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So many conspiracies 🤯 View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C760
3 hours ago
🤣 right? I can only imagine how mad our Mr. Fu would’ve been 😂 View More

psycho_path: So intense Mr. Fu! Really really intense!

Good thing Tuan Tuan never woke up in the middle of their passionate night.. 🤭

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C306
1 day ago
God, I need xinya to give him an everlasting face slap that he can;t recover from! View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C288
1 day ago
Such a savage Tuan Tuan 😂 View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C305
2 days ago
Yes, and now that’s smarter, he’ll raise her with better values. View More

chaoxing: I think that this decision will be great for him and his daughter. She need to be raise in an environment that isn’t all about schemings and money’s.

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife · C950
2 days ago
Reading Status: C2185
If you’re on the fence about this novel, because it’s too long or too cliche sounding, let me urge you. You need to read it! Truly is one of the best novels I’ve read, and I’ve read plenty 😂 View More
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
3 days ago
Pfft! If Moshen defines that as true love, he has idea what love is. I don’t feel bad about his life one bit. You made your bed, now it’s time for you to sleep in it. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C301
3 days ago
Right? He can’t act as if he had no part in his life. It’s your life for god’s sake 🤦‍♀️ He doesn’t deserve nuan and I’m glad he didn’t get her. View More

Tomoyo72: Wen Moshen, Gu Hanyan might be despicable but you cant entirely blame her. You had your chance. You know Lin Nuan's personality and how she feels about you but you didnt even check the facts first before judging her if it was her who went to Iraq or not. 🙄🙄🙄

And to Gu Hanyan, the scheming witch still has the guts to blame it to Nuan2??? Your life will be miserable now..🙄🙄

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C300
3 days ago
Face slapping the white lotus is always so satisfying 🥳 View More

VannaBah: Hahaha caught in the act!

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C299
3 days ago
Ugh.... getting impatient to know the truth.... View More
The Sweetest Medicine · C99
3 days ago
😂 😂 View More

Bubbles32: Fu Qing the talkative like parrot😂

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C2185
4 days ago
I need this ship to sail ASAP! View More
Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife · C939
5 days ago
🤣 🤣 View More


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C2182
5 days ago
Torn between wanting more chapters sooner and not since it means the novel ends that much quicker 😭 View More
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C2178
1 week ago
😂 😂 View More

Helpful2468: Can we get a sniper ready and aimed at the ex

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C755
1 week ago
How did they miss Mu Lin’s maids?... View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C754
1 week ago
😂 god, I hope the author doesn’t drag it until next year View More

Xiaoie: I am willing to bet my ** that FZ's background will not be revealed until next month. If we're lucky. And we will be reading about the development between FZ and YG next year. Again, if we're lucky.

The Sweetest Medicine · C89
1 week ago
Jing sheng needs to be pushed so she can stop being a coward. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C753
1 week ago
😂 and they know just what buttons to push View More

jaliahibd: Hahaha lan and liang always trying to tire the other

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C752
1 week ago
😳 that would be the best news View More

novelbox: What kind of good news?? Is it about Lan becoming pregnant 🙈🙉🙊

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C750
1 week ago
😆 😂 liang liang and Lanie are such a great black belly duo 😂 View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C749
1 week ago
I have 2, I’ll lend you one and use the other to help 😏 View More

Helpful2468: Does anyone one have a shovel I can borrow or should I ask Liang Liang for one

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C748
1 week ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 good one! View More

sydney_taylor: Oh, I thought his name was Pres. A-hole Li ! 😆😆
Does he think he was such a catch that Lan wouldn't look for other fish in the ocean after what he did?

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C747
2 weeks ago
So excited for some face slapping to start 👹 can we please start with hua mei? 🍒🍨 View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C746
2 weeks ago
😖 author’s got me on pins and needles with that ending! View More

blackheart_13: Don’t leave us on a cliffhanger please !

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C745
2 weeks ago
Cobra daddies are the best 🥰 View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C744
2 weeks ago
🤣 🤣 View More

Helpful2468: Give me a N Give me a O Give me a E Give me a L what that spell Noel Noel go Noel go

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C743
2 weeks ago
😂 working right with her plan 👹 View More

Helpful2468: Mu Lan are you making a certain someone jealous

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C742
2 weeks ago
Ooo! I’m excited to know noel’s reaction when he finds out/sees jing sheng going out 😂 View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C741
2 weeks ago
😂 exactly how I feel 😂 View More

yxoon: OMG...just now refresh my page and receive d new update ...thanks author.. olz could you be lil regular....dying for more cute moments of Dr Li and our hero And of course need some face slapping n waiting for destruction n REVENGE ☺️☺️😊👍👍

Granting You a Second Life · C154
2 weeks ago
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