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  • I picked my pfp cause it reminded me of Bankai... and I am a new author atm making a few chapters hope you all enjoy my 'Weird' novel

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Just do shadow clone and transformation justu? Why go through the trouble of getting a not so good bloodline when his body atm can only handle one? Plus that could be the way he exits as a villan(Ha you got me AllMight congratulations well too bad I'm already gone)
*Poof* View More

ever_burning_flame: the best way he could be a villain is get a bloodline that gives him the ability to change his body all the way down to the DNA and only use chakra techniques that have effects that can’t be seen while only using the ones that can be seen as the villain

My Ninja Academia · C3
3 days ago
First View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C63
3 days ago
His zanpakto in it's shikai form is a pair of glasses and he needs to pose and say a word to kill someone and that word will be

Yukki: Douchery View More

Sondre: I kinda want to see him get his quirk in zanpaktou form, would be hilarious.

Academia. · C31
3 days ago
You guys just curious what his zanpakto power might be?
Like this won't go well with the story but a part of me wants his zanpakto to be alucard abriged shikai gets nice dual pistols trench coat some shades
His bankai you know how it is summon everyone he has killed but eh probably won't happen View More
Academia. · C31
4 days ago
Yukki: I've gotten better control over my emotions you can't make me mad
Me: Oh really? Are you a dragon ball fan?
Yukki: yeah why?
Me: Dragon ball evolution is a masterpiece and zamasu did nothing wrong
Yukki: ......
Temptious spirit: ????% View More
Academia. · C31
4 days ago

Zevren: Good point. This is option 2! Like for Vote.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C0
1 week ago
First View More
Breaking the limits (fan-fic ) · C9
1 week ago
Go to dbz world let the old Kai unleash some of that potential (good excuse for a good power up if you need it for your story later on🤘) View More

Not_a_Penguin: He has Unlimited Potential huh?


Breaking the limits (fan-fic ) · C2
1 week ago
*Minato vs Tobi fight*
Minato: Readers who want more chapters
Tobi: Author who is a master at cliff hangers

Tobi: I win
*Minato teleports above Tobi and slams a rasegan onto Tobis back*
Minato: No the readers won

Hope this weird thing I just typed is enough for another chapter soon👍 View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C60
1 week ago
What's the average length for a good chapter then like I mean for any good novel? 2.5k words? More? Less? View More

OphoTD: What do you mean short? More than 90% of the novels here are less than half of this chapter.

Academia. · C13
1 week ago
Man I'm just imagining Izuku walking in them doing it he either gonna do 2 things
Izuku: S...Sorry for disturbing you
*He leaves*

Or he gonna be like Gon with pitou

*I don't care....If this is the end*
His eyes turn black he gets all might body type
Izuku: I'll kill you... View More
Academia. · C12
1 week ago
Just the fact you had to say I hate you 3000 is already enough to make me drop this like COME ON!!!!! You crossed the marvel line no marvel fan should ever cross.... View More
WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C15
2 weeks ago
You have the Omni gaming system which gives you the gamer mind and body. YOU DON'T NEED SLEEP!!!!!! MAKE MORE CHAPTERS!!!!!

In another universe you can see a man doing a commercial

???: What are you waiting for... Just DO IT!! View More
Reincarnated into DC with the Omni-Gaming System · C10
2 weeks ago
What's the discord? View More

southgamez: Oh tru, have you joind discord? Ill talk with you the if you have

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C56
2 weeks ago
Well hey man some people just think of different ideas but hey you gotta admit that ending would be weird/sick/epic ish

Cause what kinda of character development would Ichigo have if he had to kill his brother look alike to get his brother back

I only say this weird/sick/crazy ideas cause you gotta think about possible character development and plot

Plus eh I'm just weird lol View More

southgamez: Soren may have been an Assassin since birth and has killed lots of people,but thats too far... You must be sick my guy, XD

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C56
2 weeks ago
Hell idk😂 tbh I only started reading this cause he had the power of buddah I thought his power was gonna be like the 100 hand buddah from HxH he prays a giant buddah appears behind him and he attacks with it View More

TianYa: Oh god 🤦‍♂️ what's wrong with this author 😂

WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C7
2 weeks ago
Maybe he had the same ability of espada 9 you know devour or whatever the hell it was called

Plus ngl Ichigo a little dense here and there View More

southgamez: I chose blue because he looks exactly like Killua otherwise, im not trying to steal other characters and lets say its blue due to the system... My question is why none of you have stated same fact between Soren and Ichigo. Ichigo knows Soren has blue hair, and so does masked man. ..Ichigo cant put 2 and 2 together ? XD

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C56
2 weeks ago
Man south you should have added a weird twist to it bring out his Gigi and toss it to Ichigo (oh he's been in my personal domain but if you really want him back you gotta beat me first) then he tosses the Gigi towards Ichigo (Ichigo goes to Soren rolls him over and sees he has no face)

Then Soren takes off his mask and shows his own face

Well Ichigo as you can see.... If you want your brother back you gotta kill me but Ichigo.... Can you even kill someone who looks like your brother 😈

Maybe make Soren go back to school with him with that delusional that he's not Soren and see how Ichigo tried and kill him

Man j thought about this too much.. View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C56
2 weeks ago
Spoiler alert said with a girly voice he gets a manly voice later on 😂 View More

TianYa: Dropping this. With a girlish voice

WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C7
2 weeks ago
Man that's like the reverse flash a nice guy but he the guy who killed the MC's parents but still.... He my favorite flash villan View More

southgamez: that's what they want, they want you to like him only to make him the bad guy and ruin your perspective of him

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C54
2 weeks ago
Filler? View More

FBI_B1TCH: What was the point of this tournament arc. Hope didn't even fight anyone, only weakling side characters. Red literally did everything and it wasn't even exciting fights, he just put them to sleep. Then there was the pointless passing out thing because he saw a bad person lmao.

Chunibyo's Fanfic. (Currently in Fairy Tail.) · C66
2 weeks ago
Just make one of the enemies make something he finds cute into ugly then he would be like issei when Vail was gonna use half divide(making something half it's original size) on some of Issei's girl's View More

Shady41: Jeez i know he's getting more emotional bc of quartz power and what not but i hope it does make him kill or brutally maim someone again

Chunibyo's Fanfic. (Currently in Fairy Tail.) · C62
2 weeks ago
Tbh it's pretty good if only the chapters were longer.... Besides that great job👍 View More
MC that got reincarnate in the fictional world with 5 wishes(MC is not human but a ghoul) · C5
2 weeks ago
Well hey man that's why it's the forbidden chant for his bankai lol like only forbidden for now maybe make it where his (forbidden) bankai is the true form of his bankai? Like his bankai has 6 different forms for each of the 6 Uchiha I talked about in the last comment

Like maybe make his bankai he will get soon be like he gets some kind of God speed look except maybe with some black lightning? Maybe grow out the hair? Turn his hair black? Make him go Sasuke level emo? View More

southgamez: It sound funny but too wordy, and being unable to use for a month is a bit much... What if Soren uses it and then despells it to only meet with someone else who is powerful, now he gotta wait a month. But I do like the idea, thank you

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C52
3 weeks ago
So what can the MC switch monsters mid battle like shoot lightning at his opponent then switch to the other one and breath fire at him? View More
dcmcu: kaiju system · C6
3 weeks ago
Maybe his forbidden bankai speech could be something like this

MC: I am the last of my clan now hear my cry ARISE MY FALLEN CLAN.... UCHIHA!!!!!!

then appears Fugaku Itachi shushi Madara Obito and Sasuke the leader of them all

The cost of this would be being unable to use bankai for hmm maybe a month? Maybe a week whatever you wanna do? View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C52
3 weeks ago
Newsourpatch: (Insert Jiraya laugh) I'm a big one.... View More

_SupremeBeing_: Oh.. I see that you're a man of culture...

Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C1
3 weeks ago
Bruh you got no class why do that simple yet effective attack when he could stop time and just repeated punch him in the balls and as he punches repeatedly he can scream out ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA
Then his hollow self will form itself too and join in and be like

southgamez: Oh?... Give him the good ol Monkey Steals Peach and No More Decendances ay?

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C51
3 weeks ago
Hey author will you be adding in more wire puns if so can you make the MC show a lot of wires and tie up his opponents and he would say (wire are you getting so upset) View More
The Gamer in Teen Wolf · C7
3 weeks ago
Man tbh when he said he has the power to reverse time it made me think of that one Spodgebob episode when the king tried Spodgebob's Krabby Patty and said (this is good I must try it a second time) reverses time and eats it again View More

Thunderblaze: Time acceleration restarting the universe. Wow. We got ourselves an enrico pucci here people

Why DC!? · C7
3 weeks ago
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