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The fool in tarot cards isn't someone not serious, but a person seriously pursuing a goal to the point of failing to take notice of dangers. The courting of death tends to cover this well. View More

OvumAureum: I don't understand why Klein wants to uphold his allpowerful image of the fool so hard. In the first place his name is the fool, why would he be so serious? xD You need to act like a fool in order to digest your godhood.

Lord of the Mysteries · C571
4 months ago
So sad, was having good time reading then went over cliff View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C12
6 months ago
I have to imagine the customers reactions when they realize he has a rocket launcher outside the game. View More

Ludieu: Okay, now that's just broken. An unlimited rocket launcher, imagine if he goes happy trigger. Lol.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C40
10 months ago
Surprisingly, I am agreeing. I didn't think much of the story from just the synopsis, and didn't give it any energy stones, but reading it has been entertaining. I am giving it some power stones to make up for no energy ones. View More

PayDay: Ah... This will be hard to deal with once the chapters shrink to one a day.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C30
10 months ago
What can you do all the good move names already taken considering all the games developed View More

Zacc: Hahahahaha. The hilarious copyrighted moveset made me giggle a bit.

Cultivation Chat Group · C799
10 months ago
No plan is guaranteed to survive contact with the enemy, so how about the plan of no plan, genius. Lol View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1064
10 months ago
Indeed, half or more are ex-male View More

joSw: When this book first mentioned the Demoness Sect, I was very excited, imagining a sect filled with only sexy women. Little did I know...

Lord of the Mysteries · C195
10 months ago
About time View More

pandevours: Finally out of fortesque

Daedalus · C57
10 months ago
The already have joined View More

Darkdelusion: Alger and Audrey always somehow manage to glorify the image of Mr.Fool.
Someday, these guys are gonna open up a fan club

Lord of the Mysteries · C191
10 months ago
A deadly mud slide View More
Versatile Mage · C341
10 months ago
Certainly doesn't lack the mysteries View More

Halmista: I'm excited to see how these all plays out. Will Azik go? Will Alger meet Audrey? Will they catch Qilangos? Next time on Drago-I mean Lord of Mysteries!

Lord of the Mysteries · C189
10 months ago
Better than Zhoa, hat is why his ego took a hit. Lol View More

Asmeee315: Curly Hair can sing?! 😯

Superstars of Tomorrow · C401
10 months ago
TINSTAFE!! There is a catch somewhere, I know it. View More

EXP_Monster: Free EXP for anyone who needs it!

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C22
10 months ago
They would put buffets out of business one after another View More

Necroda: Fang Zhao says curly hair eats to much but clearly he heats alot too. Rumours are going to say Fang Zhao + Curly Hair can consume a planet sooner or later

Superstars of Tomorrow · C401
10 months ago
And why do you want to make everyone pay so much for a chapter? View More

Oma59: Please make a chapter that cost 20++ SS...

Castle of Black Iron · C1492
10 months ago
Typical government intelligence force. Not capable of determining what the truth is. View More

CptDrag: Wow, from best girl to worst girl. You would think a spy would be less naïve, or is she not capable of trust because she is a spy? Good luck interrogating Daedo, no way he would tell them anything. Thanks for chapter!

Daedalus · C53
10 months ago
Looking forward to revenge time too View More

Willcj: Bring the thunder

Castle of Black Iron · C1485
10 months ago
Why spend your own money to do the job, even if the reason is your fault View More

Lagrange7: Oh, and the two charms I used just now can be considered mission-related expenses, so I can get compensated

Old Neils Legacy lives on!

Lord of the Mysteries · C173
10 months ago
One look and the naughty children behave View More

Varia: my stomach hurts from laughing, grandpa FZ is the best when dealing with the whimsical children

Superstars of Tomorrow · C400
10 months ago
Nice to have a secret guard. Enemies can't plan for them. View More

notDarkoneko: ...saving and redempting Zhang Gui was one of the best decisions ZT ever made

Castle of Black Iron · C1480
10 months ago
He should've already been thinking on this View More

Wytchlord: Finally at sequence 8
So the facial and bodily manipulation shows the ability to act out any emotion or actions out.
The laughter of the flower should symbolize to make others laugh and cry, similar to what a clown or Jester is going to do.
He should try to join a drama school to see whether that helps him find the rules for his new sequence

Lord of the Mysteries · C168
10 months ago
Time to start acting like a clown no more serious Klein. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C168
10 months ago
We left hanging, bro. How's your grip? View More

ResidentialPsycho: Noooo! Not Old Neil! The cliff is too high! I need the next chapter ASAP!!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C163
10 months ago
Even in a world with real magic superstition will still exist and probably will be believed more than the real magic View More

Lagrange7: I heard that you brought Holy Water, Sacred Emblems, a silver dagger, and garlic? This is great, my worries have eased greatly.

Yup, professional beyonders coming through! Btw the feng-shui in your house is all kinds of off.

Lord of the Mysteries · C161
10 months ago
Yes, the reason that person really went insane has been explained, probably. View More

Darkdelusion: So, when people become too engrossed in acting method, they begin to believe that they are it?
Like the guy who lost control from psychologist association

Lord of the Mysteries · C158
10 months ago
Agreed View More

iAteSlippers: Problem child +1

Superstars of Tomorrow · C398
10 months ago
I really hope he doesn't have to dress up as a clown View More

DaoistStripey: and practice how to use make-up

Lord of the Mysteries · C155
10 months ago
Maybe, he can getaway with stand up comedy. He will just have to do it improv with some practical jokes tossed in. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C155
10 months ago
Does he actually need to contract with it to make use of it as a power up? Probably would want to in order to control it and move it between familiars. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C182
11 months ago
A power up would be nice View More

Greenskin4: Is he going to contract it so it can power up his other monsters? If so it’d be good as a support familiar.

Monster Pet Evolution · C182
11 months ago
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