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FictionOnlyReader: Post the Finals together, like the comment for your vote.

Rebirth in KurokoNoBasket · C32
9 hours ago

Kilaske: If they can watch MC to counter him, Couldn't MC do the same to lessen the time needed to analyze things? Also the effect of Kuroko is lessened because the MC is aware of him and doesn't underestimate him like others. Is there a possibility of MC entering The Zone during the match or that is still too far?

Rebirth in KurokoNoBasket · C23
1 week ago

Aniket_Sharma_7677: I just don't like the fact MC mopes around lazily . Ikr he searching for thing that has him excited but, Sirzechs is more like MC in this novel than og MC. And in my opinion he rather acts like childish toward Sirzechs and other anti-maou group , like he is supporting . And not to mention grayfia who suppose to fight Sirzechs during war , suppose to not know him ,but you already made her Sirzechs crush . AND AUTHOR PLEASE SELECT WHETHER SIRZECHS OR RAZEVAM WILL BE MC , AND I DONT LIKE THE FACT MC HAS NO LOVE INTEREST , IF GRAYFIA MARRIED SIRZECHS ATLEAST HE HAS SOME TO LOVE HIM ((((AND NOT LOLI LEVIATHAN)))).

Razevan Lucifer · C11
1 week ago

John_Smith_3101: Just write the damn book and ignore the keyboard warriors. Your going in a good direction and honestly I hope this can be one of the novels that actually have a end

A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C0
3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

SesshoMaru: you kidding me you got great power and in a wrold that make naruto world like childplay and you want to do what copy a childlike technique that make you like an idiot a springing sphere that is what rasengan is and it's damage is pitifull

The High Human · C8
1 month ago

SesshoMaru: this chap is info dump

also excalibur should be DxD version or this would be f*cked up

i mean it have multi abilities and those abilities each gone into a fragment of the 7 fragments in anime

The High Human · C8
1 month ago

Ankaham: Author please don't make the mc choose the path of naruto and dragon ball because a lot of fanfiction that makes the mc take the lineage of saiyan and also always make the mc have sharingan and make him a god is boring and repetitive so please don't that.

Highschool DXD: An Unexpected Situation · C4
1 month ago

Evil_For_the_WIN: When will these useless fights finish?

Dragon Ball - The True Legendary Super Saiyan · C145
1 month ago

achile: maybe MC will find a grandmother in this world?

Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C51
1 month ago

SnowXuanyin: Loki Familia is perfect for them, you could say Kisuke and Loki are a match made in Heaven.

Playing with other Supernaturals · C289
1 month ago

Adrianix1234: Im mad not because Jason died so easy, but because you literally wrote 4-6 chapters of Jason speaking or interactions with (false) medea to hate him, abd now you didn’t even torture him

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1457
1 month ago
Well you put it back in its place it get too arrogant View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1453
1 month ago
Am I the only one who thinks that MC is abusing Balmung too much? When can he create any sword he wants? View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C1000
2 months ago

kelpshake: Keep it short pls

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C54
2 months ago

fuzzy100: Seriously? Five years to get 2 levels for warrior and 1 the special class ? I understand you wanted to timeskip but why limit his growth so much?

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C49
2 months ago

An_Anime_Addict: Ah oc enemies again. I hate those oc enemies who are so low level that it should be impossible for them to get information about the mc and so immature and somehow still more op than the mc. Basically the part where fanfic authors **** up....

The Creed of An Avenger (an EER Fanfic) · C102
2 months ago

watashiwavdesu: If you don't want Lili in the harem, then like this comment.

I want to see the truth.

A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C46
2 months ago

kelpshake: Story is good , you can hate on me all you want but I just hate plots like this.

Looks like you also plan on having op kol not figure out his wife’s body is possessed. Sorry but I just really don’t like these type of plots so imma just stop reading until this whole bs is over

Kol Mikaelson - Journey To The Multiverse. · C14
2 months ago

REDLAW: Frankly I didn't really like this chapter. Nor do I like the new shishou personality. Basically it's another person with the same body. This turn of events is really bitter for me. I would have rather liked that she die with a bang.
I hope next chapter will give us a deeper explanation of what's happening. But still not liking it

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1402
2 months ago

LTG: The content has been deleted

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C319
2 months ago

kelpshake: Please don’t make them have Sparda make a “deal” with them for staying there to help the devils. Would be very annoying

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C39
3 months ago

jeanpierregerardo: autor , Shinma Mao no testament, it's good, people will like it.
It would be a good story, more with the plot it has.
I hope you consider it as one of the novels you write, because you have good ideas, that would fit with that world, you could get everything.

Dragon Ga Kill · C4
3 months ago

Ryofu: Thanks for the chapter.
I was really interested in the development of the story, but the thing about him having to absorb the donor is a let down ...
Will wait a few chapters to see where it is going, but it seems far less interesting now.

Bio Droid · C5
4 months ago

limiyou: Did u just give nero a debuff really 🙁

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C27
4 months ago

Agracia: Damn i don't even read it

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C856
4 months ago

Malcolm_Massey: The price for ***** human was 2DP per hour last chapter. If the MC keeps acting the way he has been he will end up dead the first time he fights a female.

Dungeon System in DXD · C0
4 months ago

Over_bored: You can make it that when he reaches the spirit sage rank ....all his personalities will be gathered in one place and be connected into a dot , which will become the place where their composite/amalagamation soul is birthed

Just like the split movie , each personality can affect how the main one performs , and can take the main seat temporarily , until he truly unites all his personalities as one , creating his divine soul ......

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C93
4 months ago

Younes59: Brynhildr

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C135
4 months ago
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