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Original Works

  • The Silver Spider

    The Silver Spider


    This is my first work ever. so i thought hey fanfiction should be fun. so i went for marvel so heres hoping that you'll find what i will do with the world interesting. think small changes big impact. This story is about Felicia Hardy's son that peter never knew about. Thomas P Hardy. There will be romance, action, stan cameos, dp refrences, and much more. as it is im of the opinion the mc can be op but after much hardship. But the question is to harem or not? we will see as it plays out. I probably should mention that any characters or character resemblances i do not own and is strictly owned by marvel, dc, whateves this is purely fanfiction.

  • Lux and The New Cooper Gang

    Lux and The New Cooper Gang


    What would happen if Characters from Sonic The Hedgehog were put into Sly Coopers world? This story follows Lux as the protagonist. What would happen if sly stayed in his original time? what would happen to all his allies? what happened to his enemies? It is a cross over of sonic the hedgehog and sly cooper with honorable mentions to star fox here and there. I'm making it clear I do not own sonic the hedgehog, sly cooper, or star fox. going to state it right meow it's sly coopers world, with some sonic the hedgehog characters, or characters made from the sonic universe.

  • Displaced Geist

    Displaced Geist


    40 years after the events of ghost planet dark Danny manages to break free and fuse's with a entity far worse than Danny phantom can handle. It brings him to his knees and clockwork starts looking into the possible futures realizes no matter what they try at this point in time will fail except one where an adult form of a child in there current time changes the future. He looks further into the possibilities of this child if he were to put him into the past and it was limitless. Join Alexander Geist in his journey to change the future. I do not own danny phantom that would be nickoldeon and Mr.Hartman. I love the series and this is fanfiction.


I can see him singing "they call me big poppa" lol View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C31
15 hours ago
Please no more gender bending. One or two is fine. But the amount of male to female ratio is out of wack. View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C101
1 day ago
His teacher has bluterus lol View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C93
2 days ago
Whatever you do do not introduce Ted from egs. Tosca will have a gender bending field day. View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C100
2 days ago
Hump Harley and ivy k'mon ya know you want too View More
2 days ago
He keeps getting beast girls. And now we wait for other types to fill in View More
Life in DXD · C25
3 days ago
Just saying don't make soichiro die........well at least in a douche way. View More
System evolution of Soul · C46
3 days ago
Any other than the ones you've mentioned because there's too many of them. No variety. So Rosario +vampire, full metal alchemist, basilisk, inuyasha etc etc View More
Marvel: My Rules · C0
3 days ago
Or I he gets caught View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C153
4 days ago
No gaspy View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C97
4 days ago
Mooooore! View More
Marvel: Loki · C7
1 week ago
At this point she realizes she won't be able to sit down for awhile View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C44
1 week ago
I love this fanfic it's awesome View More
Supreme Summoning System · C46
1 week ago
Bye bye boob dragon. After this I can him changing. View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C44
1 week ago
I always hated the naive way most heroes wouldn't kill. View More
The Warrior of Gray: Deku · C30
1 week ago
Lol and now he takes from Naruto View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C75
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C78
2 weeks ago
Loving it View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C78
2 weeks ago
So far so good View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C76
2 weeks ago
Lol love it View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C29
2 weeks ago
The demon trainer Luffy strikes again! View More
One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C16
2 weeks ago
Knew it kokabiel was a idiot View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C78
2 weeks ago
Kali: Oh by the way guys I could probably figure how to do your guy's power wit ki. It'd take awhile, But I could do it. Everyone stare. Charles: seriously old man? View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C27
3 weeks ago

Fever_D_Novel: yui from SAO as daughter
Kuroka from dxd as another older sister
Misaka mikoto from a certain magical index as little sister
Medusa from BTTH as (young)wife
Akeno from dxd as (S/M) priestess girlfriend
esdeath from akame ga kill as (sadistic)girlfriend
Tsunade senju from naruto as (mifl)wife
Grayfia lucifuge from dxd as (mifl)maid
Mirajane from fairy tail as (demonic sadistic)girlfriend
Erza scarlet from fairy tail as (S/M) girlfriend
Shirayuki from hidan no aria as (yandera)girlfriend
Ikaros from sora no otoshimono as (pet)maid
Nymph from sora no otoshimono as (proud)little sister
Sonia sitri from dxd as (strict) young wife
Kaguya from naruto as (motherly mifl)wife
Boa Hancock from one piece as (proud)girlfriend
Hina from one piece as (lawsuit)older sister
Medusa from fate/stay night as (blind)caretaker
Medea from fate/stay night as (yandera)wife
Ravel Phoenix from dxd as (sundare)little sister

Academia. · C38
3 weeks ago
Miu or Ma renka from historys strongest disciple, tsubaki or Blair from soul eater, neo or cinder from RWBY, Lust or Rize from full metal, Yuno from future diary's, or Tsunade from Naruto. View More
Academia. · C38
3 weeks ago
Lol Ragnarok ****ed up View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C70
3 weeks ago
Everyone is like I want a yandere girlfriend and they get stabbed for not paying attention. View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C73
3 weeks ago
I love this, and the fact he has the sage force. Lol View More
Brightest Doom · C2
3 weeks ago
Well that sucks he got killed before getting married. View More
Overlord: Skeleton Rising · C45
3 weeks ago
I like it so far 👌 View More
RWBY: Reincarnated as Naruto · C31
3 weeks ago
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