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  • The Perfect Harem System

    The Perfect Harem System

    Eastern Fantasy incest romance system magic cultivation strong mc Harem

    Well i dont have something to do, so i want to just make my own , even though the Mc has a neme i will usually use “I” or “He”. PS sorry for the grammar , my main language is spanish now lets get the synopsis: I dont know where i am, i cant see anything, im starting to feel pain... i cry loudly, i can see a light, is a little green square and its says “Welcome to this world kiddo, You’re Destiny is become the greatest HAREM GOD, get ready to fuck whoever you want” Even though i can understand, my mind just doesn’t clic, this pain is inhuman... A new green square appears and says “Reincarnation mode in 10 . 9 . 8 . 7 . 6 . 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1” I pass out Next thing i know is that i have a body of a 15 years boy, a super hot mother, a super hot older sister and a drunk father A new notification appear “Mission 1: Get strong and “fix” your family” I guess that’s it, don’t hope for a final or something like 1/2 chapter a day, cause this is only what im gonna write when im bored


Bro, i get it, plsss stop with the names everything he says, i get it for characters like A,B,C or gradma but not for the MC try to use “He” or “I” View More
God of Lust · C2
7 hours ago

Denzel_theking: Yh me to but its almost confirmed he going to get the healing girl

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C68
1 day ago

SimplifiedZer0: I’m 100% sure that the author has a plot reasonn to keep her around maybe she will make him grow? Maybe she will humble him so hesnot to arrogant? Who knows all I know is that it will help the plot.

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C62
1 day ago

tiansheng: And there we go. The type of useless comment not worth a peanut. If you want to criticize, at least say why. A comment like "this is no good" serves no purpose besides making you look like a prick.

If you can't elaborate on what is wrong and how to improve, perhaps you should keep your resentment to yourself, or you know, do the sensible thing and stop reading?

Profane Prince of Domination · C347
2 days ago

TheHoblit: Yvonne is going to be so happy she can actually train herself to death and just come back

Profane Prince of Domination · C347
2 days ago

PlasmaPhantom: Honestly, I don’t even know what is going on anymore. All we have had are a bunch of don’t dos. Don’t take the stone, don’t talk to the pink system, don’t trust what Zamora says, don’t trust the beastkin. I am getting tired trying to figure everything out. Furthermore, with the slow pace of the chapters it is just getting dragged on for so LONG that we haven’t been able to progress with the story at all almost.

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C59
2 days ago

YinYangOverlord: I really wasn’t expecting the child to die... you got me there author 👏🏻 😓

The Hedonist Sword God · C140
4 days ago

Kevinlu19721: But damnn I really want to mc get a daughter. Now I feel sad....
Inner me: I will only feel half sad if it was a boy.

The Hedonist Sword God · C139
4 days ago

Kevinlu19721: That’s deep

The Hedonist Sword God · C139
4 days ago

Breserk_God: Real deep....

The Hedonist Sword God · C139
4 days ago

Paxloria: Agree +1 To this author's story: Love the chapters! Keep them cumming! *laughs*

Dual Cultivation · C240
6 days ago

HaremGodZ: Your comment is golden. Now you want me to write some R-18 scenes haha! Happy Bday buddy.

Overlord of Sin · C78
1 week ago

Malcolm_Massey: Yeah it's kinda sad. Not really happy with how the harem is developing other than his two swords so far.

The Hedonist Sword God · C132
1 week ago

Kalafijor: So always women will leave him ? Only fu cking slut stay with him? Nice harem...

The Hedonist Sword God · C132
1 week ago
Probably is side-effects of havin 50 girls u keep praisin ur big d*ck while u can f*ck them all day long, i mean if u dont get perverted/arrogant with that, i dont know what will do it View More

fearlessj2008: feels weird seeing him change like that all of sudden.

The Hedonist Sword God · C122
1 week ago

GreatWolf: Mc should take the twins as his personal maids

The Hedonist Sword God · C96
1 week ago

Henki: While going premium is fine and all, you should't have waited this long for Alex's graduation.
For 75 chapters he didn't even think of doing the act, and now you are going to change the mentality of the MC just to earn money? That's low man...

The Pleasure Lord · C75
1 week ago

Vanair: Thanks for the update.
Looking forward to seeing how you will progress the story from here onwards.
Don't care what anyone else says.
Am always here to support you for this work.
If you run out of ideas, you can always ask and we all can provide our own ideas.
Perhaps we might help you.

The Super Sex System · C82
3 weeks ago

Nucker: lol understand the author too. he got he's own difficulty too

Dual Cultivation · C224
3 weeks ago

Shin_XVI: You go Fing’er

Heavenly Jewel Change · C648
1 month ago
They have already said, since the beginning that if you’re completely dry of heavenly energy is hard to refill it, cause if u have some in you’re diantian u can use it to collect more, but if u dont then u have to collect it manually which is harder, is like a hibernating computer, and a computer u just turn off, which would start faster? View More

DefinitelyNotACat: I'm still confused about his saint and heavenly energy.
If the saint energy is just an addition to his regular energy, why does he suddenly need so long to regenerate his heavenly energy?
Did I miss something?
Previously he needed about 15 minutes to regenerate and now he needs several days to months, even with the upgrade in pure power isn't that a massive downgrade??

Heavenly Jewel Change · C594
1 month ago

Primal_2309: Thanos?

Heavenly Jewel Change · C539
1 month ago

Konaro: Wait.. I smell something...
its its... TOURNAMENT ARC!!!

Heavenly Jewel Change · C205
1 month ago

AkaiRyuugamine: Chinese Novels without Tournament and Auctions are incomplete...

Heavenly Jewel Change · C205
1 month ago

rogiebells: You want people to stand for themselves and you are spoon feeding them? How does that work?

Heavenly Jewel Change · C158
1 month ago

Nenomias: How dare you.. zhang shi is a good person who is very humble and always stays low key.. comparing this rascal to zhang shi is blasphemy to zhang shis great character.

Heavenly Jewel Change · C57
1 month ago

xxmarxx: we will never see sex? for when a threesome with Meg and Julie?

The Pleasure Lord · C59
1 month ago

vashurajput269: Meanwhile in some place
Olirich :- Basta*rd at least leave my mom alone

Author :- No
System :- *ding* Congratulations Olrich for being the greatest Cuck ever

Profane Prince of Domination · C277
1 month ago

TheHoblit: Gulistan has eyes but cannot see mnt. Tai! She has no chance lmao

Profane Prince of Domination · C274
1 month ago
Those , are the advanced ones, 5 chapter a day , 1 , normal, and the 4 advanced View More

Iandabug07: No more 4 advanced chapters on your website?

The Lust System · C114
1 month ago
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