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Sword of Dawnbreaker · C66
1 day ago
Idk, but 16 best girl. View More

Murali: Between ye si, sixteen and soft feather, who do you think shuhang will end up with?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1183
1 week ago

BlasphemerAmon: I may have to clarify a common misconception... Liking to wear a monocle is NOT a side effect of being parasitized. I'm merely acting as a trendsetter. People who see me and interact with me (and yes, some people - many people 'are' me), generally admire my stylish getup and aim to imitate me to a certain extent - except for a few screaming fools who would rather run away than learn how to be fashionable. And wearing a monocle is highly fashionable! In a timeless way, hehe... 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C1006
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C60
I absolutely love this story. The characters are distinct, the world is constructed well, it gets me involved, I really want to see where this goes! I put a 3 for stability Because I have no idea on how well it updates or it’s schedule yet, so i hope it’s consistent. (I binged.) View More
Sword of Dawnbreaker
1 month ago

mujaki2: Barnicon is an outer wall with a fortress on it.

Sword of Dawnbreaker · C50
1 month ago
So Mc was god for a chapter... interesting View More
Sword of Dawnbreaker · C1
1 month ago
Excuse me, what level is the duke? I’m forgetting our moon’s level and trying to apply the ranking system to it. Thinking it’s 1, since there are 3 dukes, but I could be wrong. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C969
1 month ago
Uuf I paid enough for now I don’t want to pay any more... but I need to know what happens. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C957
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: Theory:

The original owner of the grey fog was an ancient God before there were sequence pathways... He combined Fool+Apprentice+Marauder Godhood (or perhaps he was the Original Creator himself) . At some point he prepared a method for revival (that maggot door with the cocoons): All those "transmigrators" are actually part of his mythical creature form and are just dreaming Earth's existence. The door releases one of them into the real world with the aim to let them aquire Godhood in the fool/apprentice/maurauder domain. Klein's two predecessors failed this part because they chose the wrong sequence and cannot return to the main body above the grey fog.

So back when Klein made everyone believe that the Fool was an ancient God who is trying to reawaken, he actually hit the mark 100%.

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 month ago
Oh **** Lord dog PISSED View More
Gourmet of Another World · C832
1 month ago
What is he a pedo? View More

KpopTheorist: On the princess

The Emperor’s Daughter · C222
1 month ago
On who? View More

KpopTheorist: I think Assi has a crush

The Emperor’s Daughter · C222
1 month ago

Meowhead: Amon being an enemy of the True Creator is interesting. I wonder about the possibility of him some day becoming a temporary ally. ... the enemy of my enemy might not be a friend, but any excuse to team up with a sequence 1...

Lord of the Mysteries · C887
2 months ago

Ozwin: I genuinely feel bad for Arrodes. I can tell he was struggling not to ask this lovely and stoic woman some rather mortifying questions that I too wanted to know the answ- that I can understand would be a great temptation for me- for him to possibly see her break her cool and unflappable expression in embarrassment and possibly shame as that would be a delicious rewa- a heavy payment to extract from such a proud and powerful person.

>.> Purely in that I can maybe sense how difficult this must have been for him and in no way do I mean that I can completely synchronize with him on any feelings of a missed opportunity and wasted feast for the mind and soul. <.<

Lord of the Mysteries · C878
2 months ago
This chapter felt rather short View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C872
2 months ago
What is this, 40k? View More

Zacc: Haha, did anyone else see the typo? He traveled to the cathedral in a cathedral. That's traveling in style!

Lord of the Mysteries · C858
2 months ago

Randompasserby: Klein getting more and more uncomfortable under that heavy realization that The Goddess is pretty much stalking him...good, squirm more lmao

I refuse to believe I'm the only one getting more and more Yandere-ish vibes from the Evernight Goddess And I'm not even saying it like that's a bad thing!! 🤣
Such potential...

Lord of the Mysteries · C858
2 months ago

Chipzyvash: Woah. Nc. Anyways never thought that this novel only reached 48% chapters... theres alot more 4 the translator to do.

Gourmet of Another World · C761
2 months ago

Meowhead: Been waiting a long time for the reunion. Hopefully they can manage it as friends rather than enemies.

Lord of the Mysteries · C851
2 months ago
Yup. View More

Lobo: You had to ask didn't you?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
2 months ago

Mr_Jiaoxia: Would white crane buy Senior whites bath water?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
2 months ago
Would white crane buy Senior whites bath water? View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
2 months ago

Zacc: Now then... how is his luck going to help him find the appropriate forging method? Will another cultivator come crashing through his window?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 months ago

reyou_leo: Something that is lost for eons never to be found? A SSR item that rng-esus denied giving you? Have this problem caused you to lose hair thinking about it?
NO WORRY! We have the solution! Presenting Senior White! With the appropriate price(life threatning event), senior white can find you what you need or more!(considering you manage to live).
Call us at 1-800-tribulation space. And bring immortal food to improve your chances of him blessing you.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 months ago

PotatOS: Now I want Gehrman to pull an ukulele out of the grey fog and start accompanying Alger's horrible singing with a deadpan expression. 🎶🎵

Lord of the Mysteries · C807
3 months ago
lol that coincidence View More
Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C59
3 months ago
Tbh, right now I’m just getting the same vibes as the 20 meter emerald splash. View More
The Desolate Era · C1422
3 months ago

JL6857: Funny...after reading this for so many months...I find out I'm just reading the beginning of Star Wars...

The Desolate Era · C1395
3 months ago
Lol, Ning took a system cheat as a disciple. View More
The Desolate Era · C1387
3 months ago

AgelessWonder: Thank you, commenter below

The Desolate Era · C1331
3 months ago
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