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Original Works

  • Transition and Restart

    Transition and Restart

    Romance Fiction


    If you were transported from this world to another almost identical. If you were transported from your life to your teenage self. If you had to restart your life again. Would you, or would you cling to your memories? Tags: Japan, Sweden, Tokyo, comedy, drama, high school, Academy, Slice of Life, romcom

  • Alarm Clock and Mirror

    Alarm Clock and Mirror

    Realistic Fiction

    This is a very short one-off I wrote a couple of years ago after a long night on-line discussing the worst cliché ways to start a story. It's a joke, and while it formally belongs to the T&R universe it's most definitely not part of its canon.

  • Those left behind

    Those left behind

    Realistic Fiction

    Transiting into a new world. Restarting your life. A second chance. But... what about those left behind? A Transition and Restart sideshow. Short story, completed at publication.

  • The Taleweaver

    The Taleweaver


    One man to change a life Two to change a world An outworlder comes to Otherworld where words come true where he comes true The Taleweaver This is a story of mine from 2003. It's long since finished, or at least two out of three planned books are written. There will be no third. Now while each book is a finished story in its own right there are loose ends after book two that will never get tied together. So, dear reader, you have been warned before you decide to embark upon this journey.


Lizabelle88: A***...Finally...Ulf and Christina! They belong together!

Transition and Restart · C50
2 days ago

Lizabelle88: A***...Finally...Ulf and Christina! They belong together!

Transition and Restart · C50
2 days ago
More chapters :D A bribe. View More
Cross Worlds: The Tale of Two Boys who swapped worlds · C11
3 days ago

MajestyGloxinia: This story is really a great read!

The start is befuddling but in a good way! Story improvement is great, The plot is so intriguing and one of a kind! The writing quality is really descriptive and keeps you captivated. The character design is heavenly as well!

It was worth to read from confusion then sudden clarity. I will keep reading this, but for now, here are my thoughts about the story!

Transition and Restart
4 days ago

iamnaz7: Love the story and the settings. Would love to read more. Some minor adjustments and corrections but overall it has the potential. Keep it up!

Transition and Restart
4 days ago
Reading Status: C20
This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 20.

A sports story usually runs as a coming of age one. And in the end this one does follow that fram. It does, however, start with the cracks showing in the current superstar's performance.

There's a second arc which has just started. It's extremely confusing since it more or less reads as an entirely new story. Add that we're overdosed by magical realism out of nowhere and I'm sitting here totally clueless about where this is going. I can't even say if I feel clueless in a good or a bad way.

The English used is shaky, tense handling wavering and usage of point of view a bit undisciplined. These aspects all detract from the reading experience.

Now for the stars.

Writing: Four stars. For the reasons mentioned above.

Updates: Five stars. Basically been dumped to site in three chunks three days apart. So not every day but solid.

Story: Five stars. With a very nice handoff from one main character to another this is your expected 'a new star is born' kind of story. Well done this far.

Character: Five stars. There are just two of them at the moment with a third being introduced. The two main ones are well fleshed out, the third, for obvious reasons, less so. Supporting cast get less screen time.

World: Four stars. Something's lacking in the setting. I'm yanking a star because much of the story is set outside the playing field, but only that field gets to become the assisting character, setting, needed for the story.

Lastly, here's your chance to experience an unknown sports. Given an overhaul of the English language used I'm expecting a thoroughly pleasant read for anyone interested in sports stories. View More
MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
4 days ago
Reading Status: C15
This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 15.

We have a darker kind of reincarnation story here. Man dies on earth, meets godlike being and gets dumped into system fantasyland. End of standard story.

Being reincarnated as the lowest of the low basically constitutes as going to hell.

Apart from the male lead there are quite a few supporting characters, both allies as well as antagonists.

As of chapter fifteen it's clear there's some kind of conflict between two factions. It should also be noted that the main character at this stage of the story mostly is reactive. He gets dragged into events rather that deciding his own future. At the very last chapter we're shown how he does take a stance, but I have no idea where it's going.

Poor English, shaky handing of tense and the wavering between third person omniscient point of view and third person limited point of view all detract from the reding experience.

Add that the story is rather confusing. Explaining the world in terms of system mechanics also means that the story grinds to a halt from time to time.

Now for the stars.

Writing: Three stars. The story needs line-editing. The English used is poor enough to force the reader to reread lines from time to time.

Updates: Four stars. The fifteen chapters published this far come with several holes in the delivery.

Story: Four stars. While confusing it's an interesting plot.

Character: Four stars. Three characters are slowly gaining a personality. I can see this evolving into a fifth star within another dozen or so chapters.

World: Three stars. While we're served system data on a dystopic setting said world really isn't experienced by the characters. More often than not we're merely told it's their personal hell.

Lastly, given a language overhaul and quite a bit more showing rather than telling I have high hopes for where this story is going. View More
God's Authority
5 days ago

TheBlips: Goodluck Sten! Go for it!😊

The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago
I might just do that, but first I want a couple of dozen more chapters up and running. I'm running a slice of life so story progression comes at a glacial pacing :D View More

TheBlips: You should send him a message.its a big help

The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago
Naeh. My discord refuses to let me log in. But I must have gone onto the frontpage once anyway. I was collecting my 1k views and one collection per day like clockwork. Then suddenly I'm getting 10k views per day for two days, and collections skyrocketed from 30 to 200. Now, I suck at advertising, so rest assured it wasn't me doing something right :D View More

TheBlips: Did you message edgarry so he can feature your novel?

The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago
A million is still a million. I'm not even at a hundred K :D View More

TheBlips: Hahaha... thank you. How I wish my collections will also increase as fast as my views.😂🤣

The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago

TheBlips: Hahaha... thank you. How I wish my collections will also increase as fast as my views.😂🤣

The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago
Yup. View More

Chryiss: A polygon indeed.

Transition and Restart · C28
5 days ago
The Nakagawa at the extreme beginning waits for arrivals at the year 2040. The Nakagawa (who is indeed Principal of Himekaizen) of 2016 knows of arrivals. Ulf happens to be one. View More

Chryiss: !!!!

So Nakagawa knows about Ulf’s transit?!
He is the principal here?! Like he was talking about in the first chapter?! Am I connecting the dots right? But if so, how does Nakagawa know about Ulf back when he was a principal, or he also went along with him, but why??

Transition and Restart · C23
5 days ago
Japanese style High School Romance. What else did you expect? :D View More

Chryiss: Aha! I get the inner workings now! It’s a love polygon!

Transition and Restart · C20
5 days ago
Too brief according to several readers :D And yeah, it's Noriko who's saved in the prologue. View More

Chryiss: Oof! You are very brief and sneaky on those allusions! Noriko was the girl Ulf saved more before? I almost didn’t catch this (if I’m actually right).

Also, the twins are funny. Typical sibling rivalry I suppose~

Transition and Restart · C15
5 days ago
Yep. This is originally my attempt at a Japanese style Light Novel. It's more or less taken for granted that different people know one person by slightly different 'names'. View More

Chryiss: It took some rereading for me to understand who Kyoko and Kuri were. It seemed like they popped out of the blue, but now I see that it’s due to Japanese names being more used in more ways than western names. People can be called by their last names, and so nicknames can be made for both. It takes some time getting used to.

Transition and Restart · C12
5 days ago
Thanks :D View More
Transition and Restart · C11
5 days ago
Eh, naeh. Something happened to him. As in he got transported to another world. As far as his wife knows he's dead. View More
Transition and Restart · C9
5 days ago
Yep. Some stuff happens off-stage. They've been friends for half a year. View More
Transition and Restart · C7
5 days ago
You're hitting the one million any minute soon. Congrats :D View More
The CEO's Woman · C54
5 days ago
No, your chosen synonym for 'easy' is most definitely not a curse in English. View More

Lovelywuju17: Thanks for reading until the latest chapter XD. I appreciate that. I was hoping you will smash my head with a hard criticism like you said you would. Even though I already guessed what it will be. Thanks for the review, I'll try my best to improve my writing and the story *bow*. As a fellow author, I hope you too keep up good work with your novel :)

I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You
1 week ago

Chryiss: Omg it happened again!!!! S.i.m.p.l.e. Is this word a curse in some other language?!

Yes, it’s a tricky situation, to switch enough to keep the other world still the mind while not distorting the flow of events too much.

Transition and Restart
1 week ago
And I should learn to write my reviews in a word processor and not directly into the interface here. My own review suffers from a disgraceful number of the very faults I found. I apologise for that. View More

Lovelywuju17: Thanks for reading until the latest chapter XD. I appreciate that. I was hoping you will smash my head with a hard criticism like you said you would. Even though I already guessed what it will be. Thanks for the review, I'll try my best to improve my writing and the story *bow*. As a fellow author, I hope you too keep up good work with your novel :)

I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You
1 week ago

Lovelywuju17: Thanks for reading until the latest chapter XD. I appreciate that. I was hoping you will smash my head with a hard criticism like you said you would. Even though I already guessed what it will be. Thanks for the review, I'll try my best to improve my writing and the story *bow*. As a fellow author, I hope you too keep up good work with your novel :)

I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You
1 week ago
Reading Status: C0
This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter eight.

Eight chapters means the story hasn't even left the beginning. We're still busy getting to know the characters and the setting. The story as such hasn't taken off at all.

Think of this when it's time for the stars.

It feels a little like a girl from the people meets her prince, in this case a member of the economic elite, -type of story. It's also way, way too early to say.

I believe we've been introduced to the female and male lead plus another half a dozen supporting cast including a possible antagonist. That's all you can cram into eight chapters.


Writing: Four stars. In fact the reading is pleasant, but wavering between present and past tense plus undisciplined handling of the third person limited point of view detracts.

Updates. Eight chapters. Too few for an assessment. I'll hand out the five stars.

Story: Four stars. One star yanked not because anything is wrong. The author basically had to pick one or two out of three; plot, character and setting. Plot turned out not to be the focal point of the start. I respect that and expect to see plot growing in importance later on.

Character: Four stars. While characters have been given a little more work they're still kind of place holders we're supposed to recognise while the story settles in. One star yanked due to no error of the author's. I believe we'll have a fifth star here within another half a dozen chapters.

World: Five stars. As I wrote earlier, I believe the author had to make a pick. The setting is splendidly painted in ****** sentences that frame scenes with a place we can experience as a reader. After eight chatper the stage is basically literally set. If possible, as characters grow more important and the plot tags along with the characters, I can see the setting taking a back seat until it drops to a four star setting.

Lastly, this is the beginning of the beginning. That makes it extremely difficult to review. I simply have no idea where this is going. Had I been given another eight chapters I believe either story or character would have gained an extra star. View More
A Billion Dollar Exchange
1 week ago
Reading Status: C91
This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 91.

We're having a reverse reincarnation / transported to another world -story here. Basically this time it's fantasyland going on a permanent visit to modern Japan.

It even adds a rather nice touch by having more than one name leaving fantasyland and arriving at the same place.

Did you notice 'name'? There are dozens of names populating this story, but there are only two characters, and they sleep with each other.

When, or rather if, you manage to get past the wall created by atrocious English you'll find a story which, for better or worse, more often than not is a slice-of-life excuse to make some time pass before our two main characters end up in bed again.

For all practical purposes this is something that walks a thin line between erotica and ****. The underlying romance is so superficial I'm wary of using the word romance. Sure, they even get kids together, and they use the word love all over the place, but throughout the 91 chapters I've read I've very seldom seen that love shine through.

The setting us supposedly modern Japan. There are som many errors with the version of Japan described I won't even attempt to point them out. There's a gripe-thread on the forums (this site) on why we shouldn't maul Chinese names. This story does that to the society of Japan from the Meiji Restauration and onwards.

There is very little real plot, which would have been fine for a slice-of-life story, which this to a certain degree is, but when plot-threads do occur they're often interrupted by random flashbacks or side-character scenes. I just can't understand why.

Now for the stars:

Writing: Two stars. This is an assault on the English language. The story is written in first and third person omniscient and limited point of view. It's written in the past, present and infinitive tenses randomly inserted and very often in the same sentence. Homonyms are used all over the place, which is kinda fun the first time, but not for close to 100 chapters.
As a reader you're not reading the story; you're deciphering it. Yes, it's a bloody mess.

Updates: Four stars. Frequent updates but with holes in the schedule which aren't always accounted for.

Story: Three stars. There are just too many of them intertwined with each other and too often blocking each other. What could have been perfectly fine story arc gets interrupted by side characters going down memory lane reminiscing about golden school days for an entire chapter at a time.

Character: Three stars. Basically it's a four star female lead, a three star male lead and a two star card-board everything else. Every side character needs their names stapled to their foreheads, or you won't know whos's doing what.

World: Two stars. When a story is placed in an existing setting, then that setting should have been researched first. I'm absolutely fine with creating a Frank Miller version of Japan -- if we as readers are told that in advance. Here, as the Dark Knight doesn't walk the streets of Tokyo, we'll expect a Japan that mostly conforms to the reality we know of. Add that, just as with side characters, we really need the labels telling us where a scene is set to actually know where it is set.

Lastly, this story is in desperate need of an editor. The disposition needs a through rework as well and at least a thin layer of personality should e added to the characters. Mostly it suffers from horrible English. View More
I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You
1 week ago
As foreshadowing goes, don't you think this is a little too hamhanded? View More
I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You · C84
1 week ago
I've seen that happen myself. Whenever I abbreviate power stones into their initial letters it looks like I'm cursing :D

And your review is pretty much spot on. Now I've started with inserting the 2040 chapters, so I guess they'll stay, but I did contemplate ripping them out and parry for the inconsistencies in the story proper.

As it is now they're mainly implicit spoilers and help keeping the transition between worlds part alive when the story proper walks into slice-of-life -land the way this kind of high school story is supposed to do. View More

Chryiss: No idea why the world ‘******’ leisurely reading got asterisked out as if it was a curse word??!!!

Transition and Restart
1 week ago

Chryiss: Overall, this is written well with no glaring mistakes or typos. It’s descriptive enough to make dialogues interesting, and the humor of the characters is a nice touch. The physical settings don’t need a lot of description because it’s basically just a school.

The characters aren’t delved into completely, but that’s probably part of the mystery as well as probably due to only having 30 (where I stopped) chapters to introduce many characters.
Ryu, Noriko, Christina, Kyoko, Yukio, Ulf.
These seem to be the main group plus maybe principal Nakagawa.
This isn’t that many characters, but all the name variations made it rather confusing, and it took a while to get used to and sort out who was who.

The little clues can be easily missed as this isn’t ****** leisurely reading. I had to focus to catch the hints and piece together the plot and connection of the two worlds. I can imagine without careful reading and digesting, the story could be rather confusing (seeing the comments) due to the mysteriousness of it.

My only real suggestion, or just idea rather, is to put the 2040 chaps into one or even cut some of them. A few of them in the middle of the 2016 chapters didn’t shed much light or add to much (or maybe I missed out on the importance completely) to the plot. At least, I didn’t see how they flowed/connected to the 2016 events. It just felt like they cut in the middle of the story events in 2016 where most of my understanding was pieced together from the early happenings in the 2040 or transit station events.

I love a good mystery, and this certainly has me guessing and theorizing. I’m personally not all that wild on the school theme since I’ve seen plenty of those variations.

Good work, keep at it! (:

Transition and Restart
1 week ago
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