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Original Works

  • Vampire Chronicles

    Vampire Chronicles

    Fantasy romance magic love Vampire 1700s

    *fast pace book* Nicole is a student at School looking for love in her when she comes across a handsome man named Charles. Nicole a bubbly person with a talent for singing. She finds ways to support her family by sneaking out in the middle of the night to perform for the poor vampires and humans that Live in the mainland. One day a mysterious man named that observes schools in the mainland. A thousand-year-old Vampire in a school were humans belong was no other than a death wish for the humans. Along which Jasper his servant and loyal dog gets Charles dirty work done. Having such distaste for humans he can barely even look at one but when Nicole came into the picture he started to develop feelings he never thought to have with one person. This brings him closer to her trying to Keep Nicole from knowing the truth about Charles real plan to get the throne and use Nicole for his advantage. Seeing that they had history together years ago Jasper tries to fight for her love before it's to late. Human and vampire cannot be in the same village nor due to a lack of trust in one another. Humans despised vampires; vampires despised humans. A Human and a vampire falls in love; will anyone will be safe.

  • Mister Sliver Fox

    Mister Sliver Fox


    Mary Price is a freshman in college majoring in illustration. She became fascinated with the legendary Sliver fox a rare creature only seen every thousands of years. Mary noticed a boy in Art class with Silver hair an Golden eyes, which made her ever more curious. Everything isn't what it seems to be.

  • Joanna And Lord Alonso

    Joanna And Lord Alonso

    Fantasy Romance

    Year 1218 A woman who falls in love with a man at a ball until things take a turn for the worst when war starts between kingdoms. Joanna & Lord Alonso(Preview) "My dear Joanna, there is no where to go you can't fight me here" Alonso stepped closer towards her as she took steps back holding the make shift blade in his her hands. "Why are you doing this! Why are following me everywhere I go! I don't understand milord. The way you look at me is frightening.."Joanna was hesitant seeing his dark red eyes look into hers. She feared that the lord would kill her for something so small. The stories she heard about him wasn't a good look for him but she was sure that he didn't care for anyones opinon about him except for her. "Everytime you try and run away from me it just makes me want to chase you even more. Your going to be all mine no man shall touch you but I my beautiful Joanna." Alonso gave her a smile that was filled with sanity. Joanna knew the lord was deranged but she didn't know what was in store for her next.


Saberswordguy: That my dude is quite a weird concept golly I tried I'm sorry I tried but I cant this is just not for me😞💨

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife
1 day ago

Maria_springs: Who is that person? The first thought comes to mind is a witch 🧐..
And Damien, it shows with the little things how much he actually love penny ☺️!
Thank you for the update author ash!

Young master Damien's pet · C82
2 days ago

MADsi: Even though the story is going slow and the romance part is not yet started. I'm still liking and enjoying it. There's something in each and every chapter which is making me want to read more...... Hmmmm😌.... What kind of spells are using author 🤔 not able to get over your books!!!

Young master Damien's pet · C80
3 days ago

Yuuchan: The magistrate disgusted me and at the same time satisfied that our Dami here did what he did. I'm loving the dark side of him that I have gone psychopath too (lmao). 😈
I am sorry about your mother, Penelope, I'm pretty sure Dami will take care of your mother's grave and you as well.

What also got me thinking (in theory)...I think Alex came to Bonelake and I remember reading from BAD that he has to deal the magistrate or something. I think that part coming soon where Alex and Dami might work together... uhhh idk I could be wrong. 🤷‍♀️ (gotta have to reread BAD again, it's been so long forgot where that chapter is).

Thank you for the updates, author-san!

Young master Damien's pet · C80
3 days ago

amayra12: Sometimes I wonder with Damien sadist tendencies how Penny is gonna fall in love with him .
Damien is an interesting character but if someone tells me to be near someone like Dami in reality ,I would run away in opposite direction ...
Penny really has great mental stability. 👍

Young master Damien's pet · C67
1 week ago

maricela2010: Awesome start

Vampire Chronicles · C5
1 week ago

Sarah_Elizabeth_2697: Good so far.

Vampire Chronicles · C2
1 week ago

ash_knight17: A big thank you for everyone for reading Leo and Vivi's story until the end ❤️. I won't miss them yet because I will be seeing them in the next books. If you are going to reread the book and find anyone who is reading out of order. Make sure to guide them. Even the ones who are behind, who haven't received the update and are waiting. Thank you again.

I hope to see all of you in the next book of the series.

~ ash_knight17

Bambi and the Duke · C275
3 weeks ago

sonyshreya: Everest why don't you have any feeling for Heidi like your master have???and why don't you try to bring back Heidi after seeing how lonely Nicholas was after her death??

Bambi and the Duke · C265
1 month ago

lengXo: 1. What is the backstory of Isabelle and Zachary ?
2. How many kids will Heidi & Nick have later ?
3. Author San , are you gonna write a new series featuring all the dukes and lord kids?
4. Can we have a all vampire x vampire story instead of vamp x human ? Don’t get me wrong but I think I wanna see a badass vampire female lead . 😂
5. Which couple from your books is favorite author San ?
6. I have a huge crush on maximillian 😪 let me have him please author San 🙏🏼😩
7. Maybe a vampire orgy in the future ? 😉🤣
8. Rhys and Max needs a story of their own
9. Let Everest have someone in his life too ☹️ poor boy

Bambi and the Duke · C265
1 month ago

saintwithashotgun: Tell them off!!!! It's your book so you have the right to stand up for yourself. Some people have no decency to think about others and what is going on in their life. They expect you to serve them a new chapter every minute like they deserve it, just because they like 'reading' and are 'supporting you'. Wish these kinds of people would stop to think and realise the world doesn't revolve around them!!!

Young master Damien's pet · C27
1 month ago

ashjos: Please don't get disheartened due to some people who don't care.. they actually don't get it.. keep up your spirits, keep writing.. I love all your books.. I really imagine how you are able to. One up with so many unique situations.. and characters.. and stories.. all the best

Young master Damien's pet · C27
1 month ago
I understand the author gave us a full rant of her feelings. Take your time and don't get yourself in a fuss for making us readers happy. We thank you for the wonderful books you have made ❤ View More
Young master Damien's pet · C27
1 month ago

Cana_Jury: It's off to a wonderful start. The creepy atmosphere is building up nicely and I always love a well written historical fiction. The summary speaks of many more interesting things to come, thanks for writing it, author!

Girl in the casket
1 month ago

Yuuchan: Aww Falcon...I'm sorry about your sister..😔
I'm glad that Damien helped him and took him as a butler into the family.

I see that Damien can be a bad sexy and dangerous man, but at the same time deep down he is willing to try help a person.

And yes, I VOLUNTEER to unbutton your shirt, Damien. I guess I'm not the only one who will do it aye?

So who's with me?? 👀🔥🙈🤣

Young master Damien's pet · C17
1 month ago

kiyang019x: If that was my last night with my man for a while, I wouldn't of spent the night sleeping or packing up my ****, I would've been riding him like a stallion.. Giddy-up baby 😄

Valerian Empire · C88
2 months ago

soccerathlete: Okay author, here comes some honest criticism. I can tell you are a young writer from what I've read so far. I like your storyline but you reaaaalllly need to find an editor. You have many irregularities with your facts throughout the story (sorry, I should have written them down. You would say one thing in one chapter but then another in a different chapter). I think you should add more details when you write in the future to create a better flow in the plot and get your grammar checked. If you're going to get people to pay spirit stones, then they should get a proper experience to go with it. But otherwise, it's an interesting story.

Valerian Empire · C0
2 months ago
The author went off 😓 I kinda figured this was going to happen in the story anyways but its just the fact that it dealt with so much emotion it almost brought me to tears. I have been following you since your wattpad days and I still enjoy your books. View More
Bambi and the Duke · C251
2 months ago
I almost wanted to cry bruh 😐 I had to hold back them tears View More
Bambi and the Duke · C250
2 months ago

Yuuchan: OK... OK...*sweating coming here for the last chapter not glancing or reading the paragraphs* 😖😂

I came here to comment for the last chapter because the BAD is now finally at the end of this novel.

Thank you, Author-san, for showing us the creation of your world and sharing the masterpiece that will makes us hunger for more chapters adding with a sauce and ketchup (mm yummy)🤣🤣.

It all started from wattpad that me and some readers came from there followed you because we know your books in the future will be the toppest rank in webnovel. Supporting you with love. ❤

With all your hard work, you inspired most of us to write, giving new motivation for ourselves to try. Even more when reading your novel series makes us learn, curious, thinking, and angst to these fictional characters over than our lives rn.🤣🤣👌🏻

So thank you with this brilliant journey, (No I did not read the BAD ending YET >.> I'm binge reading rn) and,

May our black vampire hearts be with you! 🧛‍♀️🖤

Bambi and the Duke · C250
2 months ago
Sad to see the boy beaten up by his brother in law. View More
Bambi and the Duke · C215
2 months ago

HH_BEOMGYU: o0f-- Vivi, the boy may be in pain right now but i know, we all know it will soon heal as time passes by... please we don't want you to exchange your lifespan for something significant but can still be changeableㅠㅠ his injuries physically can heal but his emotional wounds cannot, and it's also what your power cannot do.. so think wisely Vivi.. i am glad Leo seems to know her every move well, keep each other away from harm

Bambi and the Duke · C215
2 months ago

saintwithashotgun: Leo saw Sister Isabelle stop smiling for that moment like something is actually wrong... does that mean they both know now that Vivi's dreams might turn out real.... but they're both deciding not to tell her and just let her believe she's worrying for nothing...

Sister Isabelle has such a big role in this book but I can't get over how she's just probably not going to be able to meet Alexander at all!!!!!! If she says her tike is ending soon then Alex will just never know she's here and alive and it makes me SO upset! 😭

Bambi and the Duke · C207
2 months ago

sethu_123: Hi dear author, I bought the previlege because I feel you deserve it, your stories are worth it. You created a whole new world out of null. It's not similar to any fantasy novels or stories or movies we've ever come across. I appreciate and admire your talent and imagination. If you ever publish it as a book please let me know, I would like to get a copy of that book with your autograph in it. I'm definitely gonna support in all the possible ways. You are unique so does your stories. I wish I could meet you in person. You amaze me each and every time I read one of your novels. Even the novel you have dropped half way "the windblown" is beyond my expectations and I'm waiting for you to complete that novel as well. Thankyou .

Bambi and the Duke · C207
2 months ago

Himalee: This is a shock! What happened to Vivi all of sudden that was something different as she was wearing her gloves...? And I really hope this is really the Butler and sister isa and no switcher.. No time for drama for Leo now..

Bambi and the Duke · C188
3 months ago
Love thia story too much View More
Bambi and the Duke · C185
3 months ago
Wrong book 😂 View More

syedatahsira: What a story. I mean it has emotions pain feelings.. I just loved vivi and her imaginations.... she is just mind blowing..... I am in love with that character...

Vampire Chronicles
3 months ago

GoodrickOriginal: Jamien is killed off so easily. He was working with the black witch during the massacres and had some purpose for joining the council. But now no one would know except Vivian, Leo and the Lords about his involvement in all that, I kind of wanted him to be exposed by Vivian and then killed...

Bambi and the Duke · C180
3 months ago
Sorry but I'm confused View More

syedatahsira: This is wonder I need your assistance in order to contact partner "CDW" in order to know when will be the reported the invoice.

Thank you.

Vampire Chronicles
3 months ago

fudgeebar1973: I love the story but with the previleges thing, i think i will leave webnovel for now. It spoils the excitement. 😔😔😔

Bambi and the Duke · C169
4 months ago
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