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Original Works

  • Too depressed and not enough Inspiration to carry on

    Too depressed and not enough Inspiration to carry on


    Nah G I Ain't Carrying This On, as you see from the title I don't have enough inspiration to carry this on if you want to carry it on then you can, if you wanna read a good 7DS Book Read: The Eight Sin The Sin Of Love

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  • Akash Wielder Book 7: Percy Jackson And The Child Of Duality

    Akash Wielder Book 7: Percy Jackson And The Child Of Duality

    Anime & Comics

    13 Years ago, Chiron brought back an adopted baby boy? Who is this child? Definitely gonna be an answer for that. Updates: Le Random And Of Course I Don't own anything here, other than my Oc. I also don't own the cover images I just photoshopped them all together

  • The Ice Wraith - Naruto Fan Fiction [DROPPED]

    The Ice Wraith - Naruto Fan Fiction [DROPPED]


    I know I know, another book which im more than likely going to scrap or it won't take off as i'm ill when i start it. But ehhhh. This is just a book based of a roleplay I'm doing with my friends so it might seem a bis disjointed at times but it's gonna be like that. It's also based more heavily on the doings of my character Seikatsu so yeah if any of you who's rping with me and have just found this now it won't be exactly like the actual role play at times so yeah. Toodles. Also this set like when boruto generation is like great grandparents so yeah.

  • A Broken Knight's Journey [Up For Adoption]

    A Broken Knight's Journey [Up For Adoption]


    This story takes place in the same world as Coraulten-sama's 'A Knight's Will' A 10/10 story on this site So yeah for context read that. He felt empty as if apart of him was lost he wanted to kill himself. Why didn't he? Because he didn't want to disapoint his parent's but now? Why not? Also i own nothing Look Down For Spoilers Updates: Le Random So unlike in Coraulten-sama's work this story follows a mordred with a similar experience to his father in the fact he dies for the first time then wishes for something which takes him into a normal world but something seemed missing and when he died he found what he lost. So yeah and Coraulten-sama whilst this won't try to rag on your story I'm just bad at writing. If you want this down then just ask in the comments or something and I'll happily oblige. Like all my other fanfics these are passsion projects for the simple fact im 13 so yeah. Toodles kiddlywinks.

  • Akash Wielder Book 2: Reincarnating As Whitebeard's Best Son

    Akash Wielder Book 2: Reincarnating As Whitebeard's Best Son

    Anime & Comics

    James was your average office worker who practised Kenjutsu because he was an Otaku. One day he suddenly died. Who knows how? Not important. He was transported to a throne room where somebody asked him to pick two wishes and a world to reincarnate to. He chose to be reborn in One Piece. His first wish was to Have the Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Orochi, a Mythical Zoan Type Devil Fruit which allowed him to transform into the Yamata No Orochi of Japanese myths aswell as the ability to eat 8 other devil fruits. His second wish was for a system which allowed him to become Whitebeard's Best Son! Updates: Le Random I don't own anything except my OC

  • Akash Wielder Book 1: The Son Of Fate

    Akash Wielder Book 1: The Son Of Fate

    Anime & Comics

    The Son Of Fate is a story about the child of The Original Hero Gilgamesh and The Physical Embodiment Of Fate. Gilgamesh has blessed the child with his gates. His mother has blessed him with apart of The Akashic Records. Updates: Le Random I Don't Own Anything But My OC

  • Akash Wielder Book 5: RWBY: A Fenrir's Fate

    Akash Wielder Book 5: RWBY: A Fenrir's Fate

    Anime & Comics

    Einar Fenrir is a wolf faunas and hunter-in-training with a troubled past. The question is when will it catch up to him? Updates: Random I Only Own My Oc's.

  • Reposted, Check my Page

    Reposted, Check my Page



  • Akash Wielder Book 6: Quaking Rumble BNHA

    Akash Wielder Book 6: Quaking Rumble BNHA

    Anime & Comics

    Gora Toshinori, First wielder of three quirks. His mother died during childbirth, his father never knew his mother was pregnant. Now going to UA Highschool what will The Son Of All Might get up to? Update: Le Random I own Nothing. The respective owners own there things.

  • Mad son of a Mad Developer (SAO Fanfic)

    Mad son of a Mad Developer (SAO Fanfic)

    Anime & Comics

    In this story Kayaba Akihiko is 30 at the beginning of the SAO story. He also has a mad son who is seven. Oh yeah and that son is the main character of that story. Oh yeah and that son is crazy enough to have named the voices in his head 'The Comment Section'. Updates: Le random. All is owned by the owners who are not me.

  • Akash Wielder Book 3: Kisari; Tale Of Chains

    Akash Wielder Book 3: Kisari; Tale Of Chains

    Anime & Comics System Naruto MaleLead

    Grandson Of The Second. Child of An Uzumaki. Kisari was forced to hide within Konoha as a mere babe due to the fact that his mother was killed after being hunted by a group of the destroyers of Uzushiogakure. Kisari is taken in by the Third Hokage due to his relation to Tobiramna. Kisari due to his parentage has both the Legendary Kekkei Genkai Of His Granduncle and the chains which bind the heavens. Updates: Le Random All is owned by it's respective owners.

  • Reincarnating As Giorno's Twin In An AU

    Reincarnating As Giorno's Twin In An AU

    Anime & Comics Jojos JJBA

    This story is about the reincarnated twin of Giorno in an AU of Part 5, and his Gang he simply named "The Reapers" I Own Nothing. OwO

  • Akash Wielder Book 4: True Slytherin: Reality Breaker

    Akash Wielder Book 4: True Slytherin: Reality Breaker

    Book&Literature Harry Potter

    Reality Breaking, A Once thought destroyed art, Alexander Malfoy, A Boy with a confusing past and family history, a voice in his head, and a screen with 'stats' that only he can see. Crossovers Possible, Fanfic inspired and a lazy ass author who owns nothing other than his OC, what could go wrong?

  • Fate The Last Hero

    Fate The Last Hero

    Anime & Comics

    The story of the last hero of Earth's journey as a faker and a time-tourist.


What are you smoking to think this is a "classic fanfiction", it's stolen the only decent chapters it had, for proper classics read stuff like RPG Shinobi, or dreaming of sunshine, or for a DxD one read The Holy Man Of the chrurch creek or A demon among devils or DxD: Son of Sparda View More

TDDG_fan: The content has been deleted

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
6 days ago

Ryzome: I don't give a damn that its a got fanfiction all I care is the witcher part its been so long looking for some witcher fanfiction and finally!

Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher · C1
1 week ago

FBI_B1TCH: Everyone else is talking about the brutality of the chapter. Whether he will become a hero or not. Meanwhile, we got you complaining about swords.🤔

I like it.👍🏼

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
2 weeks ago

CaptainBoyHole: If he uses a sword im out

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
2 weeks ago

aspire5515: that is actually his power, the Aurora pillar, the Aurora of humanity, the pillar of humanity, its all the same thing

3 weeks ago

Rian_Mae: was Izayoi the last embryo..?
I thought he was the last hope of humanity....His gift also gives him immortality as long as humanity is in danger..as long as there is a being out there in the multiverse that threaten Human extinction he will continue to live...

3 weeks ago

Shuragen: asauchi is better than awakened zanpakuto tho

The Universal Villain · C11
1 month ago

Layfon: The father of the protagonist in Toriko, has the ability to eat/devour/absorb anything. It's in the cells, for example he can eat your entire body and gain your strength or just a limb...

The Universal Villain · C7
1 month ago

DarKing93: Get hollow bloodline he is a villan so he needs to eat souls specially ichigos

The Universal Villain · C5
1 month ago

GuyTB: I really liked this chapter, it's by no means the first reincarnation novel I've read where the MC starts as a foetus, but it's the first that mentions the pain he felt as opposed to just the mother. I quite liked that, not because I'm a sadist but because I agree that it must be in barefoot painful for the baby as well, being squeezed through a tiny hole like that when your bones haven't even fully formed! Ouch! And due to that, he's crying when he's born... I'm sure that babies cry due to both the pain of being birthed and the overstimulation of the new environment - I highly doubt that all babies cry just for the hell of it. So I like it how he cried unlike lots of novels where the baby is born silent and alert causing the mother or the maid (inexplicably all maids in fantasy world are also experienced midwives... Even when they're only 14-16 treats old) to either think that he's a creepy freak with something wrong with him, or that he's an outstanding genius destined for greatness... Of course, No matter what they think, the father is always 'pleased as punch' at what a tough little man his son is, not crying when he was born - forgetting of course that when he himself was born, he cried 'like a baby' (See what I did there?)
So yeah, Good job on thinking it through and the realism (at least as realistic as a birth due to reincarnation can be) of it.
The novel seems good so far, please keep writing, please don't give up on it!

Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C5
1 month ago

After_Wing: The Devils in Highschool DxD deserved a noted punishment for their kind harming such innocent lives.
The canon didn't show much justice how badly the damage the Devil kind had done to the humans and mostly to the nekomata race.
They deserved true pain and suffering.

Highschool DXD: the harbinger · C1
1 month ago

Denzel_theking: Radiation-resistant bacterium 

Deinococcus radiodurans, a poly-extremophilic bacterium, isn’t only radiation-resistant. These immortal animals can also die and come back to life thanks to their incredible DNA repair response. According to Ira S. Pastor, CEO of Bioquark Inc., “[They] can survive cold, dehydration, vacuum, and acid, and [have] been listed as the world’s toughest bacterium.” The Guinness Book of Records even says they “can resist 1.5 million rads of gamma radiation, about 3,000 times the amount that would kill a human!”

Regenerating flatworms

also known as planarian worms, are famous for their regeneration abilities, where a worm cut across or lengthwise can form two separate worms. This apparently limitless regeneration also applies to aging and damaged tissue, allowing the worms to cheat death indefinitely,

Backward-aging jellyfish

Turrito**is doohmii, or more commonly, the immortal jellyfish. It has found a way to cheat death by actually reversing its aging process, according to National Geographic. If the jellyfish is injured or sick, it returns to its polyp stage over a three-day period, transforming its cells into a younger state that will eventually grow into adulthood all over again

1 month ago

GonadSmasher08: ok my list will be like this

for sight
electromagnetic senses

heat vision

bat and dolphins

bedbugs, mosquito, cichlid and mantis shrimp
infrared vision

spider, scorpions and crickets
vibration on the ground

(now make him blind b*tches!)

dung beetle

running speed
tiger beetles

flying speed

jumping power

ironclad beetle
for armor

tardigrade (water bear)
total resilience.

for poison
well there are many
box jelly fish
king cobra
marbled cone snail
blu-ringed octopus
death stalker scorpion
stone fish
wardering spider
inland taipan
poison dart frog
sea snake

1 month ago

GonadSmasher08: why not go for the insects?

they have the greatest strength, speed and durability in proportion to body weight.

dung beetle
for strength

like the
tardigrades (water bear) they have insane physics

tiger beetles
for running

dragon fly
for flying

for jumping power

then go for the

mantis shrimp
for the punch and eye sight (they can see different spectrum of light)

sperm whale
for the ultrasonic wave attack

a bat and a dolphin
for echolocation

1 month ago

robocoaster1: I think the main problem was not taking elemental affinity and then going to the elemental nations -_- absolute accuracy can be trained, it can also get in the way if used not very well. Best to start off with affinities and the universal energy for the potential and then get the accuracy later if you work out you're terrible at ranged weapons as it drops off later

Child's Play · C1
1 month ago
Disposition to learning it just means being better at it if you try it like what an affinity for lightning would do. It's almost like they mean the same thing. View More

GenericName_3000: I don't know, I class that as magical in origin if you want my honest opinion. Rather than the power to wield lightning, it's more like the genetics pass down an affinity for lightning and it's up to the person to unlock and use it right. Otherwise everyone of Zeus' kids would have lightning powers. And not every Greek God sired by Zeus has lightning powers.

1 month ago
I'd argue whilst he wouldn't gain their mystical powers immediately he'd gain a disposition to learning it like how in real life their are genes with dispositions to be better at certain things, and in many children of different gods they do seem to have a natural disposition to their abilities I believe if I remembers quickly there's an au of dc which is 'cannon' where Diana gains the ability to wield lightning. View More

GenericName_3000: Not really. He'd gain the genes of an Olympian but not their powers mystical powers. Unless the genes are what are responsible for the mystical powers.

If he absorbed, let's say, Zeus, he'd gain the physical capabilities but not the Lightning-based Abilities.

Thanks for reading.

1 month ago

AdrianVeidt: Damn what would happen if he absorb meta human??... Lol go absorb general zod or doomsday...

1 month ago

SnowofBlood: Better, I had doubt but this chapter was really good, I agree with Kilaske absorbing a spy or a criminal mastermind is an advantage for him especially with enemy like Amanda.
I'm wondering how much he will evolve in dc universe with the aliens etc...

1 month ago

Chin1234: Ooh it’d be cool if Amanda Waller sent the suicide squad after him and he absorbs them

1 month ago

Kilaske: Absorbing a spy would be awesome. He'd learn to better use his power to remain undetected. Like reducing his presence and acting.

1 month ago

brady_123464: Right now I am thinking fate series as possible summons since its easy to explain... but that might be overused so I will continue thinking of other works to pick from....... feel free to comment if u have one u really want

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in SAO? · C4
2 months ago

Tyrant1103: Grayfia would curb his Narcissistic tendencies, so she'd be a good summon.
Mama Raikou would be just flat out hilarious, she'd always think of him as her little baby boy when he wants to be the most handsome man.
Nero would be great, since both of them are so full of themselves...
Or you could summon a girl with a plain appearance, yet a beautiful personality for him to learn from, so he could be beautiful on the inside as well. Yes... A humble beauty... A Deaf beauty...

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in SAO? · C4
2 months ago

Zarakiel: Scanath caster/lancer or Altria lancer/ Divine spirit

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in SAO? · C4
2 months ago
Where did you see Mihawk was stronger than shanks the man himself said he couldn't defeat him, hell shanks convince kaido not to go to marineford or fought him off without any damage to his crew either way he should be the strongest yonko after Blackbeard and white beard all things considered. View More

Mallooki: Should add the shichibukai here.
Technically mihawk should be stronger than shanks unless statements don't count for **** in one piece.

One Piece: Uchiha Style · C0
2 months ago
10/10 would hate **** again View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C32
2 months ago

Zeno: I wonder how the personality of the MC is, if he is intelligent, calculating, cautious or is the typical MC Beta. since if it's the last one, I know how the story will go

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C4
2 months ago

kept123: No harem pls. Only Daphne.
And avoid the trio.

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C3
2 months ago

Thoth0: Yes we do have Milfs in our Society. But we have a SPECIAL Therapy Room for people who do reboots. It is a room filled with the utmost horror of people who love Milfs and Busty Onee-san. This Therapy is filled with Muscled Men who give Muscle based sessions of fun. The goal is to mentally scar the authors who do reboots. But . . . SHHH. . . Don't tell anyone. We want it to be a surprise.

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C1
2 months ago

BlaqueLyte: Dude - MILF Society???

You trying to encourage people to do reboots???

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C1
2 months ago
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