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Iamjin: Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1642
1 day ago

SpMile: Samsara sends Zhou Zekai to intimidate Happy.
Tang Rou: Let me at him
Steamed Bun: Senior I'll deal with him
Mo Fan: ... (good map)
Mumu: :)
Fang Rui starts planning a sneak attack
Wei Chen goes smoke in a corner
Yeah they're soooooo scared.

The King's Avatar · C1582
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1265
1 week ago

Tidy_nerd: Little Cold Trap: Congratulations on joining the Trap Society.
Concealed Trap: Thank you, it's an honor to be one.

The King's Avatar · C1574
1 week ago

mastema1: Useless Dimsum Fang Rui at the backstage: Ha?! look how I baited them when I die! I created that opportunity for our team!

Rest of HAPPY: Shut up you useless dimsum!

The King's Avatar · C1574
1 week ago

JustDude: Reporters: what can you say about this match?
ZX: we've been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled

The King's Avatar · C1574
1 week ago
Hmm, well, one I liked was "The Man from Nowhere." It's a Korean film, one that I rather enjoyed a lot. Not much of a movie buff, but when it comes to foreign films, that movie always comes to mind, I liked it so much.

Also, thank you so much for all your hard work, dear translator/writer. This was the first webnovel I ever started, and I can't help but keep bingeing on it.

Also-also, I wish The Ant Queen and Survivor were real movies; I'd totally watch them. View More

bail2750: I truly look forward to each chapter as I go about my day. The writing is so well done that I want to start watching Asian films. I'm an American, just to clear up that one. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good film?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1058
2 weeks ago

Bald_Chanyeol_: No worries Yunyi.
It's not easy to be translating and editing whilst doing other things.
It's just sheer frustration from the characters and the storyline.
Thank you for the chapters 😊😊

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C974
2 weeks ago

Zhang XinJie: Nani?!?!

The King's Avatar · C1568
2 weeks ago
*finds Codex of Spring and Autumn*
ZX: "So many flaws!" View More

Harper: Great Codex of Spring and Autumn, im still sure its a cheap version of the Library or something
Maybe Kong Shi is just ZX clone gone back in time, thats why hes such a unreliable troll

Library of Heaven's Path · C1556
3 weeks ago

TheOneWhoSeek: Progenity of combat
Yuan clan's next Head
Poison master's Leader
Soul Oracle's Inheritor
Spirit Awakening guild's Head
: who dares to mess with my teacher and my senior sister ?!!

But RIP glacier court xD They are going to cough blood by regreting their action...

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
3 weeks ago

EYC: Kinda sad how Zhao Ya was like the first to leave specifically to avoid burdening/support her teacher and then all THIS happens

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
3 weeks ago

AzureWater: Enchant all the friggen master teacher pavillions

lmao Wang Ying surely has taken after her teacher

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
3 weeks ago

EYC: From Chapter 64:
"This was precisely why it is a known fact among cultivators that one could offend anyone, just not a master teacher!
Who knew how many students he has? Who knew how many experts there are in their midst?
Offending them was equivalent to stirring a hornet’s nest. Even if one didn’t die, he would be crippled!"
Love coming full circle

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
3 weeks ago

SmilingReader: Weapons, Physical Strength, Poison, Soul and Spirit. Long ago they lived in harmony til someone mistreated their teacher. Now destruction follows their wake as they avenge him. Only Zhang Xuan the Master of them all has the power to quell their rage but when they needed him the most he goes off and impersonates someone again...😅

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
3 weeks ago

alxwiu: I'm literally crying from happiness! I've been waiting for ZX's students to reunite like good old times, and this time to protect their loving teacher 😭😭😭😭😭

Library of Heaven's Path · C1515
3 weeks ago

EYC: Almost feel bad for Ren Qingyuan and the others. They have no idea of what is actually going on based on the biased account from Elder Qu and the Glacier Plain Court and are destroying themselves over it

Library of Heaven's Path · C1515
3 weeks ago

EYC: Lol Yuan Tao, truly your master's student - quick, violent, and effective.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1515
3 weeks ago

AzureWater: Annnnddd Zhang Clan, Sanctum of Sages and the Master Teacher Pavillion has successfully stirred the hornet's nest

i feel like ZX will come to the rescue as a Celestial Master Teacher once his students gets in trouble though

Library of Heaven's Path · C1515
3 weeks ago

xeonsam: Steam bun invasion, your brick is coming help you defeat blue rain.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1410
3 weeks ago

Jacktastic: I love that this chapter has such layered comedy. If you've never read another chinese novel it's funny on it's own, but if you're familiar with the many other novels that include the 'might' of the brick, it becomes many times more hilarious. 😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1410
3 weeks ago

TheMortal: As expected of ZX another person enlightened to the true Dao of the Brick

Library of Heaven's Path · C1410
3 weeks ago

iamvectorious: The Brick of Destruction that crosses realms and universes.. and even novels..has finally appeared to slap the faces of evil!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
3 weeks ago

KCA: *Hitting at the back of head Invokes dizzy for 15 seconds*
Special skills: *50% chance of making all characters hit more susceptible to heaven's path scamming art*

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
3 weeks ago

SmilingReader: The most mysterious and powerful weapon has transcended from various planes of existence to be the instrument of destruction for its new master 🧱

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
3 weeks ago

AlphaDark: One Brick To Rule Them All

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
3 weeks ago

Daoabs: High Saint Tier brick for Steambun if you get me :)

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
3 weeks ago

SobbingGhost: ZX: I'm busy.

Some Random Guy: No your not...

ZX: Yes I am.

Random Guy: I have spirit stones.

ZX: I'm free now.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1355
3 weeks ago

Sauravadhk: A 9 star seer: Oh my Kong shi how is this possible
A 9 star master teacher from SOS : what happened?
A 9 star seer: the gate is going to be destroyed
A 9 star master teacher from SOS : What How
A 9 star seer: It says ZX
ZX : Low profile, Low Profile

Library of Heaven's Path · C1286
3 weeks ago

Pplnme: Its: Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all people within our nation!
To denounce all posers with truth and love!
To extend our reach to the heavens above!
Zhang Xuan!
Yang Xuan!
Team Xuanxuan blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or face our might!
That's right!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1278
3 weeks ago
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