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Nine Heavens "Immor(t?)al SPRING" View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1918
1 month ago
Got orgasm when eating(while f*cking) View More
I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18) · C36
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18) · C36
2 months ago
Glad to have you back. View More
The God Virus · C247
2 months ago
Long Life commentator for saving my SS View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1895
2 months ago
Dude,You really F*cked up this chapter View More

MasterZ: This whole arc reminds me of when I tried to camp out in my backyard and survive on my own. I was inside within an hour and devouring a sandwich lol

I’m Really a Superstar · C1673
2 months ago
ZT join the party only women left View More

asumaru: extravagant orgy, hmm

Castle of Black Iron · C1887
2 months ago
thanks for the explanation.
But i think john's feeling to amara is like brother toward sister when john talk to amara's father about amara interest to MC View More

MadReader: Hey!
No, he's not interested in those stuff... but he seems to have a soft spot(a different kind of place?) for Amara... remember, they had meatbun together, and he happened to fall in love with meatbun(did he love the meatbun just because of its taste or was it because it had some other kind of meaning for him? Some that was just between the two of them)... she was drunk that night, he princess carried her...

It's was already very obvious that he cares deeply about her. But just that he never showed them. Since he's usually cold in his personality.

The God Virus · C238
2 months ago
Hmm... I thought john just interested on his job and never have any interest on romantic stuff from previous chapter. View More
The God Virus · C238
2 months ago
I have same feeling with the host View More
The God Virus · C237
2 months ago
2 women but still virgin View More
The Pleasure Lord · C67
2 months ago
Amara gal have unrequited and i know how it feel
Ella gal just sulking for awhile so it safe View More
The God Virus · C236
2 months ago
Story about corpse.

SKIP! View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1885
2 months ago
Really Dude? you sure do have a heavy taste. View More

Darkdelusion: When will he Fuck Amalia🤔

Profane Prince of Domination · C272
3 months ago
It's bald View More

Maks: so man became strong + bold,
woman become strong + flat??

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C587
3 months ago
Greyson magical beast ? VITAS vlvlvlvl ha'a'a~ View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C13
5 months ago
10YO Claude is Lolicon Transmigrator 🤔 View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C9
5 months ago
"I am a Cat of my word" View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C6
5 months ago
Well,seem's like Ricardo Milos still not attacked yet. View More
NoGift · C35
5 months ago
Seems like a monkey holding a machine gun. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C327
5 months ago
Make sense Only unique bloodline got snatched while Zheng Yang get order to look for more pokemon View More

Opalflower: He better get back to his fiance whoever it is must be going after the codex

Library of Heaven's Path · C1572
6 months ago
Liu Yang use fist move not palm. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1572
6 months ago
Liu Yang become One Punch Man View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1557
6 months ago
Zeus - Kratos GoW2 View More

EnourmousLetters: God is helping the Sky-Sea Realm because they are the only ones too stupid to ask the question "Why are you helping me?"
He'll kill them too afterward, but not before they kill the humans and demons.

Release That Witch · C1427
6 months ago
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