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Well that was a short timed nemesis View More
Abe the Wizard · C21
1 week ago
Dont break yourself, write at the pace you are comfortable with. View More
Phoenix Phire · C186
1 month ago
Well written View More
Phoenix Phire · C138
2 months ago
Nothing like taking an innocent to somewhere just to see the realisation break across their face and indecision shortly after on how to deal with it. View More
Phoenix Phire · C109
2 months ago
Nice escape View More
Phoenix Phire · C100
2 months ago
Fiery fisting dark things View More
Versatile Mage · C115
3 months ago
Thats some good visual imaging, needs to slide back into the shadows after showing just from below his nose and chin after a report. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C121
3 months ago
Thanks for sharing View More
Exodus: Guns & Gore · C62
4 months ago
Tentacle monster tonsils tickled View More
Phoenix Phire · C50
4 months ago
Gotta pay for the ferry somehow View More

PetraZi: We looking at some naval battles?

Phoenix Phire · C47
4 months ago
Seems very John Wick, or is it the other way around? View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C89
5 months ago
Seems like a missing chapter, perhaps its just a time lapse ignoring the boring stuff View More

Randompasserby: Who is Matthews and Fabian Company? and when did he get the gold card? Did I skip a few chapters?

The Legendary Mechanic · C89
5 months ago

Randompasserby: Who is Matthews and Fabian Company? and when did he get the gold card? Did I skip a few chapters?

The Legendary Mechanic · C89
5 months ago
Inner? View More

Aileus: Do all women have an inner psycho? 😂😂

Night Ranger · C150
1 year ago
Smooth bore flintlocks can shoot the distance, where they hit in that distance can vary up to 45 degrees in the x and y axis.

The ammunition size, shape and weight are not consistent while the amount of powder with its burn consistency due to quality, humidity, temperature and water uptake vary fired through barrels that are quite straight but not perfectly or consistently so.

Machine rifling, cartridges and machine made ammunition will make it better. Guncotton and actual sealed bullets even more so. Its said that accomplished hunters with their own rifles who chose the best shot, wadding and could guesstimate powder for range could do better but they have barely spent any time with the weapons for such sharpshooting experts to rise. View More

Daoitself: That distance was within the effective shooting distance of flintlock, but the hit rate was almost zero.again makes no sense.....if the hit rate is zero.... it is not effective shooting range or distance

Release That Witch · C65
1 year ago
I normally give ratings but feel less inclined after I have frittered away so many points. View More

Giro199: The price of continuous reading, SS keep flying away 😭

Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld · C67
1 year ago
Dammit this type of story is super hard to find good examples, oh well it was entertaining anyway. View More
The Expandables - A Post-Apocalypse Cyberpunk Adventure · C17
1 year ago
Truly expected the supervisor to step in View More

ImBloo: Hope you enjoy this chap. Please reply to this comment so that I am notified.

The Expandables - A Post-Apocalypse Cyberpunk Adventure · C15
1 year ago
Limit the liability, makes me wonder if he is a deliberate plant. View More
The Expandables - A Post-Apocalypse Cyberpunk Adventure · C9
1 year ago
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