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Reading Status: C20
Came back to review again after reading far ahead in the story.

One thing I can say about the novel: IT WAS AWESOME.
The author is a genius writer.

High quality story, very few grammatical errors, and fairly average chapters. For an author whose English is not his primary language, I can say that this is very well-written. (The author is a Filipino, he told me in a forum.)

This story is a fan-fiction of the marvel universe through the view of a man who gets so OP in a magical world.

The story is very fleshed out and I would say that after the first volume, the story gets really good. On the first volume, the author only told the starting movies of Marvel (Iron man, Thor, Hulk). Its okay except the MC doesn't really do anything.

In the second volume, the MC now starts his own adventure. (I wont spoil so read it yourself) The story quickly became one of my top reads and the reason being the lovable and cute Lynn. I love their current relationship right now, so I wish that there would be no harem. (Harem lovers please stay away)

Overall: Its one of those stories I found before going to bed and stayed up until 4 AM. READ IT View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic)
1 year ago

Kali_Grapy: I really think that his personality is right. He's a guy who only goes with the flow. When he reincarnated as a human slave, he just go with it. Then he became a monster slave, he just go with it. Then he became the previous demon king's lab rat, he just go with it. then he became the next demon lord, he just go with it. He never truly bother with stuff unless he's really bored. That's the only reason he tried to travel to a another world. He's bored. When he woke up from his coma, he just go with it. Literally all his life he just go with it.

So to the people who says he's a wimp, he's not. He just go with it. I'm starting to think he's motto is "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming."

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C20
1 year ago
I watched the Iron Man 2 again just for this and it's literally spot on. Good job, author. I will donate more so please update faster XD View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C6
1 year ago

Sagasaga: Just like the other guy said in the past chapters I hope you dont add Black Widow in his harem, if there is harem. She has that title for a reason *-*

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C6
1 year ago

FadedZen: Well can't wait for more chapters

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C6
1 year ago

Arimas: Yep, we need more chapters. And more Lynn

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C6
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C5
1 year ago

Arimas: I absolutely want more chapters. It was just great. Start is good. Plot is good. Grammar is good. Although there are few flaws, the author said it is intentional and it will be revealed in the future chapters so I guess I will wait for more. Kudos to the author!

**: please don't mind the haters and continue writing, for those who love it including me.

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic)
1 year ago
More chapters! View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C3
1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C2
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
This is an amazing fan fiction. The prologue really trapped me in and wanted to read more chapters. I hope the author doesn't drop this :))) View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic)
1 year ago

PG87Mertens: I won't break traditions and shamelessly give myself a stellar review. So, here's a few things to consider:

1. If you like OP Mc's and a semi anti-hero Mc, then this might be for you.
2. If you like characters like Deadpool, then this might be for you.
3. I will be using the Earth 616 setting, so there's a lot of things that are in this novel that wasn't in the movies. Just search it in the marvel wiki if you doubt something.
4. I will try to keep the updates consistent as much as possible, so please don't worry.
5. LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE DON'T SPAM THE REVIEW SECTION. PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU. DON'T SPAM IT. I accept critiques and constructive criticisms, just don't spam it.

That's all, thank you. I hope you follow me on this journey.

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic)
1 year ago
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