
2 weeks ago
Awkward.... Shuffle..Shuffle... "So not a fan huh?? What do you dislike about them?" (Let tape the response and play it back once Tundo realizes who Shinzen is) :) View More
Data Dragon Danika · C345
2 weeks ago
Interesting.... A Banana Wife.... A plantain or a chiquita? View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C90
2 weeks ago
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