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Reading Status: C106
This puke inducing story should be avoided at all costs.

This is essentially a classical protagonist gets betrayed by her people close to her such as her BFF, fiance, stepsister etc story. Like the typical poorly written garbage, the characters (all) are both stupid and illogical. The author also seems to have this obsession with both making the protagonist as useless as possible and rape.

The villains plots pretty much all involve getting the protagonist raped. The male lead is constantly raping the protagonist, the protagonists friend gets raped. In fact, there is barely any progress in the main storyline because it mainly focuses on the abusive relationship of the protagonist getting raped constantly by the male lead. View More
Good Morning, Mister Dragon!
1 month ago
I wrote the review because I disagreed with some of the top reviews that popped up, with the goal in mind that anyone who chose to read my thoughts on this webnovel are clear about why I think a certain way.

Did I expect you to read this then change everything? No, it never crossed my mind. At best, I would hope that any writers or future writers that read this and are interested in writing harems consider my analysis before or while writing. Since your already aware of these thoughts and possibly consider them valid, great.

I wish you the best in your future writing endeavours. View More

Piokilek: And I know all those facts you said. I just cant change it anymore. I would rather write a second or third novel which will be better. Thanks for taking time to point that out but many already did. Wont change the fact that I can't focus on rewrite when my 3rd book is full force in planning and editing. It would take me half year to rewrite the whole novel but for what? Most of my readers wont go back and read it again. *shrug*

Spirit Cultivation
1 month ago
Reading Status: C490
One of the better cultivation webnovels.

Just looking at the basic elements, it features generic stuff from it's categories. A person dies after a life of misery due to someone's manipulations, and wakes up at a time before their death and vows to take revenge, armed with future knowledge, featuring an iceberg male lead and face slaps. While it is nice to see progress in terms of techniques and general knowledge in a cultivation webnovel, it's more used as a way to give the protagonist an extra advantage. What sets this apart is that this one is decently written, which is surprising given the author's other work GDBBM is a mess.

The reasons for the conflicts are plausible without constantly turning either or both parties into morons and mostly revolve around revenge, power and cultivation resources. The fights put much more emphasis on show rather then tell and power levels. Less infodumping while keeping stuff relevant. The romance isn't rushed, with the author taking it's time to get the two people together who aren't interested interested in each other in a romantic sense (I can't say overall whether the romance is good or bad yet, since they haven't gotten to the point where they are interested in each other thus far).

The characters, while simplistic (the protagonist, which is easily the best written, is at best 2D) are consistent with their personalities and motivations. When they aren't it is typically due to more going on rather then poor writing.

The MC is a true underdog in the overall picture while the cheat item isn't rediculously overpowered. The story more or less sticks to it's established world rules (something I should point out, there is a difference between the characters being wrong about something verses info provided by the writer, whether it be in blatant infodumps by characters, or narrator remarks).

The story progression while overall steady can be a little abrupt at times, with revenge targets and cultivation knowledge of resources popping up out of nowhere at awfully convenient times. It has done a decent job of throwing in some plot twists despite the protagonists future knowledge, which come about mostly due to different actions she takes compared to her previous life which helps the story seem more realistic and interesting.

While the translation quality is good, the release schedule is irratic. Overall, this is a good cultivation revenge genre webnovel due to most of it's competition being poorly written in comparison thus far. View More
Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
1 month ago
Reading Status: C16
Graphic harem cultivation novel that falls into the pitfalls that are typical of harems.

Worldbuilding is, well, bad.

"Having concubines is normal in this world, but he didn't have any as Mu Lan chased every single one away." CHP 20

When I first read that in the webnovel, it raised the questions; Why is it normal in this world to have concubines? How come, if it is so normal, there is a distinct lack so far of concubines, and sons and/or daughters of concubines?

Having read much further, the people with concubines that are introduced are vilians to get killed while having an extremely high status in the world. Hardly common and blatantly manipulative. This, and various other exposition is used more as justification for something while not being implemented, and at times get contradicted. Furthermore, exposition given at times are irrelevant to the story as a whole.

The lack of implementing worldbuilding hurts other elements of the story. For example, showing the protagonists interacting with families with concubines (chief among them should have been his own family he reincarnated into) for a period of time could have helped show why he switches his viewpoint into think harems are okay. Instead, well, he gets a new partner roughly 1 week after being seperated from the girl he was willing and indeed die for, in 2 weeks has a harem despite previously living in a society where monogamy was the norm and considered the right thing.

The protagonist is bland and lacks agency, a byproduct of trying to throw as many women at him as possible while trying to absolve him of any blame of having multiple partners, as well as having him be a nice guy by fulfilling the goals and desires of the what will become harem members as the plot.

The harem members have little depth. As per the norm in these types of stories, they are extremely beautiful, have high cultivation talent in their home area and/or high statuses, and their reason for wanting to join his harem is.....because he is nice. Seriouly, nice guys are so rare in this world that females that can essentially take their pick of partners while ensuring the man doesn't bring in concubines are willing to share a guy for that reason. It's to the point where any female that spends even the slightest amount of time with him wants him.

The harem members interactions with him are more or less the same after joining the fold, with one exception. What it should have done is limit the amount of key harem members, give the key members vastly differing personalities, then put them in situations where these differences are highlighted so they at least seem different from each other.

The plot is virtually nonexistent. It gives the protagonist goals with deadlines with very serious consequences. Despite this, the story focuses heavily on the protagonist getting harem members and having intercourse with them, to the point where at times it becomes questionable if he is even working towards goal or even cares. It goes without saying, the plot progresses at a snails pace.

The grammer is okay. A few mistakes here and there, but overall readable with little issues.

Overall, a story should be composed of different elements that have some sort of overall balance. This one doesn't. Not something worth reading unless you're really into harems with graphic intercourse scenes because there's not much else to it. View More
Spirit Cultivation
1 month ago
Reading Status: C70
If you're into the typical level ups with fighting, simple black and white characters, and have low expectations, this one can be enjoyable.

The world-buiilding is a mess. Quite early on it contradicts itself. First it mentions zombies weren't evolving. Then it's they were evolving incredibly slowly. Then, finally, the revelation that the ranking system is to 9, while those initially extrodanarily rare and "powerful" zombies show up on a frequent bases as essentially cannon fodder. This is just one of rules that the story makes then brakes.

During the early chapters the protagonist behaves like a certifiable moron. To be more precise, shows extremely poor observation, cognitive and deductive skills which can get annoying. If it's meant to be deliberate because the protagonist is zombie, it's done a very poor job of showing this as, for example, her thoughts are clear which would have been one of easiest ways to show a sluggish thought process. It has done a subpar job of enjecting character opinions into character inner monologues in general.

The story puts in some effort to get the protagonist to show up just at the right moment during fights to save the day, even if requires the protagonist to take action or inaction which goes against their own motivations.

It's very black and white. Antagonists are despicable people committing attrocaties with the writer seeing the need to spend paragraphs on statements about how horrible they are, while sometimes having them behaving in a brain dead manner, while their counterparts are saints.

The people in general in this story have very poor adaptive skills which is very surprising considering their surviving an apocalypse, with what is essentially magic popping up out of nowhere. The amount of times people have asked some variation of 'can this really be done' even while seeing it done in front of their eyes, sometimes multiple times is both surprising and annoying, especially when there is a massive amount of talk in a situation requiring quick, decisive action.

On a more positive note, the translation is very good, and the story stops blatantly breaking world rules as the story progresses, while giving the protagonist some intelligence. The story progression does have a few wrinkles but improves as it progresses. View More
Zombie Sister Strategy
1 month ago
Reading Status: C41
The only positive thing about this is the translation quality. The story is generic with alot of cultivation troupes thrown in, along with continually reusing the same ideas again and again with little thought into why things happen.

The conflicts start over the most rediculous reasons and esculate fast e.g. one started over some seats, esculating into crippling and death, with the original fodder always having somone to help them when they lose (older sibling, parents, clan etc). There are a lot of plot contrivances that just don't make any sense (e.g. how does movement techniques become rare when they at one time commonly used and varied?). The characters are inconsistent, stupid, and/or have little depth (someone who died due to betrayal of a best friend is NOT going to hand out an op cultivation manual to someone they just met) with some of the females on top of that being completely devoted to the protagonist for little reason. There are also some idioms thrown in that don't make sense (e.g. 'Silent as a virgin, moving like a mad rabbit' CHP 12).

Overall, it is just the typical poorly written cultivation novel. View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
2 months ago
Reading Status: C41
At 40 chapters in, I like it but it does have it's flaws.

The grammer needs improvement, although it is certainly readable and bearable. The biggest issue is the constant telling instead of showing. Constantly telling character motives, likes, dislikes etc instead of letting actions speak for themselves, telling through some scenes that are focused on. Let's say someone is shocked by something said or done. How does she/he behave? Wide frozen eyes, a slight freezing in the arms, or what? What actions do the other people in the scene take in response to this? It's small details like this that help the scene and characters feel alive which it misses out on by constant telling.

Having said that I do like the protagonist. It's the biggest reason I plan to continue reading, unfortunately the other characters suffer greatly from the telling. Character motivations and actions are thankfully plausible, and the worldbuilding is okay.

Overall, it's decent compared to the stuff on here I have been reading on here recently, but not spectacular. View More
The Empress is Dead
3 months ago
Reading Status: C41
I started reading it because of the premise. I ended up dropping it because of awful writing at about 40 chapters in.

The Grammer alone is terrible, which makes it hard to read smoothly. Then there's the constant information dumps that are unnecessary and just bog the story down. For example, it's really not necessary to tell a characters entire skill set in one go, it would be better to gradually show it as these skills become necessary to explore the character.

There's the constant clumsy foreshadowing done by telling that are essentially big story spoilers ( e.g. little did he know that this action would later cause so and so to happen) the rediculous amount of time used to emphasize how hot the ML is, character actions that just don't make sense given their motivations and story context, along with the random items and story world events to make certain scenes and events happen that contradict with past actions/events.

The romance....lol, let's just say the first encounter wasn't a good experience for protagonist. The authors idea to get past this issue is to sweep it under the rug then shove them together which leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

All in all, it's a disappointment I would recommend passing. View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
3 months ago

FacePalmEXE: So after slugging through a number of chapters (about 40) I figured it was about time to give my impressions.
In a word: Awful.

Storyline wise:
The ML is a self centered arse (I gather he becomes less so later on, but he is starts off unbearably bad)
Very early on, the interesting FL becomes comatose and the story then follows the ML, which then is basically entire chapters on how 'amazing' and 'hawt' he is.

The writing in general is very poor.
There is incredibly flawed logic all over the place as well as an army of plot devices used to try and justify everything.
The story flow is also quite janky and does not flow particularly well at all.

Translation wise: Also very poor.
It is filled with grammatical errors throughout, which make this much harder to read and understand.
This desperately needs a good editor.

The reason I have read as far as I have (and will continue to do so for now) is because both the premise and the FL (what little I have seen of her) seems really interesting.
I will update this review later on (if I can) but as it stands, I can't see why this has as high reviews as it does and I would recommend giving this a hard pass.

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
3 months ago

Mangelon: Okay no

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C8
3 months ago

ILikeFood: Wtf rape is disgusting. Why do people keep putting rape as a form of romance

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C8
3 months ago

Gwynethereal: What the heck?? Rape is rape. There was no consent here. Just because he is the ML doesn't justify rape

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C8
3 months ago

milkteaislyf: Its "exciting and romantic" if its a handsome guy. 🙄

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C6
3 months ago

Wafflezz: Why do authors like to trivialise rape and make it seem like the start of some love story?

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C6
3 months ago

DaoistCitizen: Wang wu wang wu wang wu... as expected of one finger conquer an army, 10 conquers immortal and gods...

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain · C708
4 months ago
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