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Original Works

  • Journey of 
The One Known as God

    Journey of The One Known as God


    Destroyer of worlds are nothing to him. Infinite universes were erased by his breathe. (It was an accident) He fought the Infinite Martial God to a standstill. Watch as he gains friend and companions. Watch his journey from the beginning. In his words: I am a confident guy who can’t stop crazy plots from happening around me!

  • The Weak Man Stands On Top

    The Weak Man Stands On Top


    He slayed Dragon Gods. Killed Immortals and ended Eternals. Yet he can’t stop getting horribly horribly hurt with each fight. Somehow, he even fought the One Known As God, to a standstill. He did all of these with his stats being: Health:50 Strength:5 Agility:10 Defense:5 Qi:80 Will:10,000 Body Control: Complete Control Intelligence: Infinite Stamina:18 Emotional Stability:10 Mental Stability: None Mental Resistance: Unbreakable Luck: It depends. Skill Talent: Infinite Cultivation Talent:0 In his words: So, what if I can't cultivate, no matter what? I can create skills that can make a weakling like me able to destroy infinity. So what if you're strong enough to delete everything by blinking? I can make techniques, that can destroy YOU by blinking. So what if I'm mentally unstable? Wait....... that might be a problem.........

  • Stories of Any Genres

    Stories of Any Genres


    Each chapter will be a random story. From train tracks to windows. There'll be a story about it GOD DAMN IT. Some will be scary, some will be kinda scary, and some won't. They might just be stories. Some might even be comedic. Hope you like them.

  • A Guy Named Legend

    A Guy Named Legend

    Magical Realism

    Legend was pure bad*ss. He took down over a thousand dudes with guns while being starved, sleep deprived, and drugged. He killed a dragon with his bare hands. He murdered his way out of a prison that was guarded by gods. He killed Death somehow. He killed and ate a tiger. Managed to drink a lake worths of beer. He was burned to ash and the next day they saw him chugging beer like nothing happened. He could do all of this, but still can’t stop being thrown into walls....

  • Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords

    Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords

    others Reincarnation Harry Potter Fanfic

    Jon End was an orphan. As well as a pretty talented kid. He was athletic, handsome, funny, and charming... when he wanted to be. Everyone around him knew he was destined for greatness. He also had skills with a sword. No one knew where it came from though. One day, a letter came in and this was how the worlds most talented Swordsman grew up with wizards. Even though he can do magic. He sucks at it.

  • Might As Well Become a Hero

    Might As Well Become a Hero

    Magical Realism

    After his boring job, he walked home. The buildings he walked by, were wreck and destroyed. He saw a monster attacking a child. It was a humanoid monster covered with metallic scales, 13 feet high. It attacked, with that, he had a thought. “Might as well be a hero.”


You fool, you activated my trap card! Trap card!!! View More

Dank_god: Ah yes the attack that can't be blocked

Fool you fell for it!!!!! Thunder cross split attack!!!!

Summoner Sovereign · C281
2 weeks ago
I’ll try to make em larger. View More

BlackFun: short.....???

Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords · C18
1 month ago
Neat. A pretty clean finish. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C140
1 month ago
Damn, this is like if you went through world war 2, then, within days, you had a civil war. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C139
1 month ago
That’s like, the sickest thing to say in anime. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C136
1 month ago
If there was anything that could grow in the demonic realm, it’d grow infinitely faster on earth. Most likely. Probably also why it’s supa strong. Have you ever seen a normal person destroy a tree with their bear hands. It could be like that with demons, just scaled up. View More
Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C196
1 month ago
I’m wondering if he were to summon a Big Dipper, would it make a sauté pan? View More
Summoner Sovereign · C273
1 month ago
Interesting, this is actually pretty realistic. Kinda like when France(correct me if I’m wrong), gave money to the rebels in the revolutionary war. Then again, it’s kinda like the other way around. If France was facing Britain, then the rebels gave money to France. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C123
1 month ago
Don’t be so negative, your attitude is like a paintbrush, it can color any situation. I could not type that in serious, it sounded so cringe. View More

Tomoyuki: Like what? Well, I might not have a choice if the editor demands that I take it down. Ugh. We'll see. Cross your fingers and pray.

UnOriginal · C22
1 month ago
Don’t be like that, this story was actually really good. Seemed super nostalgic. View More
UnOriginal · C22
1 month ago
I don’t understand, how come if you say an attack and it sounds like not English, it usually doesn’t sound cringe. For instance:

Kamehameha sounds pretty cool and not as cringe as

Fire Fist!!! View More
UnOriginal · C21
1 month ago
Time to see what happens when an stoppable force meets a movable object. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C116
1 month ago
Pls don’t make the mc kill or cripple people just because they’re “weak”. It’s kinda f’ed up. View More

Zhanye: Author-san shameless 5 star review.
If you read the novel, please review it too ♥
If you are reading it before read the novel, let me tell you a secret. "Normally, 95% from those people who like the novel don't review. 95% from those people who dosen't like the novel, review." Soo, if you are curious, give a try and see if you will like it by yourself ^^

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.
1 month ago
So, pretty much a free scholarship. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C270
1 month ago
Top ten flashbacks of all time. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C115
1 month ago
Bruh, just stick something up there ass, that should be equivalent. View More

Max255: These arrogant punks are always rapists anyway. No mercy to them. And thanks for the chapter

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C33
1 month ago
What’s the rarest type of foundation? View More

Suiyan: Pretty close. xD

Is that a Wisp? · C147
1 month ago
I bet that Ji Xuan wouldn’t guess that his dumbass bait would bring a lot more than just 2 people. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C268
1 month ago
I guess he’s been hit by... a smooth criminal! HEEHEE!!! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C114
2 months ago
Holy ****! It’s gonna happen! He’s gonna dew it!! View More
UnOriginal · C20
2 months ago
The winner will be the lawyer. They always win. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C112
2 months ago
Wonder if anyone else in the school noticed the commentary View More
UnOriginal · C17
2 months ago
Most epic battle start ever! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C109
2 months ago
Sadly, no. I was taught in stick warfare. View More

Tomoyuki: If it can't move, it won't be called a tank. It'll be a bastion or fortress. Also you can't expect the hero to coincidentally blunder across your position if you remain stationary. Have you been trained in armored warfare in the military before?

The Golden Gravekeeper · C108
2 months ago
If the tank can’t move, it really wouldn’t work, also, if you were around the corner, a hero wouldn’t expect you to have a tank ready to unload untold death. View More

Tomoyuki: Soon. Though why would you camp with a tank? With all that armor you should charge forward and crush the enemy with thirty tons of steel and firepower!

The Golden Gravekeeper · C108
2 months ago
Scheiza, not good. Quick! Get the tank and start camping!! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C108
2 months ago
It’s time to dew it. Time to get a super tank and camp and tank. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C107
2 months ago
Yo, Nelson would never lose in a game of beyblades. View More
UnOriginal · C16
2 months ago
Have you ever seen ninjago, or when Obi Wan said that spinning is a good trick. Btw, with the ability to spin, you could pull off some sick kicks or hits. View More

Zephyr_South: I'm very curious as to how spinning can be a useful power. Is Nelson inspired by the villain Top from the Flash?

UnOriginal · C15
2 months ago
Whoa, soon, the dwarves are gonna get computers. When that happens, everything changes. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C105
2 months ago
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