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Succubus.. such lazy translation. Witch would be the most appropriate term. The literal meaning of the original term is "demonic woman". View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C37
10 months ago
translator error. Checked source, original was the blood clan term View More

TheSanakeuQueen: Thought Vivian doesn't want to get called a vampire?😂😂

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C35
10 months ago
Doesn't stay that way, he will gain combat ability before being sent on such missions He's a newbie temp, ofc not everything is unlocked(well, Raven is also forgetful...). Don't listen to the words of someone who have a pre-determined mindset to drop the story. The story does have its flaws ofc(especially due to it being a translated work, a lot of very entertaining stuff are lost in translation and became meaningless dribble that slows the story for no benefit) but this ain't one of them. View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C20
10 months ago

LuckyCatReborn: so he just become an agent that deal with mythological creatures without any ability to fight?

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C20
10 months ago
The problem is... he might forget everything including his name, how to speak and how to use the potty. Ravens are not known to be tech savvy View More

MrNao: Dunno man, if I was given the choice in the same exact way I would decide 10 out of 10 times to forget all that and tell the goddess to go fck herself. No amount of novelty in my life would be worthy of me knowing with certainty we are all but specks of dust at the mercy of almighty beings, I like life ****** thank you very much.

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C16
10 months ago
No, it's much much better. And despite there being VERY little actual romance, still a better love story. View More

Liulis_Misty_peaks: Lol is this novel actually a twilight knockoff

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C9
10 months ago
I'm not 100% certain, but the one of the more famous predecessor of "weaponized brick" is 史上第一混乱, which this book will make further vague references to. As a result of that book, bricks have been integrated deep into meme culture. (that book generated as well as used seven metric ton of memes) View More

huntATnight: how come quite a lot of novel I read always use brick as weapon? is it so majestic?

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C4
10 months ago
fight, sure. Monster story? Not really... that was unexpected. View More

CH405Kaiser: This MC is freakin terrible. He puts himself in the situation of what seems to be a fight that will go down, but and then asks himself how did he get into a situation? Wtf man up and take responsibility for your actions

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C3
10 months ago
The "Japanese" bit is a bit complicated.
First, per the source, "獣耳" is a mostly Japan originating concept, with most such works coming from Japan. However, the term have well integrated into the Chinese media that it's no longer closely tied to Japanese. That said, the author is a bit of a weebo so...
Second, kemonomimi is the best translation, because there isn't a better English word. So even if the original source have nothing to do with Japanese, it might get translated as such.
On the author. The first book he wrote (which this book is set in) started as a heavily weebo book. Mind, it include western references in games like starcraft, warcraft, but anime was referenced much more. So... Mind, the book ended as an awesome scif-fi but the beginning is a bit... also why while this book is translated, the original might never be as it's very hard to root out all the potential copy righted material. View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C3
10 months ago
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