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ShrimpSama: Can i have all the forbidden knowledge ?
« Yes »

White-Robed Chief · C884
1 week ago

KellyD: You have no idea how wrong you are LOL

White-Robed Chief · C873
2 weeks ago

Ninelions: I feel like I've been waiting for this one page of story since the first chapter. Chuxue is seriously my favorite side character. Thank you.

Divine Brilliance · C478
1 month ago
Been looking forward to this face slapping View More
Divine Brilliance · C472
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
White-Robed Chief · C801
2 months ago

cherinova: looks like he's getting a lttle to comfortable here. He just used a legendary medical technique to heal these guys and then teleports around to them after they betray him. Isnt he undercover? thats incredibly reckless of him to do in enemy territory

White-Robed Chief · C785
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Divine Brilliance · C1
2 months ago

Silentlord: New month, my privilege expired. I need 10 days for a new chapter. Don't do drugs kid

White-Robed Chief · C748
3 months ago

7sins_Lord: Do Chinese authors not feel shame and disgust by their bad writing. How many time will people casually walk in to the prince resident and ask for so one's life or death to all the rest. I bet the reason we never seen most high officials like dukes and emperors is because they're hiding.

White-Robed Chief · C736
3 months ago
In China a lot of people have the same name. 20% have the last name of either li, wang, zhang. Maybe author ran out of names 😅 View More

cherinova: lets make an alias! im chu lingfeng!.......... why the **** would he use Chu in the fake name? sigh thats so dumb that it feels like the author realized it and tried to change direction with impersonating the tempest temple. so why didnt he just scrap the part about the name?

White-Robed Chief · C719
4 months ago
I do not think he is enlightened or whatever. The author or translator is using the same term “surpassing state” for their sect. I’m guessing it’s some word play that will be explained later. View More

7sins_Lord: I didn't say anything last chapter because it happened so abruptly, but where did they come from. The story claimed enlighten Master go into seclusion after breakthrough are they going to pop out of nowhere and become cabbage. I bet skyward palace has one.

White-Robed Chief · C657
5 months ago
Reading Status: C250
This is your typical face slapping story. If you don’t mind the flaws the it’s an okay read to pass the time. There is some racism from both the author and the Mc in the later chapters. It’s out of place since Mc is 10,000 years old and would have probably learned people being ****ty doesn’t have to do with race. Besides the face slapping there is constant new girls being added to harem which Mc has no interest in. Girl shows interest in Mc and he ignores her so she falls in love with him repeat every few arcs. Mc is kinda an asshole most of the time but never gets punished everything goes his way other than people he cares for getting hurt which lets him kill or rob rich people. Mc gets betrayed by his wife and close friends and he doesn’t realize it’s probably because his an asshole so he doesn’t change much. Mc considers himself part of the common people despite being billionaire and acting in same overbearing manner. He also cheats at gambling, once with a supposed friend who he swindled one billion, but would break someone’s hand if they did the same to him. View More
Returning from the Immortal World
7 months ago
Hehe yoink View More
White-Robed Chief · C568
8 months ago
Very scary to see Chinese propaganda promote the usage of nukes View More
I Found A Planet · C83
8 months ago
Face slapping never gets old View More
Divine Brilliance · C121
8 months ago

Monkeybro: So patents work on china now? thats new info for me

I Found A Planet · C76
8 months ago
The content has been deleted
I Found A Planet · C77
8 months ago

Unpoison: I am damn sure that rainbow crystal can also help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejacul**ion and similar problems. ......

Divine Beast Adventures · C162
9 months ago
I hope chu lie takes him to the cranes, let the little babies play with him till he suicides View More
White-Robed Chief · C535
9 months ago
A squad of idiots View More
White-Robed Chief · C511
9 months ago
Reading Status: C202
Overall I don’t mind reading this story but there are some very heavy flaws. The progress is very slow and sometimes the author forgets what to progress. The Mc was supposed to get a medical license a long time ago but the author has forgot. This story is actually a great way to learn about Chinese culture. There is a lot of minor details that really let you deepen your understanding of China. For example nearly every social interaction includes an invitation to lunch or dinner, not sure if that actual happens or the author is just using it as filler. My biggest dislike is the authors strange focus on big wealthy families. The author repeatedly claims the Mc he doesn’t care about fame, money or power yet most of the people he helps are the super rich. The Mc also tells people to not disclose his info but so far most of his super rich patients don’t care and tell others about him. They even coerced him into visiting the big city yet the Mc never seems to mind despite having a stubborn personality. Theres also a lot of ancient Chinese medicine worship despite the only reason it works so well is because of the op system water and tools. It’s mostly minor drama with some doctor stuff thrown in every now and then so don’t expect much. View More
Elixir Supplier
9 months ago

Anonymreader: ... lol... he is happy that his wife buys a few thousand dollars bag and remembers to buy him cheap clothes?

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C50
10 months ago

Old_Doctor: The four arts (四藝, siyi), or the four arts of the Chinese scholar, were the four main academic and artisticaccomplishments required of the ancient Chinese scholar-gentlemen. They are qin (琴, a seven-string instrument), qi (棋, the strategy game of Go), shu (書, Chinese calligraphy) and hua (畫, Chinese painting).


Great Doctor Ling Ran · C14
10 months ago
Good bye my SS once again View More
White-Robed Chief · C469
10 months ago

Lagarto: when my check in = two power stones 😭

White-Robed Chief · C460
10 months ago

SAA1188: Where the **** did this Su ru come from..??? They r charging SS but still making these error

White-Robed Chief · C453
11 months ago

LadyTass2001: When did Su Ru leave the faction and go to the imperial court?! I must have missed something

White-Robed Chief · C453
11 months ago
Haha great chapter View More
White-Robed Chief · C437
11 months ago

Ravana_Fiendgod: Isn't heavenly demon supposed to be stronger than Asura? He has such a mix match of many techniques... No progress in the duality scripture either!! What about the plan to get a spirit beast for second lady?? So many unanswered questions.. Only reason why I'm spending SS to read this!!

White-Robed Chief · C391
1 year ago

KingHeart: See this! I just gifted the story: Thumb Up 👍

White-Robed Chief · C391
1 year ago
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