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Finally,the truth revealed and it hurts!I thought Helene was innocent but the main culprit of all their sufferings,good for her she's dead because if not,they will kill her so many times because of bad doings. View More
Hello, Mr Li · C255
12 hours ago
Hoping for Xie Zhen and the baby be safe.Congratz to your new family!they will be both good and doting parents. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C122
13 hours ago
The order of the King excuses no one..good job View More
Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet · C209
14 hours ago
Agreed View More

nadiavalorez2: Linche has a soft and loving heart, she cares about Grandpa sincerely, she always tries to close to him and gives him special attention. She knows what he need is heartwarming relationship, and she likes to do it. She tried to give love for Grandpa, so he didn't feel alone in his old age.

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C622
15 hours ago
Changyu"svparent kept the letter or maybe threw nor burned it! View More
Hello, Mr Li · C254
1 day ago
HuaMei stop being delusional! they already helped you,don't ask for more..you're such an oppurtunist person!The Emperor had a love of his life Henan and he's waiting for her comeback. View More
Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet · C208
1 day ago
A doting sister,so adorable!She was more strict than her parents for her sister...I believed in Zhong Shang's intention,he was serious and like Ah Xun,he will protect and take care of the latter! View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C120
1 day ago
Same guess View More

Litt13aznd011: Yating pregnant??? 🤔

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C663
1 day ago
Me,too!WORLD'S CLIFFHANGER CHALLENGE for our dear Author View More

Wummielove: Dear Author I'm nominating you as the WORLD CLIFFHANGER CHALLENGE....

Thanks for the update and finally making them talk... I love the fact that you brought REALISM to the way changyu is acting even at that age.

My mom recently connected to her first love and was acting way off.... Lol

In love... Age doesn't matter.

Thank you

Hello, Mr Li · C252
2 days ago
Both were hurt due to some circumstances happened between them,they need to talk openly...so excited for the next chapter! View More
Hello, Mr Li · C252
2 days ago
Please save the baby..Yan Yu will get mad and angry if something bad happen to his wife and child. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C117
2 days ago
Prince Yan Yu was the one qualified and fitted as an Emperor,he must be the so called crown prince but due to some circumstances that it was given to Prince Yan Tao.he deserve the throne View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C116
2 days ago
Mu Yazhe better bring Yun Shishi to Civil Registry Office and matty her,before Mu Sheng let you marry Mu Wanrou View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C887
2 days ago
So happy for them!Congratulations,can it be a boy..the future Emperor View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C115
3 days ago
Yeah View More

Daoist316601: Lin Che and Gu Jingze are so lovely❤❤❤

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C613
3 days ago
Get out girl View More

arazen: How awkward and embarassing MH! Hahaha i bet u wish there's a hole where your standing😂 but since you're a thick skinned b*tch, this things don't affect you!hahahaha
Your obviously UNWANTED in their home so if i were you, don't wait for them to kick you out! 😝

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C613
3 days ago
Agreed View More

Shameless_Slipper: The pictures turn well because they are in love with each other ☺️ So Huiling just get out there and find the father of your child, maybe just maybe he was the right one for you. I don't want you to turn up like Miss Lu, just live a good life and move on okay? I don't want to see another girl living a divested life.

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C613
3 days ago
So delusional View More

Zeeckie: This Ms Khang, how can it be over when it never started 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

Hello, Mr Li · C249
4 days ago
I'm sure,she was pregnant because of the signs! Get well soon little lamb,Yan Yu was on your side to love,care and protect you. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C114
4 days ago
At first,when I read the title..I thought Xie Zhen had a miscarriage and lost their child.
I didn't expect it was Yan Yun's blood,he pays his blood and life with all the life he took..pay back time. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C113
4 days ago
A quality a King must possessed!He must prioritize his constituents welfare before anything else. Hoping that they will find HuaMei and save her. View More
Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet · C205
4 days ago
Dear author,can you please hurry up and stop these 4 months ago chapters,so annoying! The other character of the female lead,so dumb- I hated it! Even the Prince can't noticed that they were framing her,I thought he was a smart Prince. View More
Oh, Beloved Two Faced Consort · C37
4 days ago
Disappointed..why you dropped it?,it was a good story😪😪😪 View More
Becoming the richest woman in another era! · C19
5 days ago
Me,too View More

XiaoReiChan: I can't wait for this arc to end soon. We already know who did what. (Though Qin Hao should still receive his due punishment.)

When Yifei sees Lily, what will her reaction be? Will she apologize? The death of Lily and Renren's child was really uncalled for. Her prediction was true. Lily did save her from Qin Hao.

Whether she asks for forgiveness or not, all her actions in the past have now come to light. There's no escaping this. 😶

The Villain's Wife, · C337
5 days ago
Additional character again,just to prolong the story..¹🙄 View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C880
5 days ago
Everybody will be surprised if they found out that Sara was a not a nobody especially Dana,that she was Changyu's daughter and only heir.thanks for the support Grandma Sun. View More
Hello, Mr Li · C248
5 days ago
I got carried away! while reading,my tears were falling unnoticed! A heavy heart! but he was such a fool,he sacrificed his life because of refusal,if he accepted it with open heart,they can still be friends. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C112
5 days ago
You're a hero Gao Xun,but you used your depression and became suicidal because of Xie Zhen's refusal of your love! She's married and you deserve someone else who will love and cherish you!Don"t die,marry first and have a happy life! View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C111
5 days ago
Truth hurts!What Xie Zhen feels for Gao Xun was pure brotherly love,unlike Yan Yu she like and was fond of him since their childhood!She was just being kind and treat him well due to Yan Yu's absence. View More
The Royal’s Cute Little Wife · C109
5 days ago
Repentance is at the end! There was no harm in being cautious..Many lives were taken by the foolishness of the minister,he must pay back his life too. View More
Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet · C204
5 days ago
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