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I guess I'll check back in another 10-15 chapters when this arc is over then. View More

InsanelyParanoid: Ah, here we go, the flashbacks from chapters 50-55 are appearing in my mind. What I like is completely different for dear readers. I guess I should just go and chill playing LoL. And I am not 'liking' the 'rapist' thing, but two personalities in one, alright? The situation with bloodline requires Eros to go this way. Just to avoid misunderstanding. No hate plz hahah~~

Master Of Erossu Book · C205
3 days ago
I would still complain that it's a lazy way to force character development. Giving the MC a literal inner edge-lord instead of integrating a brutal side of a character in a natural way is something i am very much not a fan of. View More

InsanelyParanoid: I am pretty much sure that there would be different comment if he only killed her. Or maybe no one at all haha~~

Master Of Erossu Book · C205
3 days ago
So he's a sleep rapist now? Not a fan. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C205
3 days ago

Shiblysi: Fellow readers, its better to dich this for now and read profane prince of domination. Come back later at 2021 and the dipsheit writer will understand its not good to kill the gold laying geese. I check back once in a while after a month and always find the conceited author adding yet another previlage without adding any usefull content to the already subbed ones. Such toxic sheit.

Dual Cultivation · C279
1 week ago
The bed will be crushed into subatomic particles from the epic battle about to unfold. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C187
1 week ago
Power-up through getting kicked in the nuts. Welp. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C186
1 week ago
Dude wanted to become a majestic dragon rider. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C184
1 week ago
So... Is Mama planning to eventually take her place on the throne with Herself Queen and Damien King of Dragonkind... ? View More
My Sister The Villainess · C77
1 week ago
Reward and Punishment, the twin familiars of Domination? Would be cool. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C233
2 weeks ago

Ssnake23: consensual rape has never fitted more a scene
by the way
"My mind's tellin' me no, but my body, my body's tellin' me yes"

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C233
2 weeks ago
He was simply grossed out by Tanjiro's hollowed out mind. MC used minor mind control just to acclimate them to leaving the world, butTanjiro was like a puppet. View More

DevilTriggered: I don't get it...... Something like, he don't want to use mind control because he loved them, though it's not needed now. Then something like he's struggling about having more ladies in his harem?...... Eeeh.. Eeeeeh? Aren't he already come up with using mind control in avatar world? And all this time he was struggling with his feelings about loving more girls, though he grab 17 before...... I really lost, on a road of life.....

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C230
2 weeks ago
You know... it's pretty sad for this novel
that I fully expected this entire chapter to just be filler about an aphrodisiac candle. View More
Dual Cultivation · C276
2 weeks ago
From what I can gather, Uncle Talroth is retiring... from being an incubus. What need does he have for his treasure room full of b*tches, then? My guess is what will truly be useful to Konrad will be these hoes' memories rather than they themselves. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C506
3 weeks ago

Cat_on_the_floor: Reading this with intense orchestral music in the background

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C49
1 month ago

Cat_on_the_floor: Just do a t-pose to assert dominance. Lol.

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C39
1 month ago
They didn't bang, they just did everything besides that. View More

Pedro_Sousa: Noooooooo.... Author did you just jumped the first sex scene?

My Sister The Villainess · C73
1 month ago

MasterJax: Y'know I still feel quite baffled at the sheer amount of people who think they can harm the Wang family😂🤣

Especially now that we're getting a new OP addition to the family

The Daily Life of the Immortal King · C1022
1 month ago
Oh my, Verena became Helmut bakaitis, View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C487
1 month ago
This battle will top the Fall of the Water Nation... that sh*t was tight. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C480
1 month ago
I bet Lady Claybrook used to speak like a respectable elder dragon. Then she had Damien and now she speaks like a gangster's wife. View More
My Sister The Villainess · C72
1 month ago
Lucius's kid, was Dolly's fiance before she knew what fiance actually meant. Even if Baz didn't off him here, he'd still get knifed by her sooner or later. View More

Pedro_Sousa: Who is Alex again?

My Sister The Villainess · C72
1 month ago
Bubbles got honeypotted. View More
My Sister The Villainess · C71
1 month ago
the legendary Get Rekt ancient destiny of the previous masters is inevitable. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C149
1 month ago

ErozothDraeor: It's not bad, and generally I dont like the truly cruel MC but this is no where close to his background personality. It seems another one of those "lets make a origin story to make MC seem cool" but completely untreated to the story.
Don't say anything about merging the souls, 10k+ years old soul and 12 years old, saying they both affect the same is a joke/

Dual-Cultivation System · C9
1 month ago
She's what happened when Konrad's thousand+ legion of valkyries combined like a Voltron toy. View More

Lightnovel71: Who is the Valkyrie again? The first Chthonian girl he made? Or the one Konrad beautified while in the mermaid city, who’s name I forgot, starts with an ‘a’.

Profane Prince of Domination · C464
1 month ago
Pretty sure people would be trying to burn this kid at the stake for being a demon if he talks like that any more. He is 4 yrs old. None of those lines would work, in fact they would have the opposite effect. View More
The Super Sex System · C4
1 month ago
Wait. Were the f*ck is Baz anyway? View More
My Sister The Villainess · C70
1 month ago

Sorenmageofmareth: Weak stomach. You can disembowel people but can't **** your wife after seeing a baby.

Master Of Erossu Book · C138
1 month ago
Birth is indeed metal as f*ck. View More
Master Of Erossu Book · C138
1 month ago
'twas I. View More
My Sister The Villainess · C68
1 month ago
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