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DaoistJax: "Anyway his husband had told him"

I know it is most probably an error but I am going to accept that Mu Zilin's dad is gay for the sheer joy of it

She was born into a wealthy family · C27
1 week ago

Dimileth: First hard earned money in her life. I'm so proud 🤗

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss · C8
1 week ago

Narastue: The Dao of Brick has returned

So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C18
1 month ago

I_need_pizza: Let me introduce the strongest team.
1:Team leader Helian Wei Wei, currently she is sleeping even though it's already time to fight. 😴
2: The strongest member of the team Baili jia jue, currently he is having his OCD attack. 😵
3: And finally the last member Nangong Lie, oi stop flirting and go to stage 😘

The Anarchic Consort · C157
2 months ago

Racoon: Is it just me or did "prey" suddenly become "pet"? 😉😘
So he wants to keep her now? Ah ya! Vinegar Jar lv 5 evolved into Possesive Vinegar Jar lv 1.😉😉😉

The Anarchic Consort · C60
2 months ago

JInakatsuki: It appears as if in the 99th year, the Long Tao kingdom has faded, the erection empire has been long forgotten, The Wisp, The Bard, Mythfury and the first Emperor are nowhere to be found. It is a sad time as we delve further and further away from the path of the mysterious Tree Sap

The World Online · C99
2 months ago

Boldar: For 1/3 of his monthly rent (1000$) he can buy 1 Siver. To reach copper rank you need 100 Gold? 100 Silver are 1 Gold, so the goal ist to make 10 Million Dollars in half a year? I think there is something wrong in the currency/exchange rate/quest condition...

Tales of Magic Swordsman · C25
3 months ago

Iandabug07: This Body Fortification Art better be some super secret godly manual with 20 grandpa's and hundreds of heavenly medicines or imma be pissed.

Sword Among Us · C129
3 months ago

FlyingDutchman7: I wrote this story because there's a lack of good LitRPG stories about crafters. Authors come up with these great worlds then only focus on a single charter and quest line who spends most of his time out in the world raiding various dungeons while ignoring most of the game world.

I wanted to create a story where the focus is on the MC's crafting profession and how he uses it to gain power rather than him getting some epic rare quest and wandering off to magically became a fighter. I want the other guilds and players to have their own motivations and be more than just names who's only goal seems to be to capture or kill the MC.

I want this story to be about farming and guild politics rather than high-adventure. It'll take a while to hit it's stride but I hope everyone will be happy when it does.

Farming For Gold
3 months ago

SonNova: Well, we all need help, kid, we all do...

Player Kⅰller · C3
3 months ago

Kyoang: MOARRR!!!!

(Just do it slowly and rest enough so that you can translate more chapterd)

MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!!

(IF possible, translate more but your health is more important)


Godly Empress Doctor · C48
4 months ago

Foxii: Lul Angor's first kiss even tho it was indirect was from a beautiful Flower with a mouth. 10/10 support this ship

Flower X Angor.

Warlock Apprentice · C93
4 months ago

Nameless_sama: Fatty Wu, whyyyyyy why did u have to make it premium now? noooooooo

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C128
4 months ago


Cry myself to sleep tonight because i can't do anything else really

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C28
4 months ago

semokbohay: I just don't understand the way these villains thinking. If you don't love your fiance/fiancee why don't you just cancel the engagement...it's really no need to harm someone innocent...

Good Morning, Mister Dragon! · C1
5 months ago

Juxuan: Even birds give out bussiness cards these day. What the hell am I doing with my life *sigh*

Warlock Apprentice · C23
5 months ago

daoist1324: "proposing interesting ideas to torture the coders…" That is so true and real life experience!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C88
5 months ago

Zravodka: I was giggling the whole way through that chapter.. Good bit of entertainment

Genius Seventh Prince · C62
5 months ago

GreedyGrim: "It compiled perfectly without any bugs."

Said by no programmer ever.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C47
6 months ago

Zravodka: I know I write this every week but it really is the perfect novel to finish off a tuesday

Farming For Gold · C45
6 months ago

PercyTheImp: What is his power? Super strength while sleeping? The ability to turn an orange into a tangerine? Maybe he can go without eating protein and still be healthy? He can make his big toes change places with each other? Ability to teleport... inside the sun? He is able to go back in time, but only his mind, and without memories about the future!?

Very eager to see which skill he got!!

Galactic Dark Net · C7
6 months ago

Ethlathini: if I claim second, nobody will dare to claim first because the first person didn't claim it

A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C36
6 months ago

ProfessorX: "Everyone come and look, a God-level nouveau riche has attained the alliance-leader rank! Spending money like turning on the tap, really impressive! Everyone quickly come and look!"

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C120
6 months ago

winterwind: That method to know someone's consciousness is really heavenly
Pro level rabbit 🐰

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C43
6 months ago

Tibbles: If you don’t complain or point it out then what’s the difference between accepting it or even approving of it by silence? Racism is disgusting.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C115
6 months ago

DaoPursuer: He got ripped off. Blessing stone has a way higher value than two non magical sabers and one martial art. Anything that can speed up cultivation training should be a priceless treasure. Unfortunately there was no way to keep it. Thanks for the chapter!

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C26
6 months ago

sprie: Author has clearly never worked as an intern before, or any other job for that matter. One day of work and then multiple days off?! Bull*&$#

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C93
6 months ago

Draconax: AN ACTUAL SUMMARY/REVIEW! Also posted on RRL (a.k.a Royal Road Legends), this story has 84 chapters! Therefore, expect quick updates.

There is No Epic Loot, Only Puns is the hilarious story of a dungeon core named Delta. If you don’t know what a dungeon core novel is, it’s a story about the main character being reincarnated as a dungeon core/master. If you don’t know what THAT is... you have something wrong with you... but it’s the person who runs a dungeon, spawns the monsters, builds the levels, etc. If you don’t know what a dungeon is- I have nothing to say to you.

Summary: Delta “spawns” in near the town of Durence, a place with little to no mans, and everyone is stuck in the same routines. With her arrival, the townspeople start to “wake up” from the influx of mana- except that all of them came to Durence to escape. All of them are powerful figures, who for some reason or another, wanted to leave the greater world and retreat to an unknown town in he middle of nowhere. It was picked for its lack of mana- but Delta is now bringing it back. And Delta isn’t your traditional dungeon core either, not when she’s made a choice. No killing people. Of course, this means no loot, only epic puns!

Writing Quality: 5:5 Great grammar, spelling, etc.

Stability of Updates: 5/5 Here, it’ be amazing, especially since it has 84 chapters on the original site. Even in the original site, it updates quickly.

Story Development: 5/5 No overused cliches, the plot keeps on moving along, no “filler” chapters because everything is interesting.

Character Design: 5/5 Wow, just wow. Every single one of the characters are beautiful and unique, from Deo (omg I love Deo) to Grim (I love Grin too) to Nu (best puns, I love Nu so much) and Luna (really I just love them all).

World Background: 5/5 No info dumps, we receive the information in a way that feels natural and easy to understand. Scattered throughout, there’s also VERY interesting interludes about characters in other parts of the world. It’s well fleshed-out.

Overall: 5/5 An amazing read that breaks from the standard mold. If you hate cliches, this is for you! If you love unique characters, this is for you! If you love puns, this is for you! If you’re at all a good person, READ IT.

Tags: Female Lead; Puns; Humor; Fantasy; LitRPG; Mushrooms (omg the mushrooms); Dungeons

If you want more actual reviews, not just, “Wow I love this,” and, “Worst story ever,” or, “Hahahahaha,” please like this comment!

There is no Epic Loot, Only Puns
7 months ago

Goldmember: What kind of a monster would mix together water and milk?

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C3
7 months ago

darkoneko: Hey Little Daoist, how many hours did you end up spending in the magma chamber ? XD

A World Worth Protecting · C31
8 months ago
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