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Original Works

  • Imperial Thrones [ In work]

    Imperial Thrones [ In work]


    * I don't own any Anime terms or reference that is seen in the story *

  • [ Dropped]

    [ Dropped]


  • The Mutants

    The Mutants


    *I don't own marvel* I just doing this for fun.

  • Denom



    * I don't own the marvel universe Marvel characters and abilities or the pic above*

  • Red feathers

    Red feathers



  • Dio



    In the Marvel world with waifu. *I don't anything from either marvel or DC universe or the pic above.* Chapters will be post at random. Note to self alot of self made villain will appear to better rival the Op MC

  • Three Sealed eyes.

    Three Sealed eyes.

    Martial Arts

    With the death in the ice void Tilan soul manage to merge with a young boy in the lower Realm.Read as Tilan increase his strength back to and beyond his previous level and take his revenge on the ten great gods that force him to his death.

  • The Adusja King

    The Adusja King


    Death servant made a mistake and kill someone.Death decide to reincarnate that person in a world as an extinct race name Adusja. Read as this person shake this world. * Yawn Yawn. The update will be slow. So I advise to read in a bunch.I just want your advise if it good or not. I'm trying to improve*

  • Twin Sins

    Twin Sins


    * I don't own seven deadly sins* The release time will be slow.

  • Ultimate Summoning System

    Ultimate Summoning System

    Anime & Comics

    [In progress]

  • M-Justice



    I don't own anything from marvel and DC. *Note to self I am just throwing out some novel. If it is good I might continue if not Memh. Simple delete it *

  • True Vampire in Teen Wolf

    True Vampire in Teen Wolf



    I* own neither Teen Wolf or Hellsing Characters or a thing related to them.* With the general power of Alucard and a few extra Alex was sent into Teen Wolf as Scott Brother Alex McCall. There he will find out how different the real teen Wolf world is than the TV series. He will solve mystery he already knew and some he doesn't and enjoy his immortality with his friends and underlings. *Don't own the picture above either*

  • Collection of Unfinished Books

    Collection of Unfinished Books


    It just unfinished books that I am not going back to. Felt bad deleting them so if you want to read, be my guess.

  • New King of DxD

    New King of DxD

    Anime & Comics

    A youth named Iyzai Yuki was transmigrated within the body of a similar named youth in highschool DxD with four wish. One downside. This wasn't the highschool DxD he knew. They might seem to be similar character and similar plot but things are different than what it seem. It an extremely perverted childhood friend, a emotionless angel, a Tom boyish knight and a mature beauty vampiric maid read as Iyzai survive as the supreme king within this new world. * This is an fanfiction and all related character, anime, idea except the one I myself created is not own by me* * This if my first time writing a Highschool DxD fanfic and I am sure it won't be good but Oh well I felt like it* Tags: Harem, Other Transmigrator, Op Mc, Fast growth, Romance, Comedy * Lemons or sex scenes what ever you call it I am an amateur. If I write any it would be small and short*


Will asked if you could take Rias as member. If not atleast don't bad mouth her character like other fanfic. It is literal a turn off.

Great novel so far View More
DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C35
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C106
Excellent story. I nice blend of some anime as well as a serious Mc that know what to do.
Up you continue.
🐅🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎇🎆🎊🎉🎉🎊🎆 View More
Limitless Human
2 weeks ago

ZEROtheHERO2603: Most of the time maybe but it depends mostly on the author. Most harem story are so rushed and doesn’t focus on the interactions much but I’d like to think there’s a couple story that do it in a good way. Two good examples, at least in my opinion, are Dragonborn Saga and Neet who received a dating sim.

New King of DxD · C0
1 month ago
Great story so far View More
DXD: The Dark King · C3
2 months ago

Raze_: Yep, I absolutely hate rapists, in fact, to me rapists are worse than murderers, and no punishment is too cruel to inflict on a rapist.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C33
2 months ago

Alfan_ricuh: Lin this case maybe 7 out of 10, in broad outline this is a good story and I personally don't mind mc that is too op but in terms of the story there are too fast because from the beginning to the end. the story feels too much about family while very few describe the categories to be achieved such as naruto dan fic are only the beginning and the name is so memorable this is just a coincidence

******DELETE*** · C0
2 months ago

Ryuu23: To be honest, the story of his sons rioters is already starting to bore me.

******DELETE*** · C0
2 months ago
Reading Status: C11
GREAT STORY!! It had been a really interesting 11 chapter. I guess a different take on the Harry Potter book than I have seen before and I am liking it. I hope you continue. View More
Harry Potter, Sovereign
3 months ago

RJB_1002: Loki x hela... Both put in thors shadow by odin.

Marvel: Loki · C4
3 months ago

Joshuajabs: Small harem would be perfect, hela and sif would be great. Try to get Loki to curve helas crazy tendencies down a little but other than that she is a badass

Marvel: Loki · C4
3 months ago

Shady41: I vote for a slow small harem. I love a good step by step harem build up unlike those novels or fanfics where they are already going at it like rabbits

Marvel: Loki · C4
3 months ago
Just intrigued View More

Soulcrystal: Hmm, I guess it is Hiatus for a while now. Why you ask?

Game Of Thrones: Fireborn Overlord · C1
6 months ago
Author, questions. Do you plan to continue this novel View More

Soulcrystal: It looks like you did skip more than just "overlord system" or you would know your question is dumb.

Game Of Thrones: Fireborn Overlord · C1
6 months ago
What you had in plan did seem interesting but telling us now that you plan to kill our Mc was just asking for the knife.

You could basically just finished the book and make Arth die somewhere your readers doesn't see and then begin his next life. View More

CrossArk: I will deciee

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
6 months ago

Givmetehmony: my brothers, this is a call to all the scarths of the world !!!, the cross-***** wants to take away our happy end at the end of the story of scarth, changing the world and erasing memory to arth, we have to unite and show that the meet you again. It's time to call the legion !!!! . We are legios. we are one . scarth forever !!!

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
6 months ago
Please by all mean you can criticize my writing. I know I have a problem with creating suitable interaction and I'm trying to make it better. View More

Saneklinez: Its not like im ranting and picking at flaws im genuinely trying to provide constructive criticism to improve the author and his story. The interactions are bad unless mc has some mental disorder that makes emotional interaction hard. I mean he is totally dis associated with people to the point he thinks nothing of faking his death. Also its chapter 65 its well into the story so not soon by any stretch. Flow of events are actually not bad and i look forward too original events

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C67
6 months ago
I will take that into consideration. Im trying to improve the importance of most of my character as I continue. View More

Saneklinez: Thanks for the chapters
Ways to make story better
1.kill erica she is pointless and forgetable and unfixable
2. Make other characters less pointless and forgetable like styles for example
3. Create fleshed out interactions between other characters and mc instead of having mc seem bored at the forgetable and pointless characters

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C67
6 months ago
I been really wondering. First of all who is he supposed to share is power with.

Who else.

I believe Erica is his friend. View More

swordyabyss: ugh I hate when MC Is sharing his power with others
erica doesnt even love him and he turned her and give her the power of true vampire
that's dumb

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C63
6 months ago

FlamingSwordGod: Yup. I was kinda hoping for something more dramatic haha

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C92
7 months ago

FuriousDragonFist: That...was rather anticlimactic

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C92
7 months ago
Tell me this. you been a normal human your entire life and you have a chance to change it. He watch Hellsing and thought being Alucard is going to give him a big edge .having the bloodline will not make him give up in his humanity. Plus he is weak.
So what. He will be able to kill alot of people sooner or later plus he is basically a true immortal.
The only life he really have to care about is the people around him. View More

neymar: The MC is so weak when he has alucard bloodline. And does he realise that he isn't human anymore, like he made the wish to become a vampire and not just any vampire he chose alucard bloodline and he is still so weak and he still refuses to let go of his humanity. Like if he wanted to still be human he could have just wished to become a powerful witch. and can't girls. WTF

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C50
7 months ago

PwaroPwaro: thanks for the chapter :)

dumb question but.. what happened to Selena?

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C46
7 months ago
I'm totally sorry if you don't like it. I do believe in real life a harem is not realistic but meh. The very first light novel I read was harem and most of them since then was harem. I do agreed it could destroy the story but meh again. I'm interesting how to make a realistic harem that the other girls don't randomly accept their guy being with other girls. Plus Alex need to understand he can't treat this exactly like an game. View More

crazyspecter: It is very lame talking about making an harem realistic, honestly they are two things that didn't mesh together xd you could have said that you changed your mind about Erica :because the story was leading to her crushing and falling in love with Alex, her being lesbian is something that it appeared out of nowhere with the bull**** phrase about her perking up while seeing female stars infact at this point I hope she won't be paired with Alex if you plan to allow that after maybe she had s** with another man or she tried a relationship with a woman and suddenly discovering she isn't a lesbian. Also your story would be good with a single pairing too, so while I like harem stories I hope you won't go the route of giving Alex multiple girls and then have the girls create a se*ual/romantic relationship with each other that is stronger or as strong as the one that they have with the Mc: Something like that I think make the harem redundant. nevertheless you are the author so you can do whatever you want

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C47
7 months ago
I don't understand the last part but I'm not saying the first part is wrong. It not exactly on a whim but to help to progress Alex relationship for later time. View More

Haise99: I think the author writes this on whim,, that's why he confessed who the female lead will be,, 😏😏

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C46
8 months ago
🤷. If I portray it like that my bad. He is basically her first friend at school. Plus you have to understand how mess up I try make her.🤷 View More

ZackN: Didn’t Erica used to like him though, that’s were I am confused. If I’m not mistaken earlier on in this story Erica didn’t want to be with him because she was worried about her looks, however she still liked the mc a lot and just thought she wasn’t good enough. Yet now she doesn’t like him and instead friend zoned him and became a lesbian, to me that isn’t a twist but just a major plot change.( not trying to be a prick but I’m genuinely confused)

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C46
8 months ago
🤷 Dude I said from the start she was a love interest. Im pretty sure I did. So what if she have weird preference at the moment. View More

ZackN: Im lost, you set it up so that the mc ends up with Erica and now you say that Erica is a lesbian🤔

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C46
8 months ago

Thoth0: Wait a second. . . YOu have time to borrow someone elses phone to post this but not have time to post a chapter? Dam I knew I sharpened my pitchfork for a reason, this is obviously CrossArk having his priorities wrong again.

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
8 months ago
I feel he waste his youth. To be honest he had motivation after finding himself within an anime.

You yourself know it a place that you might be killed if your not strong enough yet he was satisfied for mediocrity.

I'm trying to keep an open mind that he will change or atleast.. something View More
Quicksword Bob · C7
8 months ago
Thanks but I watch all of that already. The thing that even made me want to look back was a simple glimpse of twilight. View More

vincentcloud: Also if you want to get into a vampire mood watch Hellsing abridged

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C41
8 months ago
I am lost. First you don't know who he is yet, still you try to put him in trouble.
He could be
- a relative to the lecturer
- a son of a powerful person
- ridiculously rich guy

No these dickhead by pass all those simple possibility and seem to want to make trouble with him. View More
Invincible Kungfu Healer · C16
8 months ago
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