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Original Works

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  • Era of Chaos

    Era of Chaos


    Zhou Fang was always alone, nobody wanted to go near him even his parents abandoned him. He lived his life quite smoothly even though nobody wanted to get near him. One day, after buying groceries he died due a truck that collided with him. He thought he died, but when he opened his eyes the world changed. (The cover is just from internet, if the owner wants me to take it down, I will)

  • The lazy Life of the Creator

    The lazy Life of the Creator

    Eastern Fantasy System OP MC Creator Lazy MC


    Adam lived a boring yet a peaceful life. He worked like most people did and just sat at home watching anime, reading novels and manga's. It continued for his entire life and his last wish was eternal sleep. Why? Because he was lazy, he only did things that was deemed nessecary in order to live. Sleeping was one of his best 'hobby's'. And what was said was given but with a twist. Unexpectedly when he was expecting eternal darkness he instead was given a flat beautiful terrain where unknown but beautiful flowers bloomed. ''Whatever, let me sleep'' Is what he thought even ignoring some sort transparent panel before him. (Writes this novel absolutely for fun and release speed is completely random. It can go from each day to each year) (Oh, and cover is found on pinterest and isn't mine)

  • Scythe Dinosaur in Connected Worlds

    Scythe Dinosaur in Connected Worlds

    Fantasy System Dinosaur Therizinosaurus

    Felix reincarnated into a dinosaur that he chosen through his dream. A world where he is reborn was full of dangerous creatures and yet something interesting happened. Two worlds connected to the world where he was reborn. One of the two had the same technology advancement as his previous world and the other one was full of mana! Magic and Sience! And that is not all as apparently some people called 'gamers' appeared on both worlds saying ''I can't log out!'' Everywhere! A world full of monsters, an advanced civilizations, 'gamers' with huge potential for battle and a world full of magic. Will Felix stand at the top of the foodchain? Can Felix kill his way through the bloodbath he will experience? (Of course the cover is from pinterest and not drawn by me)

  • Our Thoughts, Is Your Death

    Our Thoughts, Is Your Death

    Fantasy System Overpowered MC Overpowered Female Lead Little Sister Cruel MC Cruel Female Lead

    In a world where mankind traveled through the stars with supernatural powers awakened through an unknown energy, Kaito Sato and Hikari Sato stood at the apex. No matter who attacked them, they met death in less than a second. No matter how much fatal attacks they took, they won't die. ... One day, a powerful suction force appeared throughout the universe sucking every race and humanity to Earth. Strange things began to happen to mankind's mother planet as it began to grow bigger by millions of times the original size. New unknown energies appeared, new unknown strong creatures, new unexplored lands and many oppertunities. Yet despite that, Kaito and Hikari still stood at the top. Why? Because.... They are who decides death. (Cover is not mine, from pinterest and I couldn't find a better one)

  • Evolution Flower

    Evolution Flower

    Fantasy System Gender Bender Sword and Magic Weak to Strong Non-Humanoid-MC

    Ace was just sleeping in class like every ordinary day. While in his sleep his whole class suddenly teleported to an another world full of magic and dangers! As Ace woke up he found out that he wasn't in his class, he felt weird around his feet area and his chest felt abnormally heavy. (Cover is not mine, from pinterest. I couldn't really find a better one so I just picked randomly a plant out)


Kyoang: I don't even need a skill for people to be annoyed. If I am just there, they would already feel annoyed.

Even santa felt so annoyed of my presence that he gave me a present with nothing in it.

I at least got some wrapping paper...

The First Order · C71
1 hour ago
I don't even need a skill for people to be annoyed. If I am just there, they would already feel annoyed.

Even santa felt so annoyed of my presence that he gave me a present with nothing in it.

I at least got some wrapping paper... View More
The First Order · C71
4 hours ago
Actually even if I had a very cute great grandma or a girlfriend that spend 100k dollars on video games I would literally puke blood.

I already feel hurt if I spend 1 dollar, so I would die if I see that someone close to me spend 100k+ dollars on games. View More

Cat_on_the_floor: They are just so cute.

(Damn it, please! My dark heart! Please don't ship them! It's forbidden! Aaaaah! Nooo!)

(I could almost relate to the mc... Like the feeling of your money being spent on games. Damn it hurts. Especially if you could not even use it.)

So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C14
1 day ago
Actually, although a cockroach has a lot of vitality, it ain't that much to be honest compared to a human.

Though they have resistances against a lot of things, they still die from a slipper.

Yeah, cockroach vitality isn't a great skill, if it was some resistance or instincts, it might be a bit better. View More

A_FAT_MAD_CHICK: What can we do about it? It's a Lui Bu...

(I just realized, If the mc copied a skill from him, probably our MC will get a skill called "Cockroach's Vitality.")

The First Order · C68
2 days ago

A_FAT_MAD_CHICK: What can we do about it? It's a Lui Bu...

(I just realized, If the mc copied a skill from him, probably our MC will get a skill called "Cockroach's Vitality.")

The First Order · C68
2 days ago
Idk man, it is confusing as **** but also quite logical? Cause the plot-armor only protects the mc's life right now and not his fortune so........... I guess? View More
Ninth In the World · C95
3 days ago
In the void..... Slowly coming out of the darkness...

Estimated time of arrival: Tomorrow

Reason: Because it says 7 chapters each week.

Opinions: Stupid, we want more! The chapters are already getting shorter maybe and theres only flace slapping now. View More

SkyAzeroth: Where's the other chapter?

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C87
3 days ago
Dude, even in a roast reply your answer is 10000x better than me who is trying to speak/write formally.... View More

BAJJ: I am sorry, but I am unable to extrapolate further data from your reply. You, my sir/ma'am had vocalized that you didn't psychologically desire the way I jot down my words. However, for this has been the way that I, myself has as my own writing style. Allow me to express my deep and sincere apologies, for I am unable to consent to your request.

The Rise of the White Lotus · C10
3 days ago
No then you just wasted one wish and youll be sleeping, congratz.... If you' re strong while sleeping then you can dream in your sleep of eating some shokugeki no souma dishes. Or you can choose a ring that drastically increases your cooking skills + the magical beasts meat and magical plants, you could even make some MORE delicious than the actual dish.... Ty sir, now I am hungry View More

Stephen16: Cant you ask to be god of sleeping or smth and just go eat in shokugeki sometimes???

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C2
3 days ago
The dao of harem, one of the most difficult dao to learn.

When you say you mastered the dao of harem, you will already know you failed.

It's not about having beautiful girls in your harem, it's about if you love the girls in your harem.

You don't seek more, but you will go with the flow and you' ll see if your harem expand with true love.

Be it humans, animals, demi-humans or demons, as long you love it with all your heart, it will expand your knowledge about the dao.

Surely the other party needs to love you with all their heart back to actually increase your dao knowledge and experience.

You say you love them all equal? That's no harem anymore as any being knows that there is favoritisme, once you think you love them equally, you already failed the dao of harem.

Desires in harem, theres only two. Greed and love. But those are the main ones, there might be more but due my lack of knowledge, I couldn't thought of more.

Gender also doesn't matter in harems, as I say, as long you love them and they love you back, your dao cultivation gets stronger any second.


Though I hate harems, they just ruin many potential and great novels. Just ruined. View More

Earthshaker34: Gentleman? the one who keeps lovers in the dark? that's no dao of harem! that's dao of *****ery! how dare you defile dao of harem!

Divine Emperor of Death · C18
3 days ago
DROPPED, just a petty reason: harem...

I don' care what you say, it's dropped.

Serieusly, this ain't be good with harem and all. I just don't like it.

In my whole novel reading carrier, I only enjoyed 2 harem novels. (3 years of reading novels)

But those 2 were exceptional good written. But, not I think I will read 10 more chapters-ish?

Besides I hate the mc's personality, it's ****. View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C18
3 days ago

Ekon: This chapter wasn’t my taste, it could have be better if they didn’t asked if mc remember his previous life. It feel weird as ****. I don’t like the feeling.

Divine Emperor of Death · C7
3 days ago
Sometimes I hate when some mcs start to worry about their guilt.

Who cares about the child who died? It's not like you could chose your body. It's just the child's bad luck.

Worry about yourself first, jesus christ. You woke up in a 3-year old boy in an unknown world.... The first thing you do is worrying about your guilt! NICE, first you need to worry about actually living although he is safe for now.... View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C6
3 days ago
I want to get angry at the translator for not holding up the 2 chapters a day but I can't...

He's such a great guy (Legge) and he has his own life.... Maybe he's sick.

Welp, I'm just greedy. `

So...... Legge.. How are you doing? good?... Oh nice! How about giving us 10 chapters a day from now on? Good deal? good deal. View More
The First Order · C62
4 days ago
Reading Status: C86
Too many flace slaps, too unlogical if you think of divine dragons and the pace where the story is growing is too damn freaking slow.

Translation Quality: 5 stars
Stability of updates: 5 stars (1 Chapter a day- Sucks)
Story development: 2 stars (Like 60 chapters are build for face slapping)
World Background: 3 stars (Not much is known about other cities or the ocean + the other stages of cultivation, ect.)

When the mc levels up his strength obviously increases but the increase is very minimal if you consider that he's one of the strongest dragon species.

Also each chapter he becomes drastically arrogant but I think it is appropiate considering his past but still, a bit too much.

Story initial part is about the same as 'I can into a fish' but with a different manner.

Well, if I say how to judge this novel in a scale from 1 to 10 then I would say a 5 just because I like these types of novels but otherwise it would be a 3 - 4.

If you ever thought on to read this then I say, give it a try but this novel cost like 7 - 9 SS to unlock chapters early that also degrades the novel.

The SS aren't worth this novel but just give it a try until you need to pay. View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
4 days ago
Well, tbh, some mcs does have the right to be arrogant and self-conceited.

For example this one, because he was poor and his parents died early so that he needs to work everyday very hard to support himself and his sister.

And then he got his *best friend* stolen because she just looked at someone very rich he became angry.

And thus he got strong and could do everything, so why not break a few cars? Life was already unfair to him...

Though I am a bit sick of the face slaps and 1 ch a day. I even think that the chapters are getting shorter View More

Mute: What the **** is wrong with the MC, sure be annoyed that the car you wanted was being sold to someone else, but resorting to such insane measures is disgusting.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C86
4 days ago
"So you're good at it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I know maybe why. View More

AwakenedKingdoms: Yep, s*x and harems are okay if they're done well, but I find they're few and far between, that and I have no interest in writing either at the moment, although I'm apparently good at it, lol

Slime and Punishment · C1
4 days ago
Well, people aren't like disagreeing you with that, they also don't it's wrong but I don't think they thought on how you thought of it.

Imagine a woman with four men, pretty easy right? Nothing wrong with it.

Now then imagine when they are going to have sex. Now that is where people are like ''Uhm...... Nah?.... I don't want that?..'' Sort of like that.

They (Most of the people) aren't disagreeing with that a woman can't have multiple men as husbands but they just disagree because what I just wrote (Most likely). View More

Roronoajinx: Not gonna lie, I dig the freedom this expresses... like most people might get caught up in the fact that’s shes a woman with four men; but ask yourselves..if it was a man wouldn’t it be socially acceptable for him to have multiple concubines in this era? What’s wrong with a woman who was so suppressed in her past life till the point of dying a pitiful lonely death... what’s wrong with her embracing her newly found freedom and good health! Going from not having any options; in every aspect of living ..let alone having the strength to even be with a man, is something she didn’t have before... In my opinion not having any options is completely different from having the option and not partaking in a opportunity! I feel like it makes a huge difference in a persons outlook in life. So yeah I’m rooting for her, she may be in a polyamorous relationship but isn’t she happy and unrestrained... I feel like that’s what’s really important in this setting.

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife
5 days ago
Well.............. There are several stories where the mc is the system but those are a little bland and already dropped. Though I can imagine why because if the mc is the system there aren't a lot to write about it. View More

Zapotec: Amazing !!!! We all have read stories about the MC having a system by have you read one where the MC is the system? I THINK NOT!!! This is an amazing story filled with humor and a sense of satisfaction that you can only get from a great novel. So READ THIS AMAZING NOVEL!!!

Reincarnated as a system?!
5 days ago
Yang xiaojin is one of the best heroines I have read in novels. She doesn't care about the mc and only uses him as safety and acts rationally not like a fool with falls in love with mc at first sight syndrome.

She is also smart as she 'gifts' a gun for mc use because he is more valuable and much more reliable.

Of course the mc self is the one of kind mcs. If you have thoughts about dropping this novel then sir, there is something wrong with you View More
The First Order · C61
6 days ago
Well, it mostly can be just some commonly used insult or because the character just leads it to the word trash while it could be some other word but I highly doubt that. View More

kolarthecool: Is thrash some sort of insult in China? Or is the translator just an idiot.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C82
1 week ago
First order is funny and good if you like apocalypse novels (Not zombies but sort of evolution)

'I' like it a lot, much more than any other novels I read but it might just be me cuz I like apocalypse novels View More

Sightless: First Order any good?

Dark Moon Era · C1
1 week ago
Then again, why do people think killing innocent people is wrong? Who says that? Humans who actually made thinks that?

In almost every novel I read, there isn't the concept surival of the fittest and killing innocent people is nothing, they don't bother me.

But there don't exist innocent people in the world. They could scorn, defile, insult, mock, shout, scold at you once angered or once they are scared.

They obviously has sometimes stole something in their life or hurt somebody.

When indirectly killing someone could very well save millions once he becomes an evil cultivator but what defies evil?

What defies good? In most cases good and bad is something the majority of people vote for.

If most of the population thinks hurting a girl is wrong then is it wrong?

So yeah, I don't like that crap. It is just too irritating to read. But that is my taste. View More
Celestial Peak · C27
1 week ago
Look, there might people say that the human race (us) have unlimited potential but I think that is just plain wrong.

Every race has unlimited potential and that lies in evolving and that is the same as humans.

But humans has just more ways to do it. For example researching our limits.

But what we need to do is understanding the brain. Then try to research gene modifications and such.

But because of our high intelligence we can't figure out how to exactly evolve and thus make millions of theories. View More

Apri_7531: Human full possiblelty why u change him in devil.

Celestial Peak · C27
1 week ago
A horde of insects in a canyon........ Sure why not.

A horde of insects with human like faces on their back? Ok why not.

A horde of insects with human like face as big as an average *****'s palm? RUN! View More
The First Order · C52
1 week ago
Well, in his previous life he was an orphan so I guessed he didn't really have the best clothing plus his life was thus far more important.

So who cares about clothes when your life is at risk? And if you get stronger who cares about beautiful clothes if they can't do anything?

So this habit of 'As long I am not exposed' is probably (Most likely) passed on in this life.

Even I a modern guy doesn't really care about what clothes I wear as long it is warm enough for me. (Of course boy clothes though) View More

REDLAW: All this **** could have been avoided if he simply wore normal clothes

Celestial Peak · C14
1 week ago

Darkdelusion: Even mutation and wolves ain't gonna stop rattatas from conquering the world

The First Order · C51
1 week ago

Kyoang: I really like this novel, I want MOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!

Everyone shout with me!


I want more, we want more~!
1, 2,3 more chapters! More and more!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times more chapters!!! We, you, I and everyone else wants more! So translate faster and better!

You have everyones support, you have my support and our support!

1, 2, 3 more chapters!



The First Order · C51
1 week ago
I really like this novel, I want MOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!

Everyone shout with me!


I want more, we want more~!
1, 2,3 more chapters! More and more!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times more chapters!!! We, you, I and everyone else wants more! So translate faster and better!

You have everyones support, you have my support and our support!

1, 2, 3 more chapters!


:D View More
The First Order · C51
1 week ago
Umm.... I think lilie is a bit too spoiled and dumb..... Her character is really irritating.

Demanding that and that. And then the mc who just concedes to it.

I know that she is a child and a noble to boot but serieusly? Do you need to make her like that and why does the mc concede to her?

Everything else is okay and good but Lilie sigh~ Anyway, author you're doing a good job, continue! View More
Magical Cosmic · C31
1 week ago
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