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Everytime Xiang Wan and Bai Muchuan are together, cases related to them (in some ways) appear. It was only when they 'broke up' that things are quiet and peaceful. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C450
4 hours ago
I hope Bai Muchuan suddenly appears and answers DL 🤣 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C449
1 day ago
There's a high chance that it's Bai Muchuan. I mean, Meng Chi knows that he is Second Young Master Mu. So it kinda follows that the manipulator also knows about it. SoI guess before the manipulator use that fact against him and Xiang Wan, he's just gonna reveal it himself. But we'll see in the next chapter. This novel is everything but predictable 🤣 View More

jokesoflife: I too think so that the special guest is no other than "OUR BADASS Bai Muchuan" and I too think that it is the most right time to reveal their relationship.

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C447
2 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C1
3 days ago
Same here. Also, I bet Tu Liang discovered something really big that it actually cost him his life. Meng Chi is just a scapegoat i guess View More

Monika1988: I don't know why but I feel that Meng Chi is not killer.. It's a gut feeling that something is not right with all this...

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C440
1 week ago
If I were Gu Jingze, I'll buy a new house and take everything there, leaving Mo Huiling behind. Mo Huiling wanted to move to that Gu house anyway so just let her live there, alone. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C568
1 week ago
Now it seems that Xie Wanwan is something really big in all these cases. I mean, wasn't she always involved in these cases? It's always her that put (intentionally or coincidentally) people in danger during investigations eversince she appeared. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C439
1 week ago
Can we just trade Cheng Xin's life for Tu Liang's? View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C430
2 weeks ago
This is by far the most heart breaking chapter. I bet we're all gonna wail when the next chapter comes out. 😭😭😭 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C430
2 weeks ago
No info yet 😅 View More

wakading: Have we found out about the reason for the drop out?

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C141
2 weeks ago
Oh! She might have thought of something connected to poison. Something about the case. 😄 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C415
3 weeks ago
Oh finally! A mass release! Thank you so much! 😍🥰 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C414
3 weeks ago

darknerd: I'm not dreaming, right? I'm not dreaming and we actually got a mass release, right? Thank you! Thank you sooooo much, Translators!!!

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C414
3 weeks ago
(●__●) at Lima's hobby. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C406
1 month ago

toriana: Poor gu jingyan.. Sometimes i like lu beichen sometimes i hate him

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C511
1 month ago
So she's in the interrogation room? How is she in danger then? She has Bai Muchuan's number? And she still has time to call Bai Muchuan when she's in danger and sounding like she's running out of time? View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C399
1 month ago

Olumimi: I think he has been helping her a lot but underground

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C508
1 month ago
Now, Lima sounds really dangerous. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C397
1 month ago
I'm starting to despise reading Situ Qiong's name in a chapter. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C505
1 month ago
Xiang Wan is right. For someone who shows intentions of ruining her relationship with Bai Muchuan, why would she be merciful? View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C389
1 month ago
This Cheng Xin really annoys me. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C388
1 month ago
These cases all have something to do with The Grey List. Who did Bai Muchuan provoke in the past that holds a huge grudge against him? View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C387
1 month ago

EvilWitchQueen: * * P E T I T I O N * *

Please Mint tell us what to do to have a mini mass release! Even 3 chapters is fine!

• Should we, readers, vote this novel up to a certain rank?
• Should we, readers, do something else?

Please! Please! Please! Please!

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C386
1 month ago
I'm quite baffled that some people don't feel that there is racism involved in here. Just because it's not commonly known for the world that Indians and Filipinos are being subject to racism, doesn't mean we should just dismiss things regarding them. I like this novel, that's why I don't give up on it. But it doesn't mean I would be silent about it.
If people are not comfortable with their race being portrayed as someone 'negative' in a literary piece, do we really have to imply that they're "wrong" for voicing it out? View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C478
1 month ago
If the characters are compared to chess pieces, I guess Liang is one of the knights. If Bai Muchuan and team wasn't lucky, he could've succeeded. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C374
1 month ago
What if Yu Bo wasn't really a simpleton and was just acting? What if he's just that good at manipulating people? I don't know but…what if? I mean, this novel loves giving us surprises. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C373
1 month ago
Argh! I confused her with Cheng Xin. View More

Avamine_27: Why now

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C371
1 month ago
It really irritates me whenever Mei Xin is mentioned. 😂🤣 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C371
1 month ago
Xiang Wan may not be armed with a gun or a knife but her tongue can sure cut someone else's pride and dignity. 😂😂😂 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C366
2 months ago
It's actually a case of stereotyping Filipinos. What's even more sensitive is that this "maid" is actually a 'Filipino family's hope', and the story behind it. It's not easy to live in a poverty-stricken country. This maid went away to serve people of a different race, in a country far from home, hoping that her family could afford a better life. Well, the system sucks in the Philippines and while there are people living luxuriosly, and people trying to fight for a better system and governance, there are also a lot of people trying to find ways to put food on the table despite poverty and other circumstances like lack of formal education. So please pardon the mass rant but it is really a sensitive topic. It's not really a matter of pride, dignity, or reputation. It's a reflection of the social injustice in the Philippines that everyone wants to get away from. It's a reflection of a nightmare no one in the Philippines wants to recall but has to face no matter what. We have been struggling and these filipino maids are one of our symbols of hope. So yes, I think it is very insensitive of the author to specify the race of the maid. The author wrote about the unfair treatment to the 'filipino maid' but did not bother to write about a solution to her situation. And that's adding insult to the injury. View More

Typheous: Hurry, everybody jump on the 'social justice warrior' bandwagon! They mentioned a nationality, so they must be racist!

Really people, get over yourselves. If you don't like it, don't read it. If you want to act all high and mighty and try to make the world a better place, the comments section on Webnovel is not the place to do it. Let us enjoy our novels without your ignorant chatter, please.

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C442
2 months ago
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