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MJAgo: Now i just have 2 wishes;
1- he go back to his wives before his children get born.
2- and since he is immortal and will live for eternity so he doesn't need a son to succeed him so i wish all his children be girl so he can live in his castle like a heaven filled with beautiful women hohohoho...

The Wish of the Dragon · C95
1 week ago

Dracolupus: Better to be dead then embarrassed : Chinese

Better to be embarrassed then dead : American

Super Gene · C1491
1 week ago

Matirion: Unpaid foxes? Poor little ones, feel free to maul the author for a few days.

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C37
2 weeks ago

KONO_DIO_DA: Han Sen's Luck in Obtaining High level Beast Souls:

1. Kill Steals: Every single time

2. Killing creatures: Luckier than most people

3. Rewards in Divinity's Bout: Average

4. "Gacha" Beast Souls: Same level as Wang Yuhang's luck

Super Gene · C1449
2 weeks ago
Congratulations for 100 chapters 😸 keep up the good work and plz for the love of all that's good in the world don't make this a premium story😿 I don't want to drop this😿 it's great story and I hope you keep at it till the end😹 View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C100
1 month ago
Grow a horn???? What country do you live in?? I do not understand this act of growing a horn. Is it just a saying or does it literally mean growing a actual horn on your head? Plz answer this for me.🤔🤔🤔 View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C78
1 month ago
According to you shadow is part ghost type. This renders all fighting type moves completely ineffective. This includes both aura sphere and close combat. Both of those moves should have done nothing if shadow is part ghost type. If your going to write a Pokemon story, know how the types work as well as move typing otherwise expect some people who care about how pokemon work properly as they have most likely play the games will most likely drop this story. View More
Legendary Shadow · C23
1 month ago
Plz don't let the MC name the pet dragon something stupid. You could also try out orespawn mod. Lot of fun stuff there and some difficult mobs not to mention the King and Queen dragon's, especially the Queen. If I remember correctly you could get a princess dragon pet, although I suggest not getting the prince. Once you raise it to *****hood it turns on you. View More
Eldritch Shop System · C113
1 month ago
Well the ender dragon didn't die too easily. You should research some mods for the end itself. I believe there a few good ones that transform into a good place for exploring and loot. View More
Eldritch Shop System · C112
1 month ago
Lingering potions require dragon's breath which can only be found by fighting the ender dragon in the end, or my guess from the shop which should be super expensive due to being a end-game material. View More

MindTwister: What about lingering potions?

Eldritch Shop System · C102
1 month ago
Reading Status: C197
It's a great story for being your first time I enjoyed reading it. Now I'm gonna start your next story. I hope it entertains me just as much as this did. 😸😻😸 View More
The Divine Anime System
1 month ago
Granberia face must have made a wtf expression at the end. I would too if someone I knew acted so out of character. View More
Nine Tailed System · C169
2 months ago
Hope you make up for this with something epic View More
Dragon Ga Kill · C56
3 months ago
Booooooooo just booooooooo that is completely worthless and a waste of time View More
Dragon Ga Kill · C56
3 months ago

CZ2128_Delta: not worth reading.. MC is so whiny and stupid this is a hack system why make life so difficult when you have this kind of system.. take note MC is the one who made the system so he should be in control of it.. so why does the system the one in control of what the MC wants? intelligence pill is so cheap so why does the MC not buy it to max out his intelligence? MC is obviously smart enough to make a hacking system so why does he still do stupid things?

I Hacked Everything
3 months ago
Reading Status: C26
You nerfed the MC. I read the story because the MC was op. I like that in story. Seeing the MC pwn all his enemies like the scrubs they are gives me joy. I am dropping this story due to the nerfing of MC. View More
Monster Invasion
4 months ago

Tiagofelix: Christmas is the expression of life, it is a time of hope and renewal. The Christ who was born so long still keeps the light he has brought to the world alive and his lesson of love and bestowal for humanity must guide and inspire us today and always.
May harmony, charity and forgiveness flourish in our hearts and may our prayers of thanksgiving join with thousands of others to become one vibration.
May Christmas be felt and experienced sublime, with high thinking. Let union give way to disagreements and love be the reason for everything that moves us, our whole celebration.
Merry Christmas!

Dimension System · C92
4 months ago
Comment for exp. View More
Super Gene · C474
7 months ago
Reading Status: C451
I like story a lot. It grabs your attention and keeps you wanting for more. View More
Super Gene
7 months ago
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