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Why must you send me on this rollercoaster of emotions. This bitter sweet good bye is now sprinkled with tartness, it's to sensational this mixture 😂 View More

Ninetales: Good news guys, so I feel the new translator is even better than me in terms of quality so if we are saved! If possible I would translate alongside her whenever I'm free so we can have more chapters for you guys!

Tales of Herding Gods · C844
1 month ago
Soran is Rouge level 7 with an advanced class at Lv 1 meaning over all his Rogue lv is 8 which translates to grade 3. His Wizard lv is 4 or 5 either way he's a grade 2 Wizard. His overall level is 12 to 13 but I don't think he qualifies as grade 4 just yet. That will happen at Lv16 (every 4 levels is grade up). View More

Bogart: Soran could have leveled the rogue up to level 4 considering he now has only one life to live, is running naked from a massive demon, and diving through trap infested tunnels... But no. That is a waste of slaughter xp! XD

Abyss Domination · C15
2 months ago
The translator that left all those notes stopped TL at 96... Are you just now noticing the Translation has had a change in quality? And there have been no notes for close to or exactly 50 chapters? View More

Bogart: No Author note? Yes!! Seriously though, is he going to even try to get rogue points? For how rare it is supposed to have been; he sure focuses on slaughter points a lot. With the difficulty parameters we were given, I am not even sure how any straight rogue can be relatively competent without killing people.

Abyss Domination · C59
2 months ago
in China this concept hasn't spread as of yet so I think the actual target audience (Chinese) would have found this controversial or appreciated. View More

Bogart: And here I thought he could finally stretch his limbs after his sister was safely tucked away with the northern witches. But now he's saddled with yet another little girl... This author likes the 'young maiden in distress' archetype I see. I laughed at the long explanation of equality. Of course women are equal and powerful in this world! Beating us over the head with it was wholly unnecessary. XD

Abyss Domination · C146
2 months ago
One is a fur ball whose healing is painful and associated with lightning

The other is associated with water and saliva and looks like a dino

Pretty different but ultimately similar View More

Flammenwurfer: Wait, isn't this EXACTLY like Little Silver? From the egg hatching to the shoulder perch to even the licking-healing-powers?

Super Gene · C1382
7 months ago
Can't remember but did he unlock the 13th floor as well? I doubt it... The monster wasn't captured and the woman's soul was trapped by the baleful spirit

Kinda answered my own question View More
My House of Horrors · C218
7 months ago
For some reason I always involuntarily read 'visitors' as 'victims' in the quite literally sense. Is it my mind voicing my thoughts?

I pitty these ignorant bastards View More
My House of Horrors · C216
7 months ago
There is a type of monocle that hangs off the bridge of the nose but only covers one eye. I don't know its name but it is a monocle. If its this type it wouldn't surprise me to find out it slid slightly out of place rather than popped out of place. View More

Dittomarth: "Xiao Jin pushed his monocle"
This guy seriously wears a monocle? I had to re-read that to make sure I got it right....
And he pushed his monocle? What, into his eye? I didn't think monocles fell down on his eye/nose. They are either in place or they fall out...

The Legendary Mechanic · C201
8 months ago
And why can't a man know how to cook. I like cooking its stress relief as long as you ain't doing it as a job. View More
A Valiant Life · C206
8 months ago
Ooh look at all the goodies, I'm guessing he van only take a limited amount himself but i wonder what types they have available and if he will find an 'experimental' serum. Ad for the rest bet he just sells em. Is it to proper NPC organizations or players idk View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C179
8 months ago
Estimated chapter count: 50

Mass release expectation date: 1 month

Validity: None

Filler arcs remaining: 2?

Chances humans will be "placed" in shelters above 5th: High

Chances new races will be "placed" in series going forward: High

Chances new humans in 5th sanctuary and above are ancient cultivators: moderate View More
Super Gene · C1290
8 months ago
I don't remember exactly what life door is but I remember everything related to how he got it... uncle Bug gave it to him and told him the relationship between it and the cat d his grandpa. What it does I got no clue

Also the author wrote himself into a corner and had to force his way out like this lol View More
Super Gene · C1289
8 months ago
I predict 2 more chapters of this nonsense and maybe 1 or 2 filler before we see the effects of evolution blood in the real world... And whatever else he gets from he Vice-Leader drops View More
The Almighty Ring · C92
8 months ago
Word of advice even an innocent person is fearful of police in a police station. Having interactions with police in general is something to be avoided. Police have a history of throwing the innocent under the bus just to make up numbers or get a quick solution. Forced compliance and coercion isn't new and is a norm View More
A Valiant Life · C199
8 months ago
Everything he is saying is highly illegal where I'm from hell him being in the same room as a witness while also technically being in police custody is also highly illegal. Not to mention coercion is highly highly illegal. Why do neither of them have a lawyer? Why are they speaking? Wtf is this even... View More
A Valiant Life · C198
8 months ago
What is he a mentalist now? View More
A Valiant Life · C198
8 months ago
I appreciate it, I appreciate it. I can really appreciate the bullying of someone you like I do it myself its a good way to show ya care View More
Monster Paradise · C907
8 months ago
I can appreciate this filler, it doesn't hurt to flesh out the summon monsters and add depth. View More
Monster Paradise · C906
8 months ago
Actually Asians don't hate fat people its just rare for Chinese and Japanese so they tend to point it out more. I have rarely ever seen an Asian fat Best friend in these stories be mean or disloyal or even an enemy... If anything the image of a fatty is a loyal wingman rather than a repulsive ugly side character. View More

Poche: The cliche that always piss me of...the friend of the mc is always a fat boy.... Why Chinese hate so much the fat people...

The Almighty Ring · C1
9 months ago
Its already rare for humans to advance to 3rd sanctuary as its likely you'll be enslaved or put in an dangerous place... Its become easier to be at the pe of 2nd sanctuary but how many want to advance? Also with the abundance of shelters out there it'd be more than a million to one odds of one actually appearing at any shelter he owns. Lastly his shelters are usually occupied by others when he's not there and would they bother to report everyone of the newbies the appeared? View More

bellydancer: How come his sanctuaries are never connected to the alliance? No one ever spawns in or around them. Han Sen is more of a loner than Han Solo.

Super Gene · C1222
9 months ago
The content has been deleted
Monster Paradise · C847
9 months ago
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