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Thanks for the chapter Bo. Since disconnected and GnG are on hiatus, does this mean you are concentrating on Phoenix Phire? View More
Phoenix Phire · C59
7 hours ago
I understand you have to prioritize, I like this story and disconnected. View More
Exodus: Guns & Gore · C62
7 hours ago
why bring this up? Does reading take as much time as writing? I love this story Bo! Kenzo is awesome! View More

prayash: im a student too

Exodus: Disconnected
7 hours ago
I like Ronnie, she just says whatever pops into her head, no matter how cringy. View More
Phoenix Phire · C58
1 day ago
Time to burn stuff Nix! View More
Phoenix Phire · C57
2 days ago
*Blink* View More

wheelmann2003: Shae is not gonna be happy if she doesn't get to have Nix's firstborn

Phoenix Phire · C55
5 days ago
I think so too. Why not? He's going to be there for quite some time. View More

LikelySane: Seems like Nix is building an empire

Phoenix Phire · C54
5 days ago
Who did he fall for? Isn't he just having a bit of fun? Or did I miss some sort of confession? View More

DipTheDoggie: That was a bit silly, him easily falling for women and giving away free stuff for people he meets for the first time.

Phoenix Phire · C6
5 days ago
Thanks for the chapter. View More
Phoenix Phire · C53
1 week ago
hahaha... See? Leave the king alone. View More
Phoenix Phire · C51
1 week ago
I'm convinced that since his Path of Fire is the Salamander's path, he's more elemental than fire mage at this point. View More
Phoenix Phire · C46
2 weeks ago
Great job on this chapter! I'm looking forward to seeing how the Gladis Hub folks fit into things. View More
Phoenix Phire · C45
2 weeks ago
Wonder what he has planned for the Hub guys!! View More
Phoenix Phire · C42
3 weeks ago
Idiot alert. The guy is back... Delete this yahoo, before he logs on Silpro and gives you two. Negative feedback isn't a one-star review genius. It's just an idiot trolling. View More

Eric_Stacey: The content has been deleted

Exodus: The Assassin's Path
3 weeks ago
I can't decide if the folks from the Lifestyle village are good or bad. View More
Phoenix Phire · C38
4 weeks ago
Yep. Sounds like Nix had been expected. View More

Thrakis: So Darsi has made something that enables her to leave the Hub right?

Phoenix Phire · C37
1 month ago
Trip-Seven must mean Inmate 777? View More
Phoenix Phire · C36
1 month ago
Great Chapter Bo! Keep them coming. View More
Phoenix Phire · C33
1 month ago
Anyone keeping count? Our boy Nix is kinda likable. View More
Phoenix Phire · C30
1 month ago
Nice work. How else are you going to settle an ocean world? Say hello to the flotilla. Discord says that there be sea battles in the third volume. View More
Phoenix Phire · C27
1 month ago
Stand back! I have a gecko, and I'm not afraid to use it. View More
Phoenix Phire · C21
1 month ago
What's the secret faction? Do we know yet? View More
Phoenix Phire · C19
1 month ago
Yeah! I like it! View More
Phoenix Phire · C17
1 month ago
Become the underwear King and live the good life! View More
Phoenix Phire · C11
1 month ago
Oops! The start took me by surprise. View More
Phoenix Phire · C10
1 month ago

Boared_Reader: I really like your no nonsense main characters...

Phoenix Phire · C9
1 month ago
We are definitely going to see those eggs again. View More
Phoenix Phire · C9
1 month ago
Reading Status: C4
A new story about a convicted arsonist name Nicholas Phire. This story takes a fresh approach to the VRMMO genre. Nix isn't your typical MC, although he was once consumed by rage and revenge, that part of his life seems to have passed. View More
Phoenix Phire
1 month ago
Nix shoots and.... he scores!! View More
Phoenix Phire · C4
1 month ago
Keep up the great work! View More
Phoenix Phire · C3
1 month ago
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