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The Legion would have let them all die. The ants saved them,also that village already sees Anthony as something like theire god. They will fight the legion until theire death. I just don't know what Morellia would do. View More

Orthanos: I was thinking that when the legion see the survivor's town that live in peace with what could be man eating ants, their reaction will first be to kill the ants!! Meanwhile the town will either go back to how it used to be by helping to kill the ants or what i hope will happen stand between them. Morrelia will be the balance point to which decides the events.

Will the town help kill the ants or protect them?

Will Morrelia side with the town or forsake it?

Will the Legion be able to adapt to this change of monster and man living together or purge both the town and the ants out of hate?

Find out in the next coming chapters!

Chrysalis · C442
1 week ago
Thx. I think it was never mentined why they even went there. View More

DarkShadowBlaze: The Life gold that is in the lake of life at the centre of the forest.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1434
2 weeks ago
What are they searching for in that forest? View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1434
2 weeks ago
Do the privileged chapters stay forever or only for a specific time frame? Will i ever reach 100% in my novels again? It's annoying if i always have to think there are new chapters. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C577
2 weeks ago
But Di Tian has no battle armor, Wulins cultivation increased and he also has the saber and the power he can get out of the forest. So i say he will at least be able to defend himself. View More

s_phillips: My guess is he’s more likely to end up using one of his lifesaving chances from Tang San. If he didn’t stand a chance again En Ci, he would stand less of one vs Di Tian.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1433
2 weeks ago
i meant without privilege i can't read for a month or what? I at least couldn't read todays chapter. View More

SageWanderer: Not exactly, with privilege you can read as many privileged chapters as the translator publishes them. It ultimately depends on their pace, could be 5-7 a week, or even 15, only them can say for sure.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C573
2 weeks ago
So i can't read this novel for almost a month now? View More

SageWanderer: Its basically buying the privilege to read x chapters ahead of other non privileged readers. After a while when the supposed 26th chapter becames available, the 1st one of the originally privileged, it's released as a locked chapter so that we peasents can then unlocked it and read. 🤷

Throne of Magical Arcana · C573
2 weeks ago
Just to understand this correct. I would buy the possibility to buy the next 25 or so chapters now already. I could read them and then i wouldn't have chapters for almost a month. Is that correct? If yes why should i buy this? It would be rather stupid. View More

rocky85: Got a notification and I was excited for nothing. Hope someone will buy that to support this novel...

Throne of Magical Arcana · C573
2 weeks ago
I belive he can't do that. He can only use a small part of the sea gods power. I belive creating a storm is the maximum he can do and he can't control the waves in itself and make one to push them miles away. View More

MonitorShotput: Should have just conjured a series of giant waves to push the fleets back to federation territory, but that would make too much sense.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1408
3 weeks ago
They have quite a lot weapons who would be rather troublesome for Wulin. If he attacks he would most likely die. On the other hand he has a ridiculous strong plot armor so maybe not. View More

DarkShadowBlaze: Come on Wulin teach them a lesson for trying to start a war. It is time for him to show whose son he is.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1398
1 month ago
They even have more then 8. The horror for poor Anthony. View More

KingBaros: Oh we haven't seen those detestable more-than-6-legs creatures for a while

Chrysalis · C428
1 month ago
So TW has a really great buff for dragons, but well, i guess this guy just easily beat a level 98 hyper douluo i also wouldn't see a reason why i should buff En Cie who is also his own and the empires lifeline. View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1383
1 month ago
If she does what you think she will do, she is not only digging herself a hole. This is way to much of a gamble. Even this stupid King should notice that. View More

DarkShadowBlaze: Oh I hope this isn't going were I think it is going. Dau Yun'er is digging herself a hole.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1379
1 month ago
Technically it's a weapon. A divine weapon that gained sentient and a human body, but maybe it is ok as long as he is in his saber form. View More

ghostkingkhaos: lol i remember the Smiley Face Douluo mentioning that En Ci was most concerned about his life force these days, so I'd bet that Millenium cloud will play a huge part. I don't know how wulin could use the Power Saber without it being considered cheating

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1375
1 month ago

RinoZ: It belongs to ME!

Chrysalis · C414
1 month ago

Doryan: So, this dumbass who took the damage of two destroyed spirit soul , have a rogue spirit and who can not use at least 6/9 of his soul skills as a result will try to kill Wulin ?

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1335
2 months ago
The congress will also help theire supporters. I don't belive the church would use too much force while the Pope can't use his strongest ability at the moment. View More

PhantomMaou7: Problem with that is that the church would then launch an attack in the name of religious cleansing and probably arrest her father too

Throne of Magical Arcana · C514
2 months ago
Lets eliminate political figures who are pro congress of magic, in a town with quite a lot of people pro congress, right next to the congress of magic, while even our own organization tells us not to do that. I mean what could go wrong. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C514
2 months ago
Why the countdown if the translator ignores it anyway? View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1320
2 months ago
Ryfon raised a flag. View More
The Dawn of the New World · C429
2 months ago
Wuxia is over 700 chapters behind if i didn't miss something. View More

EdgyLasagna: Just go to Wuxia it’s dead here

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1315
2 months ago
If i remember this correct, that was exactly the reason. View More

RinTohsaka0: Also a question, why did this En ci guy tried to murder wulin when he was weaker ? these guys arent enemies or anything, does this guy want to kill all geniuses from all over the world if they arent from his nation?

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1301
3 months ago
Thats even worse then mad snail D: View More

Elinchrom: 😲🤤😨 OH NO!!!!!! Ruze is the translator who works on LDK for Wuxiaworld! He posts like 3 chapters a year! 😭😵

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
How is this considert a bet??? View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1299
3 months ago
Well i guess i was wrong then. Don't let them get breaks then. :D View More

ThanatosAnubis: Just last week. Just as this freaking phenomenon happened.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
Didn't notice that. When did it change? View More

ThanatosAnubis: At first, the translator was Insignia, now they changed to Ruze. Are they the same person?

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
If he is to slow for you translate it yourself instead of cursing at random people. View More

Supremeking: Fuck off there is no such thing to Be had when he’s off by nearly a whole 20 chapters

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
That is correct he almost never gives us infos about illness or vacation or such things. View More

Frosty_wings: Yeah, but at least have a way to inform us before doing so, otherwise we expect a mass release and then get disappointed like this :/

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
Come on guys let the translator have a small break from time to time. View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1298
3 months ago
Didn't they just go away to let that womanizer fight alone? How come Hao Xuan was fighting that guy? View More
The Dawn of the New World · C406
3 months ago
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