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DemonKingEND: Little April was not the best student in Sunday school.

Usually she slept through the class. One day the teacher called on her while she was napping,

"Tell me, April. Who created the universe?"

When April didn't respond, little Johnny, a boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear.

"GOD ALMIGHTY!" shouted April and the teacher said, "Very good" and April fell back asleep.

A while later the teacher asked April, "Who is our Lord and Saviour,"

But, April didn't even awaken from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again.

"JESUS CHRIST!" shouted April and the teacher said, "very good," and April fell back to sleep.

Then the teacher asked April a third question.

"What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?"

And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin.

This time April jumped up and shouted,



The Teacher fainted.

The Divine Anime System · C45
1 week ago

After_Wing: Author, take some inspiration from awesome AOT fanfic I found called "The Dark Titan".

Same plot with OC being Eren Jaeger big bro and also has unique powerful Titan shifting power. But this OC is even greater. No system and no anime crossover power he got. In fact his Titan power is already cool and freaking awesome.
Of course obvious points Mikasa as his waifu and this OC has some inspiring words that speak him as a great leader.

The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C28
3 weeks ago
What is BTTH and TGR? View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C267
1 month ago
If Adam can go to "any" disney universe then can he go to the star wars universe??? View More
Disney-Traveler · C11
1 month ago
I have a question, the mystic eyes of death perception can kill anything right?
Then what about the poison in Jasmines body?
Can't she not just kill it??? View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C31
1 month ago
Fucking hell, this is an amazing start! View More
Fiction Worlds Journey · C1
1 month ago
Love it! View More
Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction] · C42
2 months ago
Hell yeah!!! View More
Conqueror of All · C133
2 months ago
Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction] · C0
2 months ago
First and thanks for the chapter! View More
Fiction Worlds Journey · C0
2 months ago
I think you should do a fanfic about fairy tail with the mc being a "real" demon, not something Zeref created. Or a mc that's a "fire demon slayer" for Natsu battle ;) View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C266
2 months ago

GedonistOver: I like your story and really hope that you will add more girls to 'harem'. It will be more interesting if they have different personalities, it could be amazing to read about interactions of Diana and Casie if they both fall in live with MC. Batgirl and Aquagirl are must have in harem too, Zatanna is also okay. About suggestions, you have a habit to mention something and forget about this in the later chapters. For example my question - did Grey slept with that woman from a party? Who is she? Will we see her later? Too many characters is a bad thing if you don't mention them in the future. Also, servants mostly have different personalities and a lot of them are villains and just bad guys, but they all agree, for example to teach that trash Super Boy. It's impossible. They had rather suggest to kill or forget about him than give any advice. I really hope you will fix these shortcomings

Fate/Heroes · C0
2 months ago

AvidReader962: I don’t really have any questions myself, as I don’t know much about young justice or the fate stay night series, I’m just along for the ride to enjoy the story, so all I want to say was thanks for putting the work in for a really fun story.

Fate/Heroes · C0
2 months ago

dan0206: can you let grey retrieve the pelt just when batman is about to study it

Fate/Heroes · C0
2 months ago

1stSlug: Who doesn't like messing with the Bat? Best past time ever.

Fate/Heroes · C0
2 months ago
I say, crossover. Double the fun! View More
Fate/Heroes · C48
2 months ago
Hello and wait a sec, I know they ****ed the fanfic section. But inkstone too?!
What happened?! View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C265
2 months ago

Daxude: And they will discover the biggest technique of stealth : jump in the hay, or sitting on a public chair

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C614
2 months ago

Adilt: Next thing u know people will be jumping on rooftop all over.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C608
3 months ago

Asurah: How did he even get so much Karma from saving a old man who took more than 15sec to cross a street? That old man is already a foot and a half in the grave.

Now the main point, what fucking car ran this idiot over? Was the light not red while these 2 idiots were in the middle of the street? Who the hell immediately goes 0-100 when the light goes green w/o paying attention to what is in front of them? Also, was he and this old man not already pretty much on the sidewalk already? How did the old man not get hit also if the MC was hit while guiding the old man? Argh!! This is driving me crazy!! 🤯

3 months ago

faisalbudeiri: Aizen

Cool Anime System II · C1
3 months ago

ChrolloDancho: Okay the vote stop here, it will be Aizen. See you soon for the first chapter

Cool Anime System II · C1
3 months ago

Ludociel: Date a Live+SDS demon power pls.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C92
3 months ago

Rexus: Hahaha i like where this is going. Noice👍

Fate/Heroes · C35
3 months ago

AsuraMonarch: If Jail can't hold you then Jailbaits don't exist :)

Fate/Heroes · C35
3 months ago
Hope you get better! View More
Fate/Heroes · C23
3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Error. · C0
3 months ago
Looks like my prayers did not go unheard!
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Fate/Heroes · C22
3 months ago

Daoist888813: Just keep doing what your doing love this story

Fate/Heroes · C14
3 months ago

Kitsune_Raijin: Beware of the power of the Beerforce!

Marvel: My Own Path · C0
4 months ago
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