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IWANTMYDINNER: Idk why, I’m loving the story. Maybe in some people’s eyes the mc isn’t getting strong fast enough (god knows how many novels there are where the Mc is basically god at chapter 5). Regardless we are still in like the first combat arc so in my opinion you should finish it off and then take things from there

Kalar´s Continent · C30
4 days ago

Redturbans: suspended not expelled i do not see the issue.It is the most practical solution.

Kalar´s Continent · C23
5 days ago

Ho_lee_Fuk: Dude, this is seriously pretty great work! Keep doing what you are doing and if you are still taking in suggestions, then I would suggest keeping the world building 'slice of life' as it is really good world building, it makes the world feel lived in and we get to relate to the main characters.

Kalar´s Continent · C16
5 days ago
Reading Status: C81
Different take on the cultivation novels. Characters are well developed and have their own motivations.
Even though some editing needs to be done on some of the chapters for ease of reading, I definitely recommend this one. View More
Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth
5 days ago
Bing read this and sad I’ve finally caught up. Now I have to wait with breath abated for updates!

Very good novel. Thanks for your hard work! View More
Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth · C81
5 days ago
Option B. Need to complete the mini arc before leaving us hanging......... View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C53
1 week ago
Did the system grant the comprehension point due to not be flamboyant or selfish? And yes, new clan quest get! View More
Sword Among Us · C295
1 week ago
Thanks. And I don’t know so much as “poor” spider, as overly fat and happy gluttonous spider! View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C49
1 week ago

frealzilla: When a mysterious all powerful entity tells you that it has candy and puppies in its van and its willing to give you them for free maybe ask some questions first.

Spirit Immortal · C180
1 week ago

ferp: thanks that I found your novel. been engrossed reading since I started 😁

Spirit Immortal · C92
2 weeks ago

Saarlink: I have to say I am surprised that there are not more people voting for/commenting on this novel. So far it has been excellent!

Spirit Immortal · C70
2 weeks ago

teabag: Do you know what's more terrifying than a sword weilding genius?
A genius who knows how a body works ....... .
A human body has more water than solid and mc can masterfully manipulate water..... Imagine what's possibly going to happen...

Spirit Immortal · C49
2 weeks ago

DaoistLilSpoderman: So much blablabla about blablablaof this novel, just go and read the novels who don't have any depth and just fight this run of that and fight again.

Spirit Immortal · C28
2 weeks ago

DarkShadowow: Where can I join a sleep protest?

Spirit Immortal · C10
2 weeks ago

Virian: why bother with growing fleshy limbs when they can either make magical manipulators or pets to work for them.

Chrysalis · C438
2 weeks ago

RonaChan: I can't believe that I just cried reading this. Well done author and thank you for your hard work

Celestial Peak · C32
2 weeks ago

Webzayne: Yeah, I don't get what he's talking about. There is a difference between arrogance and ignorance. Most of those Chinese mc's go around acting retarded, making enemies to move the plot. That's a byproduct of bad writing. Do not, please, do not introduce that cliche **** into this novel.

Celestial Peak · C29
2 weeks ago
Yes, great chapter! Also very poor job off the sect leader to not have someone assigned to keep track of their forces. I can’t wait to see how this plays out! View More
Sword Among Us · C279
2 weeks ago
Great way to start the new year! Thank you! View More
Under The Veil of Night · C434
3 weeks ago
Why do I imagine Crinis with a British accent now? View More
Chrysalis · C433
3 weeks ago

heli: That's what I call "don't play games with a serious prick"

Daedalus · C71
3 weeks ago
Glad you’re getting better. And thank you for posting even while you’re still under the weather. View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C41
3 weeks ago

Kupkake: I am just imaging a plate mail wearing guy running away from Kirou as Kirous is holding a hammer shouting" Come on man just let me get the impurities out of that crappy chest piece. Just one blow and it will be better than when you bought it."

The ability to sense metal is going to broken because I dont think there will be anyone in this game who does not have some form of metal on them. Whether it be a ring,a necklace,arrow heads,blades,or just straight up pieces of armor everyone has some king of metal object on them. Not that he has any issue sensing people in the first place but imagine either now or in the future he can use it to sense who has the better armor and weapons. Then just borrow that armor,remove its impurities, and sell it back to them for a low low price. If they dont want to pay well that's what auction houses are for.

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C41
3 weeks ago

Asiwaju02_7Yifei: 😂He his a whole sect on his own

Sword Among Us · C266
3 weeks ago
Wow, that’s all that I can think of at the end. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C429
3 weeks ago

Akriles: Not sure where all the hate for the MC is coming from. He just seems like a normal guy that got thrust into something he didnt ask for.

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C12
1 month ago

Tekku: My first first is on the story I wrote my first review for. Fitting 😁

Data Dragon Danika · C425
1 month ago
Add some honey to the tea and relax. No sense making your cold worse by overdoing it. View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C40
1 month ago

Steffy2017: He will be the last to know. He is so dense!!!

Under The Veil of Night · C420
1 month ago

YourGrandfather: Wouldn't it causing disaster upon oneself to get first place when your family is not strong enough to hold the title of royal king? Or the family rank gets higher 20 years later the family will lose in the competition and gets demoted again. Best prize ever.

Soaring of Galaxia · C84
1 month ago
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