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Original Works

  • The soldier that surpassed god

    The soldier that surpassed god


    This is the story of TTG told in Shelly/Kaiser’s perspectives their will be spoilers if you haven’t read all of TTG’s chapters ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What would you do if you woke up and couldn’t move and control you own body? Shelly Hyun is a 16 year old girl who while walking from the bus stop to her brothers house found a strange amulet and once wearing it became a Host to a strange dying elder god. How will her life change and just who will she become (Old synopses)

  • The God of No Tactics

    The God of No Tactics


    May,2nd,3022 a average day in the Diamond city of Rocoplis but in what some call tragedy or others would call a blessing A red meteor falls down and hits the popular city but since most evacuated or were led underground the casualties were small killing 100,000 people in less than three hours while the pseudo nuclear blast infected the wildlife around...but should he be glad he was one of those lucky people or not, as he was one of those people who had escaped? Was what Shun and the rest of the world thought when the above ground residents who couldn’t get in developed new powers called mutations that once introduced began to change the structure of the world and its technology forever ...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 is technically ch 0as it’s a opener and chapter 2-11 is all inside KPOW and is mostly character building the system doesn’t activate till the middle of the second arc Arc1(a loli demon Queen) Arc1-2(a world of hate and sorrow) Arc2(the war of 2260) Arc3 (The systems new main quest) Arc4(The Martial God of Gaia) 1200 WORD CHAPTERS New chapter every Saturday (sorry but habits die hard) ;)-Rk

  • Lazy detectives

    Lazy detectives

    Realistic Fiction

    Two students one world shattering mystery they with your help must solve ————- Ok so there’s not enough story out for a good synopsis yet but be patient plus This book includes the first 5 chapters in print form. The rest of the story was edited for the continuity of the book, and the original webnovel chapters were taken down. (Not by me, I mean the author edited his work.)

  • Way of the Aquatic Phoenix

    Way of the Aquatic Phoenix

    Eastern Fantasy

    After saving his best friend a hero will rise from the under sea ashs the legendary Blue Phoenix Of legends ——— 2 stones for bonus chapter 5 stones for bonus round :round is 4 c 10 stones for a gate(10 chapters by Sunday)

  • My magic toilet

    My magic toilet


    A small boy in the hot Arabian nights found a magic lamp then while in old age had his genie split into hundreds of smaller less powerful beings for his children and grand children but as they weren’t grateful they turned the genies into various things our hero has found one of them

  • The Ninja Gamer

    The Ninja Gamer

    Video Games Gamer FanFic NoHarem

    June Just heard about a show called boruto based on naruto’s kid and it was so bad she committed seppuku but fate frowned and she got reborn in naruto how will she survive ______________________________________________________ This novel is one that i will rarely get updates as it is a side story to the main novel (RSS) as this one is from the heroines perspective


DevilTriggered: Hmmm, well it's easy to guess where you inspiration come from. But you know, Yoshida was special, he was broken so he can help broken people. But normal person, what can he do?

The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) · C3
1 day ago

bigandy624: Yeah, writer's block sucks. I wonder if you had gotten over it yet, so I decided to post a review. That being said I know of several routes you could take in vault 3. From fighting Nelphi to the ranger hidden in the vault. Thinking back, this is the reason I always deal with the Great Khans first. The one guy gives you a mission that allows you to walk right in the vault unimpeded. Then I would do the mission, kill Motorrunner and then sneak out the back way with the ranger. You should be able to sneak in with so few guards and pull the same trick. Save for you know, ganking Driver Nelphi.

Not So Lonesome Road · C69
1 day ago

Celtic296: You can have all the time you need and when you come back we will be waiting for your glorious return. Have a good one

Not So Lonesome Road · C69
1 day ago

JimmyBlah: Thank you for being transparent!! And take your time author, I really love the story and I’d rather you be happy with something that you want to put out- rather than something we ‘need’ to have instantly :D

Not So Lonesome Road · C69
1 day ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Gacha Sovereign · C3
3 days ago

Kerail: I realy would have liked this one as the novel backround is interesting but:
1. Story keep swiching back and forth with diferent people storylines even in the midle of chapters several times. So much that you sometimes get confused who is the mc.
2. I dislike the characters as all of the main characters are bullies/wimps/rude/mistreated good people and strong martial artist who sometimes kill one hit or get taken down 1 hit - thats all at the same time. It realy dont make any sense at all.
3. Women all and I mean all are sexy violent biches. Who like to hit and sexualy harass mc at some point of time at least.
4. There are no ***** characters here. The so caled evil conspirasing adults cry run awey and call baka ... I gave up on adults then.

So good side:
1. There are lot of chapters.
2. Spelling/grammar is nice.
3. Story backround is intriguing.
4. There seems to be quit a lot of harcore fans for this novel who probably will rip up this review here.

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story)
3 days ago

thestatsguy: (Unfortunate author here, why is listed below Stats.)
Website : qidian china
Views : 53.49million
Rating : 9.2(1629)
Chapters : 563
Status : ongoing
Rank : 4
Word count : 1.79million
author level : platinum
No of works : 6
Disscussion : 24871
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 诡秘之主

At last it's here. Damn I've waiting far too long for this novel because of three reasons :
1. It's the book by my favorite author.
2. It's the best work from my favorite author.
3. It's really so fucking popular right now in China. (just look at the rank and views with only 563 chapters)

But he really is an unfortunate author in this site. Reasons listed below.
Three of his works are translated here.
1. Martial arts master : one of the best books with romance and action. This is actually my favorite romance novel. And martial arts fights are really sooo awesome in this book. But the reason for this not to be in rankings or popular bcoz one translation is ****, two no updates since atleast 2 months. Even with **** translation it was in rankings sometimes.

2. Throne of magical arcana : This is really one of the best webnovels with western magic elements with elements of science in it. It's basically epic magic, science and church novel. Translation too is really good for this novel but translator updates only 3 to 4 days a week which is also the reason it's not in rankings imo.

3. The sage who transcended the samsara : I wanted to try this. I really really wanted to try this. But it's said to have a very ****ty translation. People say it's a very unique and good novel, they also say translation is **** and end up dropping it.

Now I'm really really happy because not only is this epic getting translated, it's getting translated by cktalon one the best translators out there.

I only request one thing with you. Please keep the releases stable and I really thank you for taking up the translation for this novel. 🙏

Lord of the Mysteries
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: In my defense, I love booty, not terrible writing.

Rebirth: The New Game of Life
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: Sounds like Dark Wizard God is a pay to win noob

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C15
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: saw 10 atk and was like PSH, WEAK AF. Saw the rest and was like OMG. OP.

Versatile · C3
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: As a person who reincarnated, was a fcking King amongst players, supreme knowledge and skills...etc. he is so stupid when it comes to basic things like realizing a pretty girl is taking advantage of him, forcing him to sign a contract to stay in her guild forever, just so he will craft more items.

It is so sad to hear the author say how amazing MC was in the past, the smartest, strongest, best gear...etc and to see how stupid he actually is. even his race selection of human to the other races with better stats was off.

Do not trust the 4 or 5 star reviews. Hell no. 3 at best.

The Almighty Ring
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: Oh course this happens...

Abuse of Magic · C27
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: Hate gender benders honestly. Sounds good game wise but dropping

Elemental Mage · C1
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: Read this for free at novelfull

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1806
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: Let me leave my adorable sister, that every dirty scumbag human wants to sell, in a fooking inn full of scumbag human traffickers. Smart move author

Abyss Domination · C45
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: all these benefits and the MC will get nada

Warlock Apprentice · C75
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: i hope it isn't all "Theo:" after this

Golden Fox with System · C1
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: can we just remove all "Theo:" please?

Golden Fox with System · C2
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: was it just him being OP in a game, or did he himself reach the apex in the real world as well after?

and nice to see a different weapon. so tired of swords and spears

Divine Brilliance · C3
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: yeah, it isn't enough to fxck your sisters, let's fvxk the mom now? come on author,

Overlord of Sin · C12
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: i came here for the actual story, not this b.s ero crap.

this is turning into another garbage sex novel

Overlord of Sin · C10
3 days ago

BigBootyLover: kill this disgusting, evil bxtch immediately

Overlord of Sin · C17
3 days ago

PettyOfficer: There are like 20 reviews from two people giving this 5 stars and I have to put my foot down.

I’ve read up to chapter 18 and I want to blow my brains out. Wanna know why?

It’s not lacking chapters. It’s not the decent grammar or the general narrative style.

It’s the overuse of clichés, emphasis of “plans,” and useless characters. Also, the dreadful POV shifts.

For clichés, we got MC Mark, a “badass” anti-hero/hero mix. We got a random mother and daughter burden for escort. Then there’s the strong and uncooperative love interest with her friend. Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s the unnamed male employee as the servant.

Some bus is in an accident and then zombies come out from it. It’s the apocalypse and somehow, the zombies have hacks that allow them to bypass crowds and kill any good guy with a gun. No police or guards! No phone service, so you can’t call for help!

That means everyone is getting slaughtered! MC steps in to lead everyone to safety! Oh no! Someone needs help, so he goes to save them with his badass one-handed shotgunning skills! He got it from a zombie guard that happened to attack him!

But he can’t just save them without showing how all other guys are trash! A mom gets grabbed by dying man! How she is still alive when running from zombies with her daughter? Who cares! Love interest shows she can fight, but MC saves her because he must be better!

Oh? A rich fatty goes crazy and holds everyone hostage in his base? He locks out MC and kills someone with a gun? Guess it’s detour time for MC to go save them because they’re helpless without him! No need to try and reason with the fatty.

Don’t worry! It’s all according to “plan!” MC loots a place and makes the path secure. Oh, a detour to the detour? Oh, it’s time to save a new love interest? Oh, we have to get the hero a heroic entrance instead of assassinating the gangsters. We’ll have the MC talk to the Boss as he r*pes the girl because this is the “plan!”

What!? The Boss has a gun? No worries! MC knew and wanted to make sure by talking to the gangsters! He just wanted to get a better shot. What? He only shot off the Boss’s arm and kicked a gangster’s balls? What “plan” is this?

How will he survive now? Oh? It was instant KO? As expected of MC, the other gangsters run away since they luckily don’t have guns. Now the MC is the hero. Let’s have TWO chapters of FLASHBACKS to show this pampered and beautiful love interest having a hard time with her family, friends, and fiancé.

Don’t worry! Literally disarming the Boss was part of the plan! He’s bleeding out, but don’t worry! MC must have a moment with his love interest! Oh, the Boss died? Time for a new “plan!” The fleeing gangsters attracted the zombies away? As expected of the “plan!” They never could have lured them back! Even if they did, MC had “plans” for it!

Ignore that his people had to kill zombies attracted by his gunshot! Hey, that mom can come over here and clean up the love interest. That gangster Boss r*ped her all over just by himself! She’s coated in his slimy seed!

Great! We’re ready to move on! Ignore how the daughter keeps up. Man-servant has been carrying the injured mother the whole time!

Do you understand how tedious and discomforting that is? It’s a droll format. It relies on cliché encounters to build up a harem team because the author doesn’t want to have MC alone. We go back and forth between characters only so the MC is no longer the focus of the story.

It’s fractured but whole, like a fractured butt hole. Incomplete, but complete; empty, but full.

3 days ago

AKARYUU: Agreed Fluer is good choise if u want to involve other country or sth; Susan Bones , Daphne Greengrass u can play with character how u want or luna to many to choose from but not authority abiding bossy and so on little girl

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C3
5 days ago

Master_Sigil: Is this MC an idiot?
How could he so much underestimate the power of light and darkness?!
This two elements practically made up percentage of the Universe with darkness covering almost all!
This MC have no idea what this two elements capable off!
Light in turn can purge any evil and shadows like Voldemort.
Darkness can bring way more destruction than fire elements. Add up it can practically used for mentality prowess like simple brainwashing and corruption.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C3
5 days ago

BlaqueLyte: She's not beautiful. She's damn fugly - as in f-ing ugly.

Never said to set him up with a ditz or airhead. Just someone less nagging and annoying

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C3
5 days ago

BlaqueLyte: But Hermione is so fugly and annoying. Can't he get someone better looking and less nagging?

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C3
5 days ago

Obito_Tobi: author you are doing a mistake about the power of armament haki cause the level isn't about how much you can coat with it if so then that mean only the strongest armament users are the only ones who can coat all their body but that's 100% wrong cause even weak haki users can coat all their body with it and it's effect would be less the more you coat as we saw virgo and pika (pika's haki wasn't worth anything in front of zoro and if you say zoro's haki is monsterous i will say no if it was he would break birdcage but he wasn't able to not even after all the help he get from other abd even with fujotora too ) so the level of it meab the hardness and the colour as it would become depper the strong your haki become

Asgardian Sword God · C7
1 week ago

Immortal_Potato: Please let him mutate. If he doesn’t, i’m probably going to drop this story. I will exchange my old potato roots for it eh? Should be worth a few god core beings.

My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday · C31
1 week ago

Morvian: 🤔🤔🤔🤔

My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday · C31
1 week ago
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