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AsuraEND: The Harem is already getting too big, Natsu’s still got to go to different universes

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C94
1 day ago

Ruined_Leprechaun: Rhongomyniad is actually a divine item... Gilgamesh only has Ea as his divine weapon...others are all human creations...so Excalibur is also out as it is a treasure of fairy...

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C59
2 days ago

Lord_Snow: What kind of reasoning is that he have status meaning even if he is 1 year old if his status is A or Ex whatever he will not receive backlash.

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C5
2 days ago

Djabilong: I'm going to laugh my arse off if he ever loses to anyone or struggles fighting anyone with this kind of setup. And weirdly enough, I have a gut feeling that he will.

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C0
2 days ago

Subhajit_Sarkar_1888: And i don't plan for any world travel protagonist stays in DXD only. So i just knocked myself out with the power levels.

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C0
2 days ago

Djabilong: What I read: "Sis-Con with a Dimensional Chat Group"
What I expected: dimensional chat group
What I got: stocks

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C444
2 days ago

Syxber: Better calm himself so he doesn't act like the myth he said himself.

DC: Fenrir · C2
4 days ago

Xumit: I have to agree with Kazuma here. I'd be pretty pissed watching his dense self as well >\/<

The Saint's Trial: Can He Resist Their Charm!? · C17
5 days ago

Horricus: wow, the mc has a strong mother complex, it seems like a 5 year old boy

The Saint's Trial: Can He Resist Their Charm!? · C2
5 days ago

Sameer_Uddin_9327: Then let's at least crippled him so he can't used magic. How about that

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C90
5 days ago

readm: i really like this story but it needs more chat group stuff its getting boring

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C441
5 days ago

YoungPrimordial: too edgy

Vampire in Touhou · C22
5 days ago
too edgy View More

Hoshizo: author, I have a suggestion. when the war begins, cause your family to lose, your parents to be killed and, during despair, the MC goes crazy releasing unbelievable power and manages to annihilate the enemies, but due to the wounds of the battle, as well as the waste of fear energy, he falls asleep. at that moment, remilia in fear of losing her brothers (flandre and the MC), run away with the two and sakuya to gensokyou. so you make a time jump where the protagonist now during the battle in the scarlet incident.

Vampire in Touhou · C22
5 days ago

Xumit: Like I previously said too much technical stuff. A little bit is awesome but the last few chapters were full of them. We're here to read about some fictional chat group not how to be a billionaire. I think the author also see the disappointment of the readers. I've noticed his Patreon income has dropped from about 1400$ to around 800$ the last time I checked. (Author had hid his actual amount now. I think he doesn't want new patron to see his reduced income.)

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C438
1 week ago

Xumit: If their intuition was so scary, then there won't be so many r*pes and assaults every year. It's just exaggerated so much.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C436
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: We're not here to read about investment. We don't care how he earns money because he could just sell a vaults worth of gold he stole during a quest.

Please don't focus on Haru building businesses. No one is here to read about how someone that could destroy a city buys businesses and bosses his employees around.

Please focus more on the group chat. Have him quickly tell his employees how to operate and then leave it to them.

What's the point of him saying that he would rather spend time with girls and let his employees run everything, if you're foing to give us an entire chapter talking about investment?

I prefer your mangaka story because it only showed him buying the business and making anime with serafall

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C429
1 week ago

Harem_fan: Every time you see dumb loli comments just reply with this same like every single time.....[It is FICTION get over it!] or [so your dumb and see the lolicon tag yet you still read it...dumb!]...after awhile they will get board lolol.

Vampire in Touhou · C1
2 weeks ago

swaran: At the bloody least change their settings and make it that h found them on some journey or something rather than making it two mind broken girls because of excessive sexual abuse and MC altering their memories to make them loyal of him , it just leave a bad taste in mouth

Tornado of Terror[Dxd:Fan-fic] · C0
3 weeks ago

swaran: Dude those two girls had already lost the hope to live MC should've end their suffering rather than erasing their memories and making them his pawns just because they have high class devil strength like their would be millions of people in the world in that range, him altering their memories just so he can use them for him makes him no much better than nebarius devils,,,, you just made me want to stop reading this

Tornado of Terror[Dxd:Fan-fic] · C7
3 weeks ago

Nirvanic_Sun: She rambles on too much. She will say the same thing three times in three different ways in a single paragraph.

The entire chapter can be summarized as"made the potion, decided to move to bonyari, let everyone know that I'm moving to bonyari."

She doesn't need too ask a question to herself about everything she talks about. Honestly, I skimmed through the chapter because the narration kept going on and on about nonessential things.

Eroge System · C19
1 month ago

Ezukejyll: Went from great start to stupid MC in one chapter ha!

Dungeon System in DXD · C2
1 month ago

Layfon: Either is fine, as long they don't slow him down or get things side tracked.

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C36
1 month ago

tekite: Literal copy and paste. Nothing has changed

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C843
1 month ago

AscheCWPM: I'd suggest not using things like "BTW" in your fanfic and actually spelling it out. It lowers your quality. Thanks for the chapter

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C30
1 month ago

Licorice: 15 "chapters" of pure crap

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C822
1 month ago

XenonNoble: Right? I don’t mind OP MC’s, at least when they’re done the right way. Hope this doesn’t get too carried away.

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C6
2 months ago

Heavenly_Devil: Author never replies, but I'll rant anyways. There are so many spelling errors at the beginning that it annoyed me, and I saw a few people trying to help author correct them... but I never saw any changes. The whole thing is basically leading girls on so that their love can 'florish' into unconditional love... Somehow, FEMALE characters forgets things that they know, then Auhtor's ****ty delusions... I mean MC comes along and helps them... lolz, nobody's going to read this anyways, so who cares?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C268
2 months ago

Ruined_Leprechaun: When you make your chunni intro, to make everyone think you're a badass, but the school jock just beats you up calling you a nerd

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C202
2 months ago

FilledWithHope: I just realized that everyone in that chat group has seen his sister naked.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C200
2 months ago

swaran: But what haru didn't know that there was someone hidden watching his confession to kato.......
And the next day haru woke up finding himself strapped to the bed naked and a yandere little sora with a whip in her hand.....And then he knew he ****ed up.. i mean seriously... FUCKED UP.......And now he's faced with two choices ............................
What are the choices ?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C149
2 months ago
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