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Vaylin and padme are definately good women for him. I would say ashoka as well but he might be too old for her cant remember her exact age. Well looking forward to more keep up the good work. Wonder how the jedi will feel about him bringing vaylin along. View More
Star Wars Return of an Empire · C19
6 hours ago

Origin_Order_Chaos: Now what ever happens please DON'T forget serafall......she is a must you know.....other are no go for you but she has to be......for us....cap do this...

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C146
6 hours ago
guess she doesn't have to stay with him the whole time. wouldn't suck though if they are both fighting far apart and she one of them over draws on the others power. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C51
7 hours ago
so basically his parents watched him for a billion years being alone and apparently he has a fiance. poor shing ting they even have a child lol. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C41
8 hours ago
having four wifes would be good and shing ting should be one of them really but doubt that would happen which is horrible in my opinion since she is pretty good to him plus she is trying really hard for him. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C40
8 hours ago
he avoided paradise that is what he avoided. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C26
9 hours ago
curious how many wifes he will and who will be the second and third if there will be more from this city. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C18
10 hours ago
wont lie for a moment thought he was going to rush head first as a mortal lol. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C14
11 hours ago
all i can say is if he really does send a woman away each time after a year of being together then i wont read more and it will also explain on how he ended up alone. to me being all powerful is pointless if your alone in the end. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C9
11 hours ago
grand elder at least knows right from wrong or he felt something from him and wants to bet his family with him. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C8
11 hours ago
well if he acted like this when he was becoming all powerful it would explain some things about his personality but if he didn't then it would explain why he was alone because there are tons of women who would want to be safe so he must have done something to be alone for so long. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C6
11 hours ago
might be the first time someone yearned for debt lol. well getting into debt is a way to get companions since you have to repay them later and seems a lot of beautiful women want to help him which is always good. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C3
12 hours ago
it would suck to go from being all powerful to a cripple. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C2
12 hours ago
looks interesting and maybe i will also look at the other stories. View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father · C1
12 hours ago
that is hilarious wont lie will be funny and a little disturbing later to see magical girl cookie later. Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work cant wait for more. View More
God succession system · C253
13 hours ago
really some great skills i think i will have to go back and re read everything after catching up. still find is sadist title hilarious. View More
God succession system · C252
13 hours ago
just thought of something if he ever went to konusuba world i bet darkness would love him since he could give her to akeno and she will just like tio lol. View More
God succession system · C251
13 hours ago
welcome back so glad to have you back. maybe he is about to get another milf lol. like how he isn't allowing her to die but scary that she is already switching feelings from the fake hero to him. View More
God succession system · C250
14 hours ago
almost to a hundred chapters and still he is a virgin that is being played with. he should of lost the v card a long time ago and at this rate it will another hundred chapters. really hard wanting to continue this. View More
14 hours ago
That is funny that he is the one who lost an arm now instead of his his future apprentace does. Keep up the good work. View More
Star Wars Return of an Empire · C18
16 hours ago

Doruk_C: Did u post again cause of ur devotion to Natalie Portman

Star Wars Return of an Empire · C18
16 hours ago
If that is how the jedi really do test there padawan to become knight it might be even more understandable on why so many fall. Keep up the good work. View More
Star Wars New Order · C16
16 hours ago
Glad to see another chapter looking forward to more. View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C119
16 hours ago
Reading Status: C17
So far from what I read it is one of the best star wars fan fiction. It would be a good read for people who are star wars fan and like when things change a little at a time instead of all at once so far at least makes it even better. View More
Star Wars Return of an Empire
17 hours ago
Great chapter keep up the good work. View More
Star Wars Return of an Empire · C17
17 hours ago
yet he probably still wont be able to get it up. he better go back for those one women or they are going to have a bad end at least that one that was really close to him most likely will. View More
17 hours ago

aiightthanks: With how short the chapters are, how do you justify going premium?

19 hours ago
hell maybe she is actually the mc of the story. View More
19 hours ago
there is no way he couldn't have known about not being impotent if he is that powerful. View More
19 hours ago
well maybe she has a reason for doing this that will make chuck more powerful and be able to have a hard on. View More
19 hours ago
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