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    so the mc dies meet God bla bla bla cliche, anime worlds and stuff. first time writing a novel so help me out with some criticism dont expect to much from me as English is my second language. I may write some lemons but not many as it takes to much time, i may just say that they did it tho as i dont want the MC to be a stupid virgin kinda guy(cough isse from DXD), hope you guys enjoy it! This is a fan novel, all content, characters, story and art that i may use as cover belongs to their respective owners. im just writing for fun as im thinking of using animes and wuxia novels that i like for entertainment.

  • pokemon ash in the past

    pokemon ash in the past


    this is just a book im reading and need the audio function! so dont waste time here im already in chapte 55 or something


Mannn cant you simply have him go training normally!? Just how many time will you make that girl disappear or get kidnapped may as well kill her so the mc grows or breaks mentality! She like princess peach! Lmao xD View More
Black Soldier · C19
3 hours ago
WTF!! Count Dracula! Fucking awesome!!! 👍👍👍 View More
Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The Magic System · C6
1 day ago
I like sona but she has her dream and i doubt she will just abandon it! Kuroka and Grafia! View More
Exploring another World with a System · C0
1 day ago
Next is uzumaki, hyuga, and kaguya! View More
Everything Downloaded from Narutoverse · C11
2 days ago
I hope he doesnt become harry sidekick send him to slytherin! View More
System Alden - harry potter ~ · C16
2 days ago
Like!! Get a undine, salamander and golem! Give him elemental magic like avatar or something! View More
Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The Magic System · C4
3 days ago
I think you should injure the kids but not kill them also give us some more hannah moments! View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C33
3 days ago
Fuck this cliffhanger man!!! Good chapter tho!!! 👍 View More
God succession system · C247
4 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C1
4 days ago
Color me surprise i thought you were going for Grayfia! This is good too 👍👍👍 View More
Exploring another World with a System · C32
4 days ago
Make him awesome in qidich, also please dont take forever to got to Howard's! View More
Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The Magic System · C4
4 days ago
Good! Was Jeanne familiar the holy lion? Or did i miss it? View More
How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C43
5 days ago
200 years??? View More
Exploring another World with a System · C29
5 days ago
Control the mother already! That **** is not even funny just simply disgusting! if he was a normal kid it would be weird but acceptable as he doesn't know ****, but he is 20 something, hurry up and kill her off already! If this is BL please say from the beginning! View More
Avatar : My Hero Acadamia Bender · C5
5 days ago
Moree!!! View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C9
6 days ago
Will we have to see all dates??? If yeah I have never hate harem as much as now :/ not that i hate the girls but there are to many and i want to keep reading the plot! View More
How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C41
6 days ago
How about a zoan that gives him elemental manipulation like a nine tales fox each tale a element he picks! I'd go for 1 space(gravity could fall here as well), 2light(like kisaru), 3 darkness, 4 wood, 5 fire, 6 earth, 7 water, 8 lightning, 9 wind and he could make hes own with control like magma, magnet etc! View More
The Crownless King · C4
6 days ago
Who is he after Grayfia? View More
Exploring another World with a System · C25
1 week ago
Was it the same in the original story? The way odin seal hela and the deal with ms death? View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C8
1 week ago
Dont make hela into a psychopath! Those annoying flags and those characters are really unlikables! View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C7
1 week ago
Why was he knocked out so easily? Wasn't he already overpower? And his sleeping habits are getting annoying! Will he keep going like this author? please tell so i stop now! View More
RWBY: The Lazy Nine Tailed Snow Fox (Dropped) · C4
1 week ago
Man dont start with the cliche of separating them! Can't even enjoy the fucking adventure with all that bull**** drama! View More
Exploring another World with a System · C23
1 week ago
She is not as strong as nix neither a goddess or something fancy to bother taking her, give her to the princess and execute her for treason or something! View More
God succession system · C245
1 week ago
Dont start with all this moral bull**** people die like nothing in this novel when the demons attack, he should only care about his citizens! View More
The Seven Deadly Sins : New Beginnings ( Nanatsu no Taizai ) · C0
1 week ago
Why so much drama?! And still dont get the wishing for them to be his wife like WTF! Is like those stupid confessions in anime when they dont know or even talk to the person they are trying to confess, i will simply skip all the bull**** as they will simply become random characters that he will bang with no personality or mayb the classical jealous or caring wife with Goddess status! Getting servants like maids and stuff to bang would be easier! They wouldn't even need names simply maid1 and 2 and tadaaa the same View More
Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C5
1 week ago
Dude that cliffhanger!!! Lol good chapter tho! View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C6
1 week ago
Can he kill??? Or he is one of those hate hero complex guys (Emiya Shiro) View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C1
1 week ago
So he went to the original Naruto? View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C104
1 week ago
Monster hunter world! So many fucking options! View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C154
1 week ago

LuxVonDeux: As for fill itself with treasure they visit, yes thats true but it will take time to be appear inside his gate of babylon, you could say that Gate of Babylon will need to scan the world first before decide to which one is the treasure and put it inside it

Power Manipulator in Dxd · C40
1 week ago
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