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Reading Status: C4
Good novel that should have been picked up. Really solid story telling, and I was actually interested in what would happen next, instead of just reading until something interesting happened. Hope it gets translated in the future. View More
I have a bunch of players on Earth
3 days ago
Goal is to conquer heaven View More

Sleeping_Racoon: Wasn't the goal in underworld is to conquer winterfell (according to bru, lol)? I would say the most lacking part is the gamers' characters, or more interesting characters in general.

I have a bunch of players on Earth · C11
1 week ago

tyreburn: I feel I just got thrown in a western movie and the mcs are in a serious gun fight

The Game of Life
1 week ago

KnightShade420: Did anyone else rapidly scrolled down after reading one too many replies just to see how far it went down. I also realized I have no life because I read all this and kinda want to read the replies I skipped.

The Game of Life
1 week ago
This arc was so fucking boring. What a slog View More
Warlock Apprentice · C532
1 month ago
Schrodinger's cat experiment doesn't have actual scientific worth, it's just a way to demonstrate how superposition works. View More

landwalker: When will the Schrodinger cat be release? I think it will be exciting

Throne of Magical Arcana · C655
2 months ago
Huh. Ending didn't feel planned out well, but I enjoyed the majority of the book overall. You can't expect much with endings of books I guess View More
Seized by the System · C1166
2 months ago
This novel is literally the same as underground gamers ngl. View More

Muspon: This is a truly unique novel and as long as the author doesn't give up on the story it may just create a whole new genre of novels that is how good it is.

The Boss Behind The Game
3 months ago
Wow this chapter is just so racist I don't even know what to say. View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C434
4 months ago
If this is true I'm dropping. Feels bad man I thought this would be an epic story about him making a sword group organization of delinquents, not just ghost hunting View More

Ree_Trace: Theirs only 324 Chapters and i finished the raws and this is only a ghost busters and kendo story till the very end that's all

i was hoping this majestic era of the Recuperation of Reiki happens later in the story but nope it doesn't AAAAAAAAH!!!!

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C34
5 months ago
One of the people is probably possessed by the ghost, either that or the writer girl will be a recurring character. Stories need set ups for call backs don't be so critical. View More

Asratic: If he’s oh so “apathetic” why did he join up with them in the first place? This is ridiculous. All of these chapter hanging up with them just for the people to leave.

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C20
5 months ago
People couldn't cultivate before the reiki resurged and creating a sword sprit that links to you was able to suck in far more reiki than normal humans seen by how he created a chrono hole or w/e when he first made the spirit. He's already chosen this path and most likely doesn't have much knowledge on cultivation since he didn't cultivate before hand. Plus spirit sword can cultivate 24/7. View More

Brezer: Ok just had a WTF moment. So in his last life in his ORIGINAL body he could lot cultivate but now he is in a NEW body so..... did he try to cultivate this time, I mean really what are the chances the new body can't cultivate. This part made no sense to me , the author never said he tried to cultivate this time he just got a sword and started talking to it or whatever lol.

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C9
5 months ago

ManCat: What the actual happen with the novel ? such a good novel has been abandoned. At least could you tell us the detail..

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain · C724
5 months ago
You seem to have a mental illness, you could try trepanning like your ancestors did. View More

ChrisLeontsinis: Sure it did bro I suggest you use only use them from now on

Ninth In the World · C29
6 months ago
Natural cures to a multitude of diseases exist in nature and Chinese medicine did find some of them. One of the most famous examples is the nobel prize winning paper on cures found within Chinese medicine. View More

ChrisLeontsinis: Having herbs that "treat" cold isn't what work means

Ninth In the World · C29
6 months ago

roksy: Just snatch it lord shirlie, I would have been in tears 😭

Gamers of the Underworld · C104
7 months ago
Reading Status: C632
Like most Chinese novels it has a flaw of rushed ending with a quite a bit left open ended. I personally enjoyed the novel for the most part. The detail it went into on the magic system was at a pretty good rate, though formations could have been explained better than just saying formation and leaving it at that. View More
When A Mage Revolts
7 months ago
He sidestepped having to give away his contact information by changing the questions until he was able to leave the presentation lmao View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C213
8 months ago
Reading Status: C116
The ending pissed me off so fucking much is it hard for writers to actually tell the reader what happened Christ. Characters were kinda flat and the world design was both interesting and stupid as ****. View More
The World after the Fall
8 months ago
Guess chapters are done for the month View More
The City of Terror · C395
8 months ago
First off, it's a book about cultivation, you can suspend your apprehensiveness towards metaphysics. Second off, some cures of Chinese medicine do work, don't hate View More

aattss: So basically, Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective if you're in a Chinese Webnovel where magic is actually real and the author believes in superstition over "western" medicine that only appears to be more effective because it actually is.

Ninth In the World · C29
8 months ago
Books don't get as many return readers with no cliffs. That's why majority of translates novels have cliffs View More

OpinionatedPotato: really getting tired of this fucking bull****. Why can't people post chapters when there isn't a cliff? Why do they post chapters specifically when cliff exists? If i ever write a fucking novel you can be damn sure i'm only gonna post it in sections with no fucking cliffs. I hope all these fucking cliff loving authors get CUCKED by my cliffless writing. FUCK!

Warlock Apprentice · C103
8 months ago
When did he lose his god hood View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C219
8 months ago
Is wanting to stay in your own country nationalism or patriotism? The fact that someone doesn't want to permanently leave their home isn't nationalism I swear to God webnovel comments are getting stupider View More

Ornamental: So, now we see the first bit of nationalism.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C181
8 months ago
What a trickster. I actually thought the novel would shift in tone but I guess not lmao View More
Seized by the System · C815
8 months ago
Translator died View More
The City of Terror · C386
8 months ago
Are you pea brained or something? This isn't really hard to understand View More

Xyrox: ?????????????

Ninth In the World · C5
8 months ago
Reading Status: C987
I've been reading this novel for a while, stopped reading around 1200 and only recently powered through to the ending. The best way to describe the last 200 chapters was it felt like I was reading a made up history text book. At that point there wasn't much Chinese history just a slog of info about the wars, diplomacy, and schemes. Chinese novels typically hyper focus into one thing as the novel ends and this one hyper focused into wars. It wasn't that bad, but I'm not reading this ever again. I'd rather read a history textbook and gain factual knowledge. Half the times the novel talked about a character I had no fucking clue who they were. W/e. I enjoyed it before it got too hyper focused and I'm sure the last bit will entice someone. View More
The World Online
8 months ago
Why don't you just read plot synopsises on Wikipedia if you think this is filler,,,, View More


Warlock Apprentice · C79
8 months ago
This novel is pretty much just world building the novel. How have you read this many chapters and not realized that yet View More

iyoureancestor: Useless mc. And the plot is getting from not so good but not so bad to disappointing plot. Easy to predict..🙃

Low Dimensional Game · C334
8 months ago
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