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Twilight hermit order have special item/person that can track you as long as you mention its name, he know it from Roselle diary by the way. View More

Alessan: Klein didn’t mention the visit from the Twilight Hermit Order. I’m somewhat surprised as it’s rather important and shouldn’t invite any suspicion on him. Maybe next chapter?

Lord of the Mysteries · C631
1 month ago
Villain : i want to space jump to that ship
GM Klein roll the die
Villain : Bull****, that die is rigged View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C610
1 month ago
Doubt it, his grandpa can cross job to seer pathway and after Arrodes told Klein about him the chance is very low. At least until this issue is resolved. View More

UnrivaledSolicitor: Huehuehuehue. Leonard’s first step into the Tarot Club. What starts as a business transaction will soon turn our Shakespeare into a Tarot Card. I’m guessing he’d be a Judgement or Tower or Star. I can see all being possibilities depending on how future interactions play out. I just hope it’s soon. I be missin my boi Leo.

Lord of the Mysteries · C609
1 month ago
Let's turn back your question, so you think arrodes is sailor pathway? Also (by any means I am not read ahead) there is no saying that seer doesn't have lightning ability. View More

yojire: Another evidence against your theory. Arrodes uses lightning for punishment, but the seer pathway has nothing to do with electricity.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
Ah miss little fact there, so if sealed artifact is "Tainted" beyonder characteristic and you can extract their "essence" that means sealed artifact zero series is equal to angel or god. And according to indestructibility law of beyonder characteristic "there is no angel if there is god or 3 angels if no god" that including sealed artifact? View More

yojire: Another evidence for beyonder characteristics in sealed artifacts: It was mentioned before that when potion is not consumed in time, it would be absorbed by the container and turn the container into a sealed artifact.
Of course to use the characteristic within an artifact would require certain procedures, which is what Klein is looking for in order to make use of the leftover of Rosago.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
When old Neil dead there is item dropped, it's a pair of eyes and captain admit it that he ate it. We don't know if that artifact or beyonder characteristic but if it's artifact I doubt the church allow it because how useful it is even by any chance the church allow it can artifact be eaten without processing? And I also doubt low ranking Dunn have the knowledge how to extract it. View More

yojire: When some one die of losing control, there will be sealed artifacts instead of characteristics, which clearly suggests that characteristics are part of sealed artifacts. Actually, sealed artifacts should be viewed as embodiment of characteristics with corruption. As for key, Klein just didn't have the time to look for and collect the characteristic produced.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
I'm sure of it because arrodes power give Klein vision when the church of machinery explore the dungeon same as when Klein doing divination. At least it have basis. View More

Dex2: Don't say that so directly as there isn't enough evidence - there has been no indication or powers that show Arrodes is from the Seer Pathway. Even the ability of asking questions and answering questions doesn't match with anything we've seen so far in the Seer pathway. It looks more like "Prophet" from Reader pathway.

In fact, it matches the Reader pathway which has the "god of knowledge and wisdom". That pathway deals with acquiring knowledge mostly.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
Uh no, there is difference between artifact and beyonder characteristic. The latter always form when beyonder dead while the former only form in special circumstances. You also can't make potion out of artifact the example is when the bronze key destroyed there is no beyonder characteristic forming View More

yojire: If Arrodes is from the seer pathway, it would never treat Klein as its lord given the risk of becoming part of Klein's potion.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
Arrodes is seer pathway and the quill is psychiatrist pathway, the only connection is that they are possibly sentient and like to harm the user. View More

LoliStalker: Is it just me or the dice might have some connection with the stupid pen and maybe even with arrodes, the same pathway maybe?

It might even be related with the snake, since it is about luck and fate

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 month ago
Monster pathway, their symbol is wheel of Fortune or snake of Mercury. View More

BluebellBerry: What pathway is the die from? Luck hm... don't tell me it's seer?

Anyway, imagine having both the quill artifact and this die! *Drools* If you're lucky, ascending to saint isn't a dream! If it's bad... dying thrice over? I mean, Klein already died twice ha

Lord of the Mysteries · C602
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C588
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C588
1 month ago
This fight can be summarized with 1 word "overconfident" Both parties have this trait, you can feel it from their fight (Klein with his experience and admiral ailment because of home ground) Both of them successfully injured/alive because their advantage yet also failed because of the other advantage.
tl;dr : nothing wrong in term of writing, just character. View More

Ehbon: Hm, I rarely have complaints as far as fights go for this story... but this fight felt extremely out of character. Klein was extremely hasty and didn’t do any preparations, hopping on the ship and attacking Tracy outright without taking the opportunity to rig the situation in his favor. They weren’t even taking any precautions against him besides handcuffs, because they didn’t think him a threat. He could have easily left a trail of paper dummies and matches around that would let him totally sink the ship, and we know for a fact now that he has the overwhelming advantage in open water with the beyonder characteristics he stole from the seagod and his high priest. I’m rather disappointed with how this fight turned out, I’m not gonna lie.

Lord of the Mysteries · C582
1 month ago
Every person have personality and various degree of bottom lines, accepting violence but have instinctive fear towards crossdressing that can lead to identity crisis is quite normal to me View More

Multipartite: On the one hand, I'm applauding the protagonist's game-character inspiration for acting. On the other hand, myself not seeing crossdressing as shameful (though unfortunate if an overly-burly body type visibly clashes with a clothing's strengths), I'm amused by that he's jumping through mental hoops to allow himself to keep thinking of something as shameful while simultaneously not finding himself doing it to be shameful. "Yes! It's like when I wore female clothes in a computer game, which I told myself would normally be shameful but specially wasn't because I wasn't using my non-game body to wear them! And now it's fine too, this would normally be shameful and unthinkable, but even though I'm using my non-game body it's okay because it's like when I was playing a game! Heaven forbid I consider or for a moment intimate that crossdressing itself might be acceptable even outside special circumstances. Evil chaotic horror-magic rituals? Murder, deception, corruption? All fine to dabble with. But crossdressing? Heavens no, even in this depraved and insane world there are some lines for which crossing would be going /TOO FAR/."

Lord of the Mysteries · C581
1 month ago
And make you think what is cuttlefish preference and definition of "beautiful" hahahaha. View More

ResidentialPsycho: I like how the woman is described as "beautiful," but then Cuttlefish is like "but she doesn't have a head--in fact, she is carrying four heads in her arms instead of wearing one on her neck!"

Lord of the Mysteries · C547
2 months ago
Is there a chance Klein will save kalvetua? It honorific name is adorer of spirit, and according to yellow light Klein is spirit King albeit is not confirmed yet. Really want to buy those privilege chapter right now. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C544
2 months ago
First guess, someone who imprisoned at the tower
Second guess, Lady with red hair who running from orc camp along with fakenhaz teacher. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C494
3 months ago
"Authors are accustomed to being late when handling manuscript" yeah right, dunno how the author handle his manuscript but glad he know his problem hahahaha. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C491
4 months ago
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