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Bae: Why the name so ugly, haizz

The Great Worm Lich · C395
1 day ago
NOOOOOO Turaru not you ;_: View More
The Great Worm Lich · C392
1 day ago
Haaaa... Guess there will come more trouble for the mc again :-/ View More
The Great Worm Lich · C389
3 days ago

Jack_N_Mikhail: But prefer this novel because of its fantasy elements. Im not really a fan of novels like Im a Superstar which are set in our "boring & normal" world XD

Throne of Magical Arcana · C50
5 days ago

Kitty: "In the old days we had a bunch of scary things. Rats, cynocephaluses, goblins, gnolls..."
"Are they edible?"
Spoken like a true-blue Chinese 😂😂😂

Throne of Magical Arcana · C17
6 days ago

DaoXiao: Sir, I believe you are reading the wrong genre here. The story would end, here and now. A proper fighting scene between untrained-doesn't-know-what-world-he's-in mc and well trained-fueled-by-demonic-power-semi-knight realistically ends with mc dead.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C6
1 week ago

wolven: Too old to be taught? LOL I think what he really means is he's to old to be brainwashed as a child so he has a chance to recover/rebel once he gains power

Throne of Magical Arcana · C4
1 week ago

EXPLOSIONGOD: Lol I hope this main character turns evil like Leylin he's my favorite main character

Throne of Magical Arcana · C3
1 week ago
Kkkk this fanfic is awesome View More
Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria · C83
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter, keep it up 😁👍 View More
The Great Worm Lich · C379
1 week ago

SolitaryDemon: "If you don't kneel I might accidentally massacre your entire group" is what he should be saying

The Great Worm Lich · C377
1 week ago

Bibon: Yea I think it was the fame seekers that really got him annoyed. Along with the self centered ones.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C131
1 week ago

Daijena: I'd also add in fame, Stain was somewhat bothered about the money, but if I remember correctly it was the fame seeking heroes, like Mountain lady (or whatever her name was, sry can't remember) or the heroes who refused to give it their all. Like how the heroes waited for a appropriate quirk to appear instead of trying to help Bakugo with the slime guy in the first episode/manga. Additionally heroes in BNHA have working hours, after that most won't help people anymore. So yeah, Stain doesn't thinks the money is the only issue.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C131
1 week ago

Utlagatus: Poor Alice... I don't even mind harem-like stuff, just stahp giving her a cold-shoulder, please.

(Not really. )

Assassin's Chronicle · C517
1 week ago

Keenna: Thank god she died

Assassin's Chronicle · C515
1 week ago

faimherb: Golman is such a hypocrite said he didnt want his students to kill each other but here he is helping Scarlet kill Baery

Assassin's Chronicle · C508
1 week ago

iWizard: He finally snapped. This sect has thoroughly awoken his Chinese mentality. Right now, he's only calling other people "ants" and I expect this will soon 'evolve' into "Courting death!" and then after 300-400 chapters it would probably reach its final most infamous form of "Impudence! I, your grandfather, Zhang..."

The Great Worm Lich · C370
1 week ago
What the F*KING HEll Man SH*T View More
Assassin's Chronicle · C480
1 week ago

Java_Dream: Finally an assasin act and not a paladin act

Assassin's Chronicle · C478
1 week ago

Zanac: Just "save" her already. No need for pretense

Assassin's Chronicle · C473
1 week ago

Jollysadness: Son of a *****, I like Alice

Assassin's Chronicle · C471
1 week ago

Magic: Time to become a god 😎

The Great Worm Lich · C362
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: Lol they must have been really desperate against the Tao and other riotous sects.

The Great Worm Lich · C361
2 weeks ago
I can't wait 😫😫 View More
The Great Worm Lich · C358
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: Oh idiots throwing themselves into LS Slaughter house LOL.

The Great Worm Lich · C358
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: Wow! Been a while since brutal murder Lisheng showed up lol.

The Great Worm Lich · C357
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: Why is Mountain Worm such a heart breaker now? Lmao. Did that girl directly give up because he's so accomplished? I still remember Lingshen tell Tina his plans for a Chinese Honey to bear his children lmao. I honestly thought he'd be fucking this girl in a chapter or two LOL.

The Great Worm Lich · C356
2 weeks ago
Buahahahaha the king is BACK!!😈😈😈😈 View More
The Great Worm Lich · C352
2 weeks ago

shelwyn: Gotto show domineering bug murder to these pleb villagers or they'll forget the ancient teaching of fear the strong and bully the weak.

The Great Worm Lich · C352
2 weeks ago

Cangkun: Say.. It's just me or MC trying to create Area 51?

Weltkrieg: a youjo senki fic · C18
2 weeks ago
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