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    so the mc dies meet God bla bla bla cliche, anime worlds and stuff. first time writing a novel so help me out with some criticism dont expect to much from me as English is my second language. I may write some lemons but not many as it takes to much time, i may just say that they did it tho as i dont want the MC to be a stupid virgin kinda guy(cough isse from DXD), hope you guys enjoy it! This is a fan novel, all content, characters, story and art that i may use as cover belongs to their respective owners. im just writing for fun as im thinking of using animes and wuxia novels that i like for entertainment.

  • pokemon ash in the past

    pokemon ash in the past


    this is just a book im reading and need the audio function! so dont waste time here im already in chapte 55 or something


It was me Dio!!! Lol View More
One Piece: New Beginning · C16
1 day ago
Sigh~~~! View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C10
1 day ago
Drop, dont know what kind of fairy tail does the author thinks this anime is as the MC does not even think that ALL FOR ONE will have spies in such places just to know and hunt for any useful quirks but i doubt even the government will let him off, is so unrealistic, good luck i guess! View More
Reincarnated into My Hero Academia world · C4
2 days ago
Your acting as if he is never going to see her again remember that even if a year passes in fairy tail only a day or 2 will pass in DXD and he still has to find the 3 parts of his dragon before going back or he has to find all parts before going back? Im not sure but is only him and red for a while View More

gokugoku: Thanks for the chapter.

Can you somehow bring Akeno and kuroka here they do deserve him especially Akeno, she was the first person to be there for him and she took it upon herself too to do that and now it's like he doesn't even care about her that's not Hope's character.
(just telling you my thoughts)

Chunibyo's Fanfic. (Currently in Fairy Tail.) · C82
2 days ago
Good!!! View More
Fate/King of Swords · C37
3 days ago
Pluss ultra!!! View More
My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C8
4 days ago
Is fine the dragons being females you could simple give the mc a way to extract the dragons soul and give them a body and leave isse as the useless mc he is same with vali, View More

I_love_Rem: Because Issei would be pain in the ass to deal with.... He can't get motivation while MC takes all of his girls....and I can't remove his existence as I don't know what to do with Ddraig....I mean MC is full OP then what role would Ddraig have ???

Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C1
5 days ago
Dammnn what a way to kill minato! I hope to see his perspective please! View More
The White Demon Fox · C23
5 days ago
Sigh~~~ why gender bender? View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C1
5 days ago
Damn i really dont like isse but i know this is not a harem story :/, but come on man i want to see some zeros, balas, awakenings, segunda etapa! also will his attacks injure the souls of his opponents?? View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C6
5 days ago
Fuck bell man find someone else besides that *****h ! View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C126
5 days ago
Finally and here i was thinking he will be dying virgin! Lol thanks for the chapter! View More
Everything Start from the BTTH · C90
5 days ago
Are they going to start annoying him because of his romantic relationships? View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C108
6 days ago
Sigh~~ again with the sex changes, thanks for the novel it was alright until now View More
The system had a bug now I can buy anything (Dropped) · C8
6 days ago
Its really good! View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C4
1 week ago
Please let him be at Howard's when the GOBLET OF FIRE happens! View More
Rise of House Cason · C56
1 week ago
Dont start giving abilities to everyone man! His peerage is fine and his family is fine as well but why anyone else? Is this novel about charity and a MC that helps everyone jsut cus of the goodness of his heart whats next helping isse get a harem? View More
The system had a bug now I can buy anything (Dropped) · C7
1 week ago
Good View More
The demonic swordsman of Fairy Tail. · C11
1 week ago
Is the mc a reincarnator or are you using DEKU as the mc of your novel View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C51
1 week ago
More girls having so many guys is sad! View More
One Piece: New Beginning · C10
1 week ago
Kick his ass even tho he can't kill he may as well break some bones as a retaliation! View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C57
1 week ago
Lol how can a cat be so ugly! View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. (Currently in Fairy Tail.) · C62
1 week ago
Like 👍 View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C8
1 week ago
Shouldn't takumi be better as he is always competing with Alexander, hayama and ryo or are you saying he still hasn't grow at all after all soma only started to grow after hayama beat him and was almost equal to takumi just a bit better, also rindo is annoying theres a limit of how far a pretty face can get you! View More
Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C63
1 week ago
Fucking that all their gears! Or at least kill them! View More
1 week ago
Why is he knocking them out? Just kill them View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C122
1 week ago
Just forget that sisi with daddy issues! Essy win for him either way. Should have hit him harder and knock out some teeth for looking down on him! View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C105
1 week ago
It would be cool if he becomes a demon maybe beelzebub as he is the demon that represents gluttony! View More
Adventure to different worlds · C12
1 week ago

GreatWolf: Ais, alanta, esbeath, akame,

One Piece: New Beginning · C9
1 week ago
Why not finish this one first? View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C0
1 week ago
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