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hunter123780: I liked the story and its characters, especially Bella and the hat. Your writing needs a bit of work because sometimes I get lost while reading or I dont know what you're trying to say.
Overall, I love this novel and I hope you continue writing more chapters!!

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago

himailsatish: Excellent concept 👌.well written till now not disturbing the main story plot .I hope Author continue s without dropping in middle like other novels.All the best

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago

Yash_09: Amzing harry potter fanfic with OC as the main character. The sbest thing abput this fanfic is the new types of magic explored and I'm hoping that the author will explore the potter world the same.

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago

Farjana_Nitu: I will give you full score coz I hope you will update more in the future. And PLS NO HAREM!!!!!!!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!! but overall I love the story so far. Keep going I hope unlike most fanfics with potential you will continue to update periodicly and go beyond at least 80 chapters coz its annoying when this good fanfics stop and are dropped halfway.

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago
It will be described in the next chapter. View More

blueDaoist: @Author
Is the MC going to take back Helga Hufflepuff 's cup?
Its still a magical artifact. Or are you on the route that it now corrupted?

Journey In Harry Potter World · C22
1 month ago
Reading Status: C17
Author: This is my first novel, obviously I'm rating it 5 stars. I hope you like this novel and enjoy it.
I need reviews and some suggestions. View More
Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago

Weirdo: Great story, hope you could do it well... Don't worry, it may not look like a lot of guy and girls reading your fiction in the comment section, but it's not.. There's thousand of people reading it, but they just didn't comment.. So, don't feel down... You still have a lot of fans waiting for new chapter!!!

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago

Han234: Great Harry Potter Fan-Fic , OC MC a Muggle born interesting to see the outcome of it.Enjoying reading the OPness or powerup's in the novel.

Journey In Harry Potter World
1 month ago
This chapter was currently the longest in length of all the chapters.
as the chapters increases the length also increases. View More

Billy_Corona: I feel like the chapters are getting shorter and the info dump on this sort of thing doesn't really help prevent that sentiment..

I'm close to dropping the story because there has been too little progress. I feel like it's standing still in time.

Journey In Harry Potter World · C7
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction
4 months ago
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