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Lol😂 View More

Atria25: Right but now I'm shamlessly asking where in the world can I get a guy with 10% of his energy lol

Two Contracts - My Lover is a CEO · C78
5 days ago
Reading Status: C505
Beautiful story, sad, funny, mushy, thrilling...one problem though, story development is really slow. They've been on honeymoon since chapter 460 or so, chapter 590 they still on honeymoon. A day goes for 20 chapters if not more. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac.
1 week ago
Su Ling is not the one for Lu Shaoting. He deserves someone good hearted, even that fake fiancee is not the one. He deserves more. View More
My Beautiful Love · C245
3 weeks ago
Author, thank you so much for your lovely work and unwavering dedication. You are appreciated. I am addict of your book, simply amazing. View More
My Beautiful Love · C244
3 weeks ago
I don't mind the SS but your story is really starting to drag, a day or night going for more than 5 chapters seems a bit much. I love the story but I'd love to see it develop. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C504
3 weeks ago
Don't lose heart, I truly love your story and I am sure in no time it will be in the top 10. Just don't take too long to upload chapters so that people don't forget it and lose interest. View More
The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise · C232
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C213
Oh my I love the new cover. So hypnotic. I love how the story, I always look forward to the updates.
Thank you author for not wasting our time going in circles, your story is well developed, I love the pace, in fact I love everything about this story. Thank you author we appreciate your talent. View More
My Beautiful Love
1 month ago
Dear Author
Thank you so much for not unnecessarily dragging the story, in one chapter I get my fill. Thank you for not making 5 chapters a one day event. I love your work truly. The story is beautifully unfolding. View More
My Beautiful Love · C134
2 months ago
It's hard to be patient with Kim dear author, she's selfish and doesn't see a good guy making all his efforts to keep a smile on her face. She does nothing to ensure same, she takes and takes, then take some more.🙍 View More
The Unexpected Discovery of Love · C111
2 months ago
Reading Status: C141
This novel got me feeling like a drug addict waiting for her next fix. I get excited when I see the blue dot next to it. I love it I love it I love it. View More
When Love Happens!
2 months ago
How do I become premium. I am dying, I need my fix. View More

Alaheeza: they r the privilgd chapters..but dun worry..soon u'll get normel updates too...hang in there😘

When Love Happens! · C141
2 months ago
The chapters following this one ain't opening, I wonder why?

Love your novel so much. I need my fix however the chapters are not been cooperative😢 View More
When Love Happens! · C141
2 months ago
Author please don't let us wait til the next day for the next update. At least give us 2 chapters per day.
Whining aside though I love your novel, I am addicted. View More
Mr Ceo's Little Lover · C79
3 months ago
Thank you for another lovely chapter. You are killing us with the suspense. View More
Mr Ceo's Little Lover · C73
3 months ago
Hahaha you know Vikram is just getting what he asked for, he was annoyingly forceful, texting Ray every 5 minutes to take Akira under his wing. He's drinking vinegar. View More
Can you mend my broken heart? · C81
4 months ago
😂 best chapters indeed View More

Ciya_Orange: "best night ever" he whispered
"best chapters ever!" I shouted
😍😍😍 😆😊😚

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C265
4 months ago
Reading Status: C11
First of all the grammar is really good. Secondly, I am really enjoying the storyline, keeps me wondering what happened to her and I really cannot wait to know. Thirdly, I like the fact that the ML is older, we always read about 30 year olds and never above. Just a little curious how old she is. View More
Be My Strength
5 months ago
What could have happened to her? View More
Be My Strength · C11
5 months ago
Her age would really be helpful View More

huahua: How old is she? 28? Younger? Older?

Be My Strength · C11
5 months ago
Reading Status: C23
It really is not a bad novel however the sins of Anna got me to have a certain level of expectations. I started this novel on the same energy and hype, I kept waiting for the real punch but none. Perhaps had the sins of Anna not so great I would have thoroughly enjoyed this too. I noticed however that the grammar mistakes have reduced in this one so that is one step forward.
Don't be discouraged in anyway, your stories are truly beautiful and thank you. I enjoy your style of writing, portraying the story from the character's perception. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your many great novels. View More
Vengeance For Jenny
5 months ago
This can make things easy for the both of them. View More
Vengeance For Jenny · C0
5 months ago
Yeah she really should tell him. View More

Lajess: Why can't she tell him what she is really into, hiding it from him makes things worse and not easy for maliki,

Vengeance For Jenny · C0
5 months ago
Reading Status: C111
This one got me excited in all ways possible. I love the style used , telling the story from the perception of the characters. I can only hope the sequel is just as amazing and hopefully you have found an editor for it. Thank you. View More
The Sins of Anna
5 months ago
I have loved this one I hope I l9ve the sequel just as much View More
The Sins of Anna · C111
5 months ago
Oh you amazing human being thank you View More

AvlyDarkz: in the book sequel Falling for chaos does mention Anna and Rens Child, also covers a lot of the what happened to the others. and also the book follows a romance of one of sins other characters romances.

Love Avly

The Sins of Anna · C111
5 months ago
Reading Status: C87
I am in love with Lord Feng🙈 forgive me Lady Darkz, he can be an ass but all in all he's just an amazing partner. That's if he ain't out cheating with hot gingers with cheap French perfumes. View More
The Sins of Anna
5 months ago
Lady Darkz View More
The Sins of Anna · C87
5 months ago
No running from it View More

Lajess: You would always be a Silverman Anna, it runs in the blood.

The Sins of Anna · C87
5 months ago
Reading Status: C43
I am loving this one soooooo much, oh Anna you amazing woman, so strong and powerful, you woman of velour. I love the narration from one's own perspective. View More
The Sins of Anna
5 months ago
Wow I am in awe. View More
The Sins of Anna · C43
5 months ago
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