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NobleKei: Just the Synopsis alone is Worthy of 5 Stars, Let alone the Story. The Synopsis made me Cry, as this is my ideal as well. #NoHaremSect Forever!!!!!!

Having Her as My Waifu, WHO NEEDS A HAREM?!
6 days ago

MicDragon: FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT. having a harem is bad ,back when i first started reading on webnovel I used to think that harems are okay but webnovel made me realize that harems are bad the hard way now i hate harems.......

Having Her as My Waifu, WHO NEEDS A HAREM?!
6 days ago

crywolfseven: Seriously... he wasted a wish for a beautiful woman who will be forced to love him...

Reborn in DC (anti-hero) · C1
3 weeks ago

Not_a_Penguin: 1 - 4 wishes
Me: Those are alright, could do better though.

Then the damn 5 comes along
I'm just going to let out a long SIGH.
Of course, what was I expecting, this is FUCKING WebNovel.

Reborn in DC (anti-hero) · C1
3 weeks ago
I like pancakes?
Um.... and chocolate cupcakes? View More

dragonmage124: had to drop it by chapter 5 for a few reasons
1) parents of mc do nothing to teach mc (stopping him from zoning out like a corpse, or anything really they seem to think of him as an extra thus making me dislike the story even more then the other reasons since in a world where danger is everywhere teaching your kids the basics to live should be natural yet author pushes mc aside saying since he did poor in the first time he held a gun 2 adults [were one is just watching and not doing anything] were better at teaching one kid that showed some talent at swinging a sword) even when he is 5-6 yrs old
2)mc does nothing to learn on his own (really learning since if he did not space out so much and actually listened to his mom when she told him how to use the gun he might have hit that target without going out of his way to miss just "too see if she cared" when over his 5+ years she showed no care for him to the point he can even think she would not blink to remove him from his own twin if the twin did not complain) he just jumps at learning from the system with no questioning or hesitation he STEALS dust crystals from his own home (while knowing that they are costly items with lots of uses) or why he even is ok with it in the first place while even thinking of STEALING from others just to get system points to do things he has not been taught
3) without asking his parents about anything about aura too see if it has any training methods he picks self training and buying magic (to drain aura for said self made aura training) all the while knowing others may/can sense the drop in aura when using magic (and not thinking of possible risk like if magic is only usable by women or even asking/learning about different aura usages)
4)mc has a weak personality in 5 chapters we get more zoned out monologues and system info dumps while mc getting dragged around by someone since he lacks both awareness to the world around him and is constantly focusing on his monologues and system
5)lack of world building i can understand before he started speaking not learning anything but after (even if not for him since his parents show the little care they had for him while caring for his sister) having them learn to read/write/speak and get a general understanding of the world could have easily been done to start world building after all as a somewhat well off family that has lot of tools [unknown how costly writing tools are since no general teachings where given but since they had a lot of weapons , dust , writing scrolls i think they have to be well off since i never watched nor read rwby] teaching basics should have been normal..we do not even know how big of a house his is living in since all we get is he went to the yard the kitchen or the twins bedroom to tell us where he is at
6)in chapter 4 or 5 he just uses magic and tells a girl about his system with no awareness of the people that may be near or listening while knowing that others can be sensitive to aura usage [or even have better hearing since he never learns anything about anyone or anything]which was the last straw that told me this possible good story was ruined for my taste (since i only got a headache reading all the monologues, info dumps, foolishness of someone who is thinking of training to be strong enough to survive yet is constantly zoning out to the point anyone can move right next to him while his eyes are open and not notice even while constantly telling himself in those monologues that he needs to stay aware but instead of trying to stop zoning out he thinks only to buy some skills, all the while not gaining anything in the way of knowledge of the world around him only using what little he seems to remember from the story/show about the world to be his base of understanding )

the way the system was made was well thought out and might even have been great if things were different with the mc or even how due to him constantly knowing that much of it is locked he gets focused only on the system so early

Book 1 of the System Series: In Remnant with Persona System
1 month ago
#3 and 5 can be replaced by "power manipulation".
Then you can give your the power of dna manipulation and the a power that releases or breaks any limits. Well, also can edit other powers or abilities you gain that you don't like. View More

Kurumi523: that's a boring wish..
for me
1. Getting stronger both body and soul just by existing.
2. Be able to access the Akashic Records to my will
3. No limiter in the body
4. Having 1 in infinity talent throughout the whole records
5. Granting the power dna manipulation

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C1
1 month ago
Second View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C892
1 month ago

MagikLord: Sane Limiter.... Lame... T_T

Cultivation at Home!? · C6
1 month ago
🤯🤯 View More
Journey of Gourmet · C15
1 month ago
No devil fruit? Darn...😢 View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C818
2 months ago
Read the series THRICE since last chapter.
BOOYAH!!! View More

Ammar_monim: Read it twice please update faster.

Easy Cultivation · C35
4 months ago

violet_girl: This butter knife is 6.2 inches it will cut through air if you blow on it. It spreads butter smother than any knife in the east!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C590
4 months ago
Uhm.. yes.?. View More

Precheur: The content has been deleted

Against The Gods with an Anime System
5 months ago
So like, I'm still confused... is the novel back on track or is someone hacking in and posting chapters they wrote... .. which i should say fit into place, but confusing me even more.
Why would you do this to me?
I mean, I've waited and kept this novel in my library for along time. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C590
5 months ago
Do i need to call an ambulance.
I'm seeing things. Other than the squiggly things in my eyes...
... View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C589
5 months ago
*cough cough cough*
Just choked on my saliva.... ... View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C588
5 months ago

EveryDayWaster: Now, when I started reading this novel, I tried so hard not to complain. It's just feels so rushed. Like the first 5 chaps are like wh-what so he dea- but now he's in the hospi- and eait hes killing people no- and it's yyyyyy. But cough cough, here's how I feel on the novel. MC : it's a better then average MC, like 4 star range. World backgrounds average, but it'd a bit early to say that. But as I know my back, I know NOTHING interesting, or well explained. (Maybe thats my fault as I was confused for info dumps.) STORY : Is again but still to early for reader to get thr juicy bits.

And thats a very bad and basic review of mine. (Probably the former)

So all I'll say untill a 100 chaps later is, slow down and explain ur stuff, add ways to show the viewers transitions, or just dont make ne miss somebody dead in a line. I look foward to what Mr.Author will bring.

Super Farmer
5 months ago
I seem to be a little pissed that I have to wait till this site catches up to the other translation site to read new chapters. I've been nitpicking alot of the translation on this site, starting from ch 14 or so... probably when it hit me on how long i have to wait till chapter 150+... View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C29
5 months ago
I get it, i reread the other translation after reading here and see the difference. Well, for me atleast. The atmosphere or feeling i get while reading the other one, has a slightly more japanese / anime feel while reading here has a.... "I'm reading a cultivation novel"... best was i can put it. The wording and the way the sentences are structured in both are different. Grammar as well, which words are the some what correct to what would go there to make the sentence translate better.
Now only if i could get that system to give me a erotic dancing quest, ofcourse when baby girl ain't around. View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C13
5 months ago

uryx: Mag is just fine, you're only used to Mike/Michael. I actually prefer Mag, I also think you're thinking of MEG.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C13
5 months ago

mystichead: Mag to Mike
Father to Daddy Dearest

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C2
5 months ago

Darkload: Thanks for starting up this Novel that's also known as (Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant / Vú Em Chi Dị Giới Phòng Ăn / 奶爸的异界餐厅)

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C1
5 months ago

Arusda: Use Mike or mass release them till kitchenovel chap to adapt to Mag. Kinda odd name for mc lol

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C1
5 months ago

mystichead: Please use Mike

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C1
5 months ago

mithun: Please use Mike instead of mag. Like kitchen novel translator.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C1
5 months ago

YaoYao: Well, a new way to reincarnate/travel to another world.
But still, truck-sama are you really that bored to make another human not to die and suffer when you "gently" touch them or because now your job of transporting people to another worlds is decreasing that you want to make others suffer ?
The next time you do your job please make them die.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C1
6 months ago

Zerak: I recommend editing the chapter.

First: I am not 100% sure but I am confident that they would inject him with something to help him feel no pain or to speed the presses, even if he has brain damage.

Second: the bad **** that happened in his life doesn’t make sense.
Sure the bullying can pass since kids do really said **** sometimes.

But his uncle is unlikely to cut his tongue out and he would probably die before help came. I would change it to something else. Like accidentally drinking some acid or a chemical that ****ed his tongue.

For the hearing you can change it to a robbery or something more likely to happen.

As for the teacher hitting him that would not happen. He is both blind and deaf so he would need very specialised care to be able to learn and anyone that is specialised for that would not be prone to violence.
I recommend changing it to just cancer or something other illnesses because getting punched will not make you lose your sense of smell.

As for the last one it’s possible to happen though I don’t know why someone like that would possibly be out on the street alone, so maybe falling down and hitting his head or something falling on him would be more appropriate

It would not change anything for the future of the story but it would improve the quality of it if you edit it that way or something similar.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C1
6 months ago
Yaaay!! 1000 activations of DMC and we get steak tacos with guacamole. Woot woot. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C387
6 months ago

Rakdos: Too bad no Final Fantasy

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C382
6 months ago

Hiryo: Final Fantasy Hell Yeah!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C382
6 months ago
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