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Because of the magic of *friendship* lol

This is what a proper conversation online should be like. Not curse words after curse words of debunking the other party who is being a homophobe asshole. Cats and dogs are always a good go-to topic. View More

KuroHyoudou: Yeah I agree with that but I do wonder how the conversation went from talking about someone to talking about dogs and cats

Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C6
3 days ago
If we're talking puppies and kitties, yes they are all cute in their own way ( =w=)b Either ways, I treat all animals equally. They're all adorable or cool in their own ways. View More

KuroHyoudou: I don't mind since i like cats equally as dogs maybe more *but you didn't hear that* they are all cute and adorable in their own ways

Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C6
3 days ago
Ah, sorry if it comes off that way. I'm a cat person so I'm not very keen on dogs either :p View More

KuroHyoudou: By the way no insult to dogs since they are adorable

Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C6
3 days ago
Ahahahahaha I can't disagree. Even if I'm gay, I'd still hate rainbows but I like girls 100%. Guess only a brainless believer of stereotypes and clearly discriminative and oh-so-easily offended puppy like em would come immediately to such a conclusion.

Oh, and I'm actually just really curious how brainlessly stubborn someone can be in front of undeniable logic. You can say it's a little social experiment that I like to do once in a while to adorably moronic people online, sometimes offline. The human mind is truly fascinating. *sigh~* View More

KuroHyoudou: Just ignore him since he is just a brainless ape who was raised by bunch of dogs

Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C6
4 days ago
Lol you make sound as if you're minding your own business yourself. Also, simple question. Does that mean replying to any of your comments makes that person gay too? View More

Obito_Tobi: still didn't learn to mind your buisness
do your parents never told you to not bother other especially stangers or are they teach you to stick your ass up for everyone to see it

Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C6
1 week ago
First! Aaah I'm finally first~ View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C1550
1 month ago
The sun........setting in the east??? I feel that something is wrong about this particular sentence. View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C22
4 months ago
What should you do if a close brother is upset?

Certainly not asking your (fujoshi) fans for advice publicly where your (heartbroken) upset brother can also see.

:P View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C606
4 months ago
And they still haven't met........ And Fu Jiu is now skating her way out of Pure Color.... I don't know if we'll get it in the end or not 😢😢 View More

FeliceStar: Haha! Does everyone realise we’ve been promised a meeting at Pure Color since 10 chapters ago? Hahaha! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

National School Prince Is A Girl · C568
4 months ago

Fierlyt: Sure, send a few intermediate magician after the dude with 3 intermediate elements + a warrior level summon, 2 soul seeds, and plot armor accompanying a top level intermediate magician and a slightly weakened totem guardian. Sounds like a fair fight, if your definition of "fair fight" is the same as your definition for "massacre". I don't think they'll buy you as much time as you're hoping. Dude literally took down hundreds of warrior/servant level lizards without using the demon element, a few magicians aren't going to stand in his way.

Versatile Mage · C362
6 months ago
Probably because Mr. Cliffhanger refuses to leave nearly every chapter lol View More

pewpewpew: Thank you for your hard work TL.
On a side note, the TL has been posting 3 chapters on pretty much a daily basis, and people are still calling for Mass release even though he/she just did. Some people are never content.

A Valiant Life · C731
7 months ago
Maybe I'm the only one but I'm curious what Lin Fan will have to say about the dirty-minded lil' Ms. Yun :P View More

Shinosu_Reads: I find it amusing that a "waterfall" is just being low-key brought up in the end of the chapter xD

A Valiant Life · C728
7 months ago
I find it amusing that a "waterfall" is just being low-key brought up in the end of the chapter xD View More
A Valiant Life · C728
7 months ago

AMKWuxia: I really like how this novel is low-key lewd.

A Valiant Life · C728
7 months ago
No worries, Jiang Zuo. The Qin family will not lack any kind of descendants if the ship finally sails so there isn't any problem. It's alright, just go help your best buddy Qin Mo finally confess xDD View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C402
7 months ago

looneytoons: What the heck With this title..!!??😂😂 It's misleading.. 😈😈

National School Prince Is A Girl · C399
7 months ago
Welp, more "acquaintances" are popping up now. As they sometimes say, once is a coincidence, twice is fate, thrice or more is purely intentional. Or something like that :P

I wonder if there'll really be a "third" one later? View More
Godly Model Creator · C650
9 months ago
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