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A well educated crook is a terrible thing to waste. View More

Fiaran: I guess that's one way to get a deal. First disprove the owner's claims in a professional forum, and wreck his reputation so no one will work with him and then you can buy his company for cheap.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C287
3 days ago
"Yes! A thousand times yes!!"? Seriously, going by his self-description he's a follower not an innovator, knows himself to be one and content with it. He also needs money and has just about blown through his only real asset, his academic reputation (what there was of it). So a red hot academic trendsetter with hella deep pockets (not to mention handsome, so very handsome) who doesn't expect him to produce ground breaking ideas just to execute his own paint-by-the-numbers style is pretty much his dream coattails come true. Lu Zhuo in turn isn't looking for a creative partner just skilled labor, minions who will do what he asks them to do competently without requiring personal supervision or input that would eat into his much more valuable time. Technically highly skilled, morally flexible and with little to no ego to mess up a good thing through false ambition Sarrot would be an excellent fit for the post of lieutenant in charge of oompa loompa management. To be honest this feels like the author's thumb weighing a bit too heavy on the scales, providing the MC with _just_ what he happens to need at the moment with no tradeoffs or delay at all. Yes, i know Woolf is a world-class fixer/headhunter but still this seems like something that could have done with a dash of crypronite to spice up the narrative. View More

Seamania: What will Sarrot think when he know he has to work for Lu Zhou?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C287
3 days ago
Ben Stiller's best work, a classic really. View More

DreamingAwake: What is this? A chapter for ants? 🐜

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C287
4 days ago
Both Washington Times and WAPO (aka 'The Bezos Post') are in essence rich men's toys used to propagate news with a highly personalist slant reflecting their respective owners politics. That being said depicting the Times of 2015 as a hotbed of institutionalized racism is both ridiculous and disingenuous. What it is, and always has been, is a deliberate- and stridently anti-communist publication. Which for obvious reasons puts them, among others, at odds with the Chinese government (and vice-versa), View More

HaulferBleu: Hey guys is washington times really like that? If so can you give me a link i want to make sure if they are really like that or the chinese author just subtly made a scene to put his typical hate on the koreans.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C243
3 weeks ago
Oh author, it's that time of the month again, isn't it?

And by 'that time' i mean the moment you realize you've been slacking on the state mandated nationalist propaganda, again, and need to hustle to meet your quota before the end of the week so the government censors won't shut you down. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C243
3 weeks ago
Agreed. The chapter is not just padding light on plot progress, it's quite literally nothing but a brazen exercise in word count inflation by the author. View More

Atmousfear: Literally no story progression what so ever, just rehashing things he has said several times.......

The Legendary Mechanic · C516
4 weeks ago
I from Germany as well, and respectfully but you are wrong. To give a tip (Trinkgeld) is _customary_ , it is however in no way mandatory (as in legally required). Therefore while a restaurant may state that tips are included in the prices (which is _very_ rare) this is in fact more akin to the "Don't feed the animals!" warning signs at the zoo: it just means they pay their wait staff a better than average fixed salary, not that every menu item has an 10% extra charge forcibly added on top of the 'normal' price. Because the latter would not just be a lawsuit waiting to happen (will they refund a patron who decides service was bad enough that [s]he doesn't want to give, or give less of a tip than what they included in the bill?) , but also liable to get them into trouble with the nice people at the tax office. View More

Gotha: It's depends on the country itself and restaurants, I was told by my Chinese friend to never tip in Chinese restaurants or in China itself because it's disrespectful.
In Germany where I live it's mandatory, in some restaurants the tip is automatically included in the bill.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C215
1 month ago
He graduated and became Campus Adjunct. View More

Monkeychan: Does anyone know what happened to Campus Assistant?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C215
1 month ago
It varies with country and type of eatery. I do not know how it is in Asia, but in Europe wait staff have better base salaries, and giving tips while customary is more of a bonus supposed to reflect satisfaction with perceived quality of service, typically about 10%. In the US meanwhile waitstaff have comparatively low base salaries, often only the legal minimum wage, and are in fact expected to live off the tips they receive. Correspondingly while still voluntary the unspoken social expectation of tipping your server is higher as is how much you should give, about 15 to 20%. You can of course choose not to tip, but you would need to have a clear reason for your refusal, for example the server was rude or visibly incomptent, or end up trashing your reputation not just with the restaurant staff but also any of the other patrons witnessing it. Not tipping, or tipping less than customary, except as a deliberate snub is seen as lacking class and indicative of a poor and unreliable character in general. Since a lot of Americans wait tables part time time during their high school and college years being on the receiving end of the gratuity equation is a common shared experience for them, and witnessing someone 'cheapening out' on tipping tends to elicit a more more visceral negative emotional response than from say the average European (like myself) as a result, not unlike petty cheating if not theft. Franchise fastfood restaurants are somewhat exempt from this piece of etiquette, but even at the lower end dining establishment a little generosity goes a long way. View More

ChoOrus: Firstly You shouldnt give tips. Its their work. Tips are for doing something more than serving and basic help.
Secondly There are places like he describe.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C215
1 month ago
Title Unlocked 'Honorary Vulcan': You have managed to make an Artificial Intelligence cry with your logic. Impressed with your rationality and complete lack of empathy the High Council of the Vulcan Confederacy has decided to award you an honorary citizenship. Also you'll be the first up against the wall when the Robot Revolution comes.

Reward: 1 pair of pointy prosthetic rubber ears [ INT +1, EQ -1, Reputation (Sociopaths) +10, Reputation (Sentient Machines) -30] View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C207
1 month ago
You are missing the obvious answer: his system is making him do it. View More

Troopsmaker: 😂😂🤣🤣Good question! Similarly why would fellow daoist read this ?

Also, I think he is a university student & doesn't like these subjects. So, he writes about them in a novel to make it seem interesting. Or maybe he's an Idiot!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C190
1 month ago
Money, fame, the sex groupies. You know, the usual. 😋 View More

lizardman: How does this author write this stuff? Why would a physicist write novels?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C190
1 month ago
Yeah, baring plot Armour that is going to end up biting him in the a$$ big time. View More

RekiChan: When I was in universities (yes plural) there were contracts that mentioned any discoveries, breakthrough, and inventions that were done as a result of the universities' assignments, projects, or using the universities' resources such as libraries, network, staffs, computers, and laboratories, must have their patents applied under the name of or even given to the universities.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C186
1 month ago
I think in about fifty or so chapters. Except it will turn out to be the other kind of transformer, the electrical one. Because that's just how his system (t)rolls. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C178
1 month ago
Lu Zhuo: "I... lost? How?... my System... this isn't right, I cheated fair and square!!

Prof. Brunos: *strokes beard* "Ohohoh! You are a hundred years too early to be the opponent of this granddaddy and his ultimate technique The Lobachevsky!"

Lu Zhuo: "How dare you slap this Young Masters (student) handsome face! I will go into seclusion and cultivate my Scientific Core until I have transcended the PhD Realm. Vengeance will be mine!!"

Prof. Brunos: "What3va, l00$a. Let's party, people, champagne and hookers are on me!" View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C160
2 months ago
Lu Zhuo: "I'll be doing oral with four professors, two of them guests from other universities."

Shi Shang: "Gangbangs are nutty. Spitting or swallowing?" View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C148
2 months ago
Yeah, there was a huge scandal in the US back in the 50ies where the producers of a similar gameshow manipulated the competition by feeding candidates answers in advance to build them up, create fake rivalries etc. in order to boost their ratings.

I can totally see some less than scrupulous chinese TV exec taking a page or twelve out of the playbook of those pioneering scammers from the past to create a fraudulent hit show today. View More

UnfetteredMind: Looks like the show is a scam/ fake performance.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C137
2 months ago
That's not egos that they're stroking. View More

BobbyWibowo: Yeah. I'm more inclined to believe that actual Chinese indeed love stroking their egos after reading a lot of these Chinese novels. Heck, a lot of people seemed to agree when one of the previous chapters mentioned something about humility being a virtue in China and whatnot.

The Legendary Mechanic · C453
2 months ago
Xiao Ai is kind. She weighted her calculation in Lu Zhuo's favor. The actual probability can only be expressed in negative numbers. View More

FrozenApple: Xiao Ai: Scanning the girls..
Xiao Ai: Scanning the EQ..
Xiao Ai: Scanning the luck..
Xiao Ai: Scanning for any miracles..
Xiao Ai: Completed the possibility calculation of host having a girlfriend...

Xiao Ai: *Beep* The number is zero...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C111
2 months ago
... and then in a surprise reversal the Chinese athletes were all disqualified and issued a two year suspension from international competitions for use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C427
3 months ago
Hydra doesn't limit itself with silly concepts like nationality, Hydra rules all. Hail Hydra!! View More

novelreader_read: team hydra, from japan. shouldn't it be from Germany :P (*hail hydra*)

The Legendary Mechanic · C425
3 months ago
As the saying goes the words that herald a scientific discovery aren't "Eureka! Eureka!", they're "Huh? That's strange.". View More

SmilingReader: So if his calculations are correct those scientists have been wasting their time and effort for nothing 😭

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C94
3 months ago
He already has. With himself. View More

frostyfly: Makes u wonder if hx will ever get to fall in love in the novel?

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago
It's the planet that HX and friends got chased around on by Darkstar. The stealth ship is obviously there to pick up Ember, who wasn't captured or killed on the surface at the time, and hadn't been confirmed to have been on board any of the ships who failed to make the breakout attempt after Ames showed up. View More

blund: Am I suposed to remember who lived on Fawn-122?

The Legendary Mechanic · C411
3 months ago
No, he must unlock the blockade faction so he can level up his observation and bullsh#tting skills. Those are core for his Infotainer class. View More

MizunoKage: Best factions is the rescuers/allies, so that he could actually see from space.

The Legendary Mechanic · C410
3 months ago
You mean non-functional, vulnerable, and a handicap to his native mobility? 😁 View More

Lyandy10: Now that he has all the compression technology he needs. His machines are gonna give him a huge boost in combat. Like giving wings to a tiger.

The Legendary Mechanic · C391
3 months ago
Hang Xiao: [takes a look at flat chest] "It's a trap!!" View More

captchabox: The woman had many names... But to hx she's just another waifu candidate 🤣🤣😅

The Legendary Mechanic · C370
4 months ago
Uh oh. Busted!! View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C280
6 months ago
Class items:
- van with dark tinted windows
- cardboard box with the word "PUPPY" written on it in large capital letters
- bottle of chloroform
- zip ties
- ball gag, small
- certificate: sex offender registry, lifetime membership
- cassette tape: "Thank Heavens for Little Girls", Maurice Chevalier View More

solmaelstrom: Dion - new subclass unlocked Loli fetcher.

The Legendary Mechanic · C266
6 months ago
Name: Aurora
Race: Human
Class: Bag Lady lvl. 45 View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C245
6 months ago
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