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  • The 'mob' character

    The 'mob' character


    A man who worked 20 hrs a day to pay off his debt finally died in a fire and got reincarnated to a different world but he found that he had reincarnated in a novel called (The rise of the hero). He thought that he will have nothing to do with the plot and will live his life as a insignificant character but he found out that his village will be destroyed by bandits in 5 years.


NulZilch: Both side stories were good but you need time them when to post. Too many in succession and you are taken away from the plot. As good as they may be you still want to follow the main plot. And maybe you could've posted this chapter after the conclusion with her arc for more impact? Imagine readers hating her, celebrating her bad end, and then getting such a chapter, lol.

Idk maybe you have already thought of all of this and choosen the best way in your opinion, but i am just putting my thoughts out there.

Thanks for the update.

The Novel's Mob · C17
1 week ago
Same here, man View More

AshSatola: Wish I had a mother like that XD. My mom is like its just a scratch fix it yourself dip s@#t while watching movies lololol (unless not life threatening). But overall a good lady....but a bad tongue xD.

The Novel's Mob · C4
1 week ago

AshSatola: Nothing to say here....... Jut passing by to make my almost nonexistent presence... Welp more existent.

The Novel's Mob · C14
1 week ago
I think you don't know but webnovel refreshes every week and the power stones will also get refreshed. View More

NulZilch: Wtf, why does your story have 0 power stones? I remember last time there was around 80. What happened??

The Novel's Mob · C16
1 week ago

NulZilch: A nicely written story. Something you wouldn't expect from a new writer. You just don't have a thing to complain for.

World doesn't feel like it's revolves around the MC. Other characters feel more alive than just scripted machines who respond to MC stimuli. MC isn't a genius or a stupid guy his actions and thoughts have a logic and flow that you can't find fault in. MC has to deal with the real world, and it actually feels like he's struggling to fit inside and navigate the world. And the last chapter i read actually had decent comedy in it.

Overall it is a complete package, and you can expect a good story here.

The Novel's Mob
1 week ago

SleepyBoiYudo: This story really reminds of novels like TNE, TCF (This applies more to this novel's previous incarnation, which I also enjoy) and a bit of omniscient reader's viewpoint, which I guess inspired this novel. And it doesn't just reminds me of plot of these amazing stories (all of which I highly recommend) but also how refreshed I felt when reading them, considering all the other works like most cultivation novels becoming boring for me. So yeah, this novel, I recommend you at least give it a chance, even if you can't find it enjoyable as I did, you can just stop reading and not like spread any hate (like spam un-constructive, negative comments, it can seriously ruin the author's motivation and day)

Language is decent, not too bad and obvious enough to ruin the story for me. But that maybe because of english being a 2nd language for me so it isn't too bad. But beware you grammar nazis haha.

It's update stability is decent not bad so nothing much to say here.

Story dev, char design and world background, don't have much to talk about since the plot hasn't really started yet. But the current story as for how it seems to be heading is really simple but interesting, nonetheless. The current characters are likeable, or as likeable as they can possibly be for people we don't know much about yet, MC seems to be not too dumb and has a decent, normal personality. The world building is simple, not too deeply explored yet, but it is fine for the novel's current pace

So yeah, I recommend giving this novel a chance as you might enjoy it too. Good work author! And continue with your current pace and continue provide us to quality work! :) 👍👍

The Novel's Mob
2 weeks ago

MiaMorn: Great story so far, very entertaining and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I hope that this story stay as great that it is right now for a while

The Novel's Mob
3 weeks ago

northpoem: Hmmmmm i saw a message on scribble hub where this novel was recommended so i will give it a shot when there are more chapters. Well i haven't read it yet but i like the genre so for know 5 stars and we wil see what happend. Keep up the motivation author, writing stories is never easy and there will always be people critising it but make sure YOU enjoy your own novel

The Novel's Mob
3 weeks ago

Dragonfish: I really liked this book. The remake is really good. I was just drawn in this book and still craving for more. Hope you will continue this novel to the end.

The Novel's Mob
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
I really liked this book. The remake is really good. I was just drawn in this book and still craving for more. Hope you will continue this novel to the end. View More
The Novel's Mob
3 weeks ago

Belvior: ❤ A Hidden Gem ❤
A beautiful and well written story of an author made to live in the story of his own making. All that you ever look for in a novel.
😊😘 give this novel a try! ❤

I transmigrated as the Novel's Mob
4 weeks ago
It's okay but make sure to post some chapters next week, I really like this novel, hope you don't drop it. View More
I transmigrated as the Novel's Mob · C0
1 month ago

Dragonfish: I really like the novel. Keep writing and update it. I like the beginning of the story and how you had also written about showbiz and curious to know what special thing he will got from god.

I transmigrated as the Novel's Mob
1 month ago
Reading Status: C4
I really like the novel. Keep writing and update it. I like the beginning of the story and how you had also written about showbiz and curious to know what special thing he will got from god. View More
I transmigrated as the Novel's Mob
1 month ago
Second View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1391
7 months ago
Thnx for the chapter View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C16
7 months ago
Konosuba or tokyo raven View More
Op System · C0
8 months ago
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