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Original Works

  • Journey of 
The One Known as God

    Journey of The One Known as God


    Destroyer of worlds are nothing to him. Infinite universes were erased by his breathe. (It was an accident) He fought the Infinite Martial God to a standstill. Watch as he gains friend and companions. Watch his journey from the beginning. In his words: I am a confident guy who can’t stop crazy plots from happening around me!

  • The Weakest Man Who Stood At The Top

    The Weakest Man Who Stood At The Top


    He slayed Dragon Gods. Killed Immortals and ended Eternals. Yet he can’t stop getting horribly horribly hurt with each fight. Somehow, he even fought the One Known As God, to a standstill. He did all of these with his stats being: Health:50 Strength:5 Agility:10 Defense:5 Qi:80 Will:10,000 Body Control: Complete Control Intelligence: Infinite Stamina:18 Emotional Stability:10 Mental Stability: None Mental Resistance: Unbreakable Luck: It depends. Skill Talent: Infinite Cultivation Talent:0 In his words: So, what if I can't cultivate, no matter what? I can create skills that can make a weakling like me able to destroy infinity. So what if you're strong enough to delete everything by blinking? I can make techniques, that can destroy YOU by blinking. So what if I'm mentally unstable? Wait....... that might be a problem.........

  • Stories of Any Genres

    Stories of Any Genres


    Each chapter will be a random story. From train tracks to windows. There'll be a story about it GOD DAMN IT. Some will be scary, some will be kinda scary, and some won't. They might just be stories. Some might even be comedic. Hope you like them.

  • A Guy Named Legend

    A Guy Named Legend

    Magical Realism

    Legend was pure bad*ss. He took down over a thousand dudes with guns while being starved, sleep deprived, and drugged. He killed a dragon with his bare hands. He murdered his way out of a prison that was guarded by gods. He killed Death somehow. He killed and ate a tiger. Managed to drink a lake worths of beer. He was burned to ash and the next day they saw him chugging beer like nothing happened. He could do all of this, but still can’t stop being thrown into walls....

  • Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords

    Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords

    others Reincarnation Harry Potter Fanfic

    Jon End was an orphan. As well as a pretty talented kid. He was athletic, handsome, funny, and charming... when he wanted to be. Everyone around him knew he was destined for greatness. He also had skills with a sword. No one knew where it came from though. One day, a letter came in and this was how the worlds most talented Swordsman grew up with wizards. Even though he can do magic. He sucks at it.


I’m imagining that all the mages who managed condensed qi till they became black holes died of black holes. Just seems like it. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C238
1 week ago
Other worlds... I’m imagining a world filled with people who are super powerful, except that they’re ungodly incompetent. So basically, Zeus. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C237
1 week ago
Tanaka should have just started screaming for 3 minutes while Suzuki charged his attack. That probably woulda made him like, 50x stronger. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C72
2 weeks ago
Mjölnir... God of Thunder... oh god NO! Quick, Tanaka, make sure he doesn’t aim for the head! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C69
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
The Golden Gravekeeper · C69
2 weeks ago
Thanks for reading! View More

TurtleManiacc: thanks for the chapter

Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords · C2
2 weeks ago
The plot thickens. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C68
2 weeks ago
Makes sense, I only heard of it when it was used in the credits of a video previewing a book where the main characters life goes to ****. View More

Tomoyuki: Sorry, I've never heard of it before.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C64
2 weeks ago
RIP King
Press F to pay respects. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C67
2 weeks ago
Last Night, I had the Strangest Dream- by Pete Seeger View More

Tomoyuki: What song?

The Golden Gravekeeper · C64
2 weeks ago
Reminds me of a song. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C64
3 weeks ago
Quick question, where’d you get the book cover? View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C32
3 weeks ago
I guess the ancient dragon got a little, hot headed... View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C63
3 weeks ago
Happy New Years!!! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C63
3 weeks ago
They are consistent. If some guy is stated to be, loyal to the sect, only to betray the sect leader, who he knows, is more beneficial to the sect than him, he is not fleshed out. View More

JC192209Mun: F**k my other review! Here’s a REAL REVIEW! The story progresses slowly, but it feels real. The mc is likable. Not a d!ck. You won’t see him do a lot of *sskicking, but when you do. It’ll be glorious. The writing quality is nice, characters are fleshed out, and there’s stable updates. So overall, 10 outta ten.. or is it 5 out of 5? You know what, I don’t care.

Summoner Sovereign
3 weeks ago
I’m just imagining Tanaka summoning cooking supplies. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C61
3 weeks ago
What would a dragon taste like? Probably not good. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C60
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter!! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C59
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter! Hopefully they aren’t fighting a dragon that’s similar in power to the ones in fairy tale. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C58
3 weeks ago
Wow, he probably should have went to Alan first. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C57
3 weeks ago
Cool View More

Tomoyuki: Actually, it's black.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C56
3 weeks ago
Well in a novel, it’s not really the same. View More

Tomoyuki: I'm very sorry.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C55
4 weeks ago
I wonder what Tanaka’s favorite color is? Imma say... golden. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C56
4 weeks ago
This is like, the worst part of every game. Getting to a place, then being sent back. Without saving the location on the map and without remembering how you got there. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C55
4 weeks ago
When the vampire queen attacked, I had Hellsing flashbacks. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C53
1 month ago
Honestly, this is honestly super cool! View More

Tomoyuki: 25 chapters left. I kind of expected everyone to hate the Shun Yin arc, to be honest. Just because it's not about Richard.

Summoner Sovereign · C225
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C51
1 month ago
Tanaka:*Proceeds to start breakdancing* View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C50
1 month ago
Thanks for the multiple chapters!!! View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C49
1 month ago
Well, I thought about him getting a magic sword from a dwarf, and it’d be pretty cool. View More

BiernasMK: So he will find magical sword that can block spells and fight use it on a level any normal muggle sword master can ??? Just make a book about a squib with magic sword it would be more interesting. And he may have 11 years old body but have his old memories of training techniques so his body should be above trained ***** not mentioning a wizard while also remember that technique beats strength. And why the hell does he have a wooden sword and don't make an exuse with his parents or lack of swords in muggle world there would be at least one in magical world but this is where the magic swords come in i think...

Harry Potter and the Mad King of Swords · C11
1 month ago
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